• Cant Upload My GIF's to My AVATAR!!!
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bricknhead i <3 your avatar
[QUOTE=Scope0;18517156]bricknhead i <3 your avatar[/QUOTE] You penis his avatar? Dude you nail dogs?? (jk)
stfu LieutenantLeo
[QUOTE=rb_pk;18517225]stfu LieutenantLeo[/QUOTE] Hehehe
Sucks that chrome cant view apngs yet, they'll get to it soon hopefully.
[QUOTE=FFStudios;18516669]You had to be either mod or gold to have a .gif avatar I thought[/QUOTE] Or like me and have a gif avatar back from when you could. 3 second rule was on gifs though.
so wait why doesn't it work as an apng
[QUOTE=rathat48;18517748]Sucks that chrome cant view apngs yet, they'll get to it soon hopefully.[/QUOTE] why would you use chrome? the gui and everything is great but the whole traffic logging and form logging is a bit fucked
APNG trick the server into thinking its just a regular PNG, and I recall Garry hates this.
APNG. Animated Portable Network Graphics Much better than gifs.
Yes. None of that color loss.
Why would you ask such a silly question? I would look on Youtube or Google before posting a lousy thread.
[QUOTE=Scope0;18517156]bricknhead i <3 your avatar[/QUOTE] thx love
posting for the sake of avatar
Disable apng avatars imo.
because i'm sure garry wants to go through the trouble of implementing a system to check if all .pngs are animated
make hezzy do it.
[QUOTE=Root Beer;18523410][img]http://driverx51.googlepages.com/ffcheck.png[/img][/QUOTE] No shit.
[QUOTE=demonguard;18523376]posting for the sake of avatar[/QUOTE] I did that too, I feel special.
[QUOTE=Root Beer;18523410][img]http://driverx51.googlepages.com/ffcheck.png[/img][/QUOTE] Nope About Opera Version information Version 10.01 Build 4682 Platform Linux System i686, 2.6.26-2-686
Mine is only 2 frames.
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