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[img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/vidya31.png[/img] [url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ifaparma](Join the official steam group even though we hardly ever use it!)[/url] [h2]If you're looking to play ARMA 2 with us, there's a bunch of shit you need to do first![/h2] First off, get the official IFAP SVN [url=https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/ifap-arma-compilation/]HERE[/url]. If you don't know what an svn is and you're mentally deficient, then [url=http://i.imgur.com/bpv8J.png]here's a how-to[/url]. Next, get ACE2 and all it's sub-components from SIX Updater. While you're there, get @ACRE and it's sub-component as well. (Don't forget to download [url=http://www.teamspeak.com/]TS3[/url]!) [sub][sub][sub]If you need someone to hold your hand or help you get all this shit working, feel free to [url=http://steamcommunity.com/id/bills2]add me on steam[/url][/sub][/sub][/sub] Congrats, now you're done and ready to slay some bodies. Just keep an eye on this thread for information about upcoming games and events. Larger games will be planned around a gamemode or theme, and require you to sign up, while smaller games will be open to everyone. ========================== [release][h2]Upcoming Events![/h2] [h2]OPERATION: BROKEN BONER V2[/h2] [t]http://u.cubeupload.com/NikolaiSergeyev/BrokenBoner2.png[/t] [h2] POSTPONED AGAIN LOL[/h2] [quote]ROSTER:[/quote] [B]Requirements:[/B] ACE2 ACRE Namalsk Island (get all of the above on SIX Updater) @IFAP >>A WORKING MICROPHONE IS REQUIRED FOR BB2<< [quote]MOD CHECK-IN SERVER WILL BE UP BEFORE THE EVENT[/quote][/release] ========================== [quote][h2]Previous KDF OPs![/h2] [thumb]http://u.cubeupload.com/NikolaiSergeyev/OpRedFork.png[/thumb][thumb]http://u.cubeupload.com/NikolaiSergeyev/OpGherkinFury.jpg[/thumb][/quote] ========================== Another thing, in case you missed it, I'm doing custom units for all of the regular members of KDF. Fill out this form and send it to me in a pm if you want a custom unit done. [quote][B]Title the PM[/B]: x's Personal Skin [B]Model[/B]: [Base Model, I.E. "Russia > Men > Officer". Stick to using the A2/OA models too, I don't want to go and ask for permission to use any custom models. The DLC models (PMC and BAF) are hardcore encrypted, so that's a no go as well.] [B]Texture[/B]: [What camo and etc, keep it somewhat realistic, not purple camo or something too silly] [B]Weapons[/B]:[What primary, how many of what kind of magazines, grenades, rucksacks, etc] Save one magazine slot for the mandatory IRStrobe, if you don't do this I'll just replace one of your primary magazines. Also take a look around here to see what weapons you can choose from: [url]http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_weapons/classlist[/url] (would be nice if you posted the classnames too, saves me a bit of time) Make sure you PM me, It's easier for me to keep track. Also make sure that the model is a vanilla BIS model, I don't want to go and get permission from the original model creators. I'm just re-texturing, so don't expect me to model you a neat helmet or a vest or something.[/quote] ========================== One last note for some of you, if you aren't yet added to the KDF's Squad.xml and would like to be a part of the brotherhood, send me a PM with your UID, along with something witty to be put with your name under the player list. (You can get your UID from the player profile page on the main menu of ARMA 2.) I'll then send you the URL to add to your player profile page once you're added to the xml. Now go forth and kill some civilians by accident.
[url=http://postimage.org/image/apfnwltsd/full/][img]http://s14.postimage.org/8xmp1pafl/arma2oa_2012_02_01_00_33_52_09.png[/img][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/image/bu9q1zg99/full/][img]http://s14.postimage.org/bu9q1zg9d/arma2oa_2012_02_01_00_36_13_48.png[/img][/url] i must say FXAA is very nice, especially the sharpen feature.
Let's play LoL so I can hard carry with garen
Anyone here still playing gmod? I know some server we could meet up on.
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU4oAKZE1VI[/media] Sweet dicks on fire.
holy shit npc dialog trees yes yes yes
God yes we can actually make questlines with dialog without fucking RECORDING IT WITH OUR SHITTY UNFITTING TO LORE VOICES. Also Steam Workshop. I like this.
lets make a cool mod ok
Seeing as I made a good deal of nice personal mods for myself in Morrowind, I'd love to try to pick up Skyrim's tools. Let's make this happen.
i did a lot of modding for fallout new vegas and the geck is p much the same as the skyrim creation kit so im good to go
I'd hop in on this Sounds like you two would need someone who can do something else besides using the editor lmao
What're you thinking, texturing?
And some dope-ass basic modeling
fuck man make some Skyrim based camo, that'd be dope
I can be ideas guy no but really I want in on this i mean our avatars all match and everything.
I can help texture
ok let's do it lmao stupideye and niko working on a mod v67 "this time we'll actually get it done"
make it a mod that adds bad-dragon dildos instant success
better bouncing dragon balls
First I want to start throwing ideas for the plot of the mod. Krundle kingdom's rise to power in skyrim. King Foos. Lord general Niko and jester party hats.
that's not the plot of the mod that's just the characters you dolt
ok fine dont be mean
daedric prince of ghetto inafinus
alright, op is updated with the essential informations
[QUOTE=venom;34501208]ok let's do it lmao stupideye and niko working on a mod v67 "this time we'll actually get it done"[/QUOTE] the problem with the last one was that we were too ambitious, im thinking for this we should start with small simple stuff like making a npc that gives you assassination missions or something then work our way up to something big
Maybe a Lucien Lechance style "Here's a note saying where a dead-drop is, go there to get your contract". [editline]1st February 2012[/editline] Eventually we should all have our own planes of Oblivion
IF YUOR MAKING A MOD LET ME DO VOICE FOR IT PLZ, NIKO said i could do voices for thee, fallout one but i didnt get to =[
there's a FOnline that is released somewhere! why didn't I hear about this?
It's been up for almost a year I think :v:
cpt armadillo, you rated it funny, im 100% serious about this matter
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