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16 and up can go alone here. It's awesome because the 16 year olds are awesome.
I turn 18 in less than 48 hours. I can finally play at a field or OP, without any parental signatures needed.
Lucky you, I have to wait until January. I also can't really go to any -actual- games until then. I can possibly start going to Warwick soon, but even then it's a push, but it shouldn't be so hard, 40 minute drive.
Usually if you're 17, you just have a parent sign the field wavier and you're set. I didn't have to have a parent with me every time.
[QUOTE=Identity;23977550]Usually if you're 17, you just have a parent sign the field wavier and you're set. I didn't have to have a parent with me every time.[/QUOTE] Woops yeah we need a waiver usually. I'm almost 17, I hate being in the in between of 16 and 18. I wish I was 18 so I could wear just goggles and maybe a recon wrap and not need waivers.
I was going to have a skirmish in the woods yesterday with just a few people. Everyone was excited about it and said they were coming. Nobody showed up except for one of my friends. The friend who did show up and myself just played Gmod instead, while being pissed at the other guys. Keep in mind that the last game I played was in January, so I'd say ditching counts as being an airsoft idiot.
I'm only just turning 16 in a few weeks. Not once have I EVER encountered an idiot on the fields. Most new players played it smart and got good advice on buying gear or borrowed from their friends. I met one guy who told me was his first time playing and he looked quite experienced. The following week he came out with a CA G36K.
Haven't really experienced idiots yet either. The group that I play with is run by a guy who used to be in the Canadian Forces and CSIS so some of the younger guys are a bit frightened by him.
Can we post idiotic scenarios? Like for example, a guy who wears shorts to an airsoft OP, only to have a claymore go off when he's running into a room?
Yup, I just wanted a thread of stupid things done by Airsofters.
NJ/ Lower NY it's mainly 14 and above are allowed, The Community's are all on different forums but closely connected. Even if your under 18 you can be accepted by everyone and no one treats you lower then anyone else. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZHU74sjY-o[/media] All i need to say
Was there no player marshalls to keep an eye on people not calling their hits?
I think the main problem there was the fact he had a tactical AK with some sort of scope on the handguard.
Speaking of sights I want one of these:- [img]http://www.brotherprice.com/ebphoto/elcan%20element%20dual%20role%20optical%20sight.jpg[/img]
[QUOTE=Deathwig;24105654]Was there no player marshalls to keep an eye on people not calling their hits?[/QUOTE] No, Generally people call people like this out but no one witnessed it so no one called it.
That didn't really make me want to rage as most other stories and videos.
Yes, yes, yes Deathwig. Where did you find that? I've been looking for a Spectre Doctor clone that does the magnification flipping thing for a while...
Ebairsoft has them. I want one too.
The ones on Ebairsoft are the fixed x4 magnifaction and they're out of stock.
A&K are said to be makeing the x1-x4 magnifaction version but thats just a rumor. Sorry if I go your hopes up there.
I don't see why EBairsoft would list a sight that says it can go from 1X to 4X, yet it only is available in 4X. Am I missing something here? Though if A&K does make one, I'll be happy as well.
Did no one notice how it has the Element logo on the ad?
Yeah, guys, different sights. The Element one isn't out yet, according to the thread on arnies about the topic. The one on EBB is a different one, which is 4x fixed. I'm waiting on this one, the element one, which will be variable.
I'm waiting on the Element one then. Anyone know an ETA?
Arnies said EBB was getting them in the next month or so, I think.
Re-railing thread: Once this guy on an airsoft forum made a thread about airsoft idiots. The thread made everyone rage. This dumbass advertised a new sight coming from Element, and everyone started talking about it. The thread was totally derailed by page 2.
I've heard of that story. Pretty good ending.
[QUOTE=azndude;24119219]I've heard of that story. Pretty good ending.[/QUOTE] Yeah, It's pretty legendary now.
TS was the sexiest man on the Forum.
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