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Does anyone happen to have this album by BoC? I can't find it for the life of me.
I think it's out of print.
[QUOTE=Peavy262;18732289]I think it's out of print.[/QUOTE] Sorry, don't know what that means. :(
They don't make it any more. IE your only chance is a rare ebay sale or downloading the songs. Provided peavy here is right.
This thing is only a myth
[QUOTE=King_of_Town;18738693]This thing is only a myth[/QUOTE] No it's not.
Well I also heard it was just a bunch of droney shit they released with a few other guys in their teenage years
Well, if anyone happens to have some tracks from that album, let me know, because they [i]are[/i] out there. The only one I have is Visual Drone.
Chances are that they're fakes. The only official "old boc" tracks out there are Old Tunes Vol. 2, A Few Old Tunes, Twoism, and Boc Maxima. I actually know a guy who owns Old Tunes Vol. 2 [editline]06:11PM[/editline] [url]http://bocpages.org/wiki/Catalog_3[/url] "Categories: Unavailable Release"
and there's Acid Memories, Closes Vol. 1, Play By Numbers, and Hooper Bay
[QUOTE=King_of_Town;18808890][url]http://bocpages.org/wiki/Catalog_3[/url] "Categories: Unavailable Release"[/QUOTE] I see... Quick subject change. Did BoC really throw in the towel after the Trans Canada Highway album? Are they making some new album as we speak?
Well they're definitely working, but of course nobody will know when it will be released
[QUOTE=King_of_Town;18826042]Well they're definitely working, but of course nobody will know when it will be released[/QUOTE] I see, and how do you know this?
[url]http://bocpages.org/wiki/Statements_from_Hexagon_Sun#July_2009[/url] [quote]MDG quotes the following post to give a reason why there is only one new BoC track featured on the warp 20 (box set). theSun: "they're working too hard on their next album to have time for this." [/quote] [quote]MDG: "Pete, as I said above, BOC are in the thick of finishing a new full length album. They obviously weren't in a position to give away any brand new tracks, just as some of the other artists on the roster couldn't contribute anything at all, for similar reasons."[/quote] [editline]05:56PM[/editline] Trust me, man. We all want new boc just as much as the next guy.
Maybe they'll have another <color> Hexagon Sun song.
They have an Orange Hexagon Sun on Old Tunes Vol. 2
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