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God Marie is a bitch, yes LEAVE
GO GO GO [url]http://randomtv.co.cc/[/url] damn bitches closing the channel
world's awkwardest hug
NOOO! That stream got taken down.
Walt you fucking asshole.
[sp]She totally stole something[/sp]
Thank god for ted, I guess
oh god jesse don't tell her
Jessie what you thinking boy
Ahaha, that foreshadowing in the scene going on right now. Wow.
What an appropriate movie choice
wow walt, showing scarface to your daughter
:( The stream cut off during the Marie scene. I'm missing shit.
Did the tv switch to black and white? [editline]29th July 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Eeshton;36997429]wow walt, showing scarface to your daughter[/QUOTE] Start em young
[QUOTE=Liem;36997403][sp]She totally stole something[/sp][/QUOTE] [sp]Probably some meth.[/sp] :v:
Dat foreshadowing [editline]30th July 2012[/editline] All the money...
[sp]And then, the money was gone[/sp]
Oh boy here we go
Walt you're fucking stupid. Jesse, you are being smart.
[sp]Annnnnnnd, Mike and Walter are fighting[/sp]
[sp]Wow jesse tries to stop the drama then it somehow resolves the original argument.[/sp]
This will end poorly
[QUOTE=Zinayzen;36997492]This will end poorly[/QUOTE] very
From the BB StorySync [sp]ACCOUNTING $1.379 million 953.39 cubic inches 30.34lbs. Mule and Vamonos cut: $385,800 total Legacy Costs: $351,000 Saul's cut: $54,000 Jesse's cut: $217,000 Mike and Walt's cut: $137,000 each[/sp]
Wow holy shit that was the episode?? THAT DID NOT FEEL LIKE AN HOUR FUCK
[sp]Flew to close to the sun, and got his throat cut, uh, Walt, I don't think that's how the story goes[/sp] [editline]30th July 2012[/editline] HOLY SHIT, what the fuck happened to that hour
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