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[QUOTE=Kill001;35044082]lol bukakke batallion kill scrubs errday[/QUOTE] And td battalliioons, kill moar scrubs in one direction errday
OR US TD kill moar scrubs all around while dinging magic shots
Or m3leet blatlalaltpbbionj skillin crubs alsdey artyday
KV batallion derp scrubs errday
Wanna bukkake tomoraw or sometik?
i can 9pm pst
Dat is around 11-12 here on eastcloast... Yo nessecito voy a la escuela.
dam >:E massive is proble on tho, he can bukkekekekekekeke with you
Yo Mass Effect 3 was a disappointment to me because no Zaeed, and he saved me in the second one
post apoc swagger [img]http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/524906954652218578/537979C92FC55FD1ACFD25F95F17FDEC5143BFD3/[/img]
That the cowboy hat is looks pre dope
I don't know if anyone here has see this but it looks rather sweet [video=youtube;0PQoO31VQLI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PQoO31VQLI&feature=player_embedded#![/video]
Btw niko in that pic of you and bird is that the crude gasmask?
I've already got 16 hours in Mass effect 3, damn.
Beat Mass Effect 3... pretty fucking amazing. 18 hours.
So in fallen earth everyone shud do the quests bird posted so i can build ur atvs faster an we can get off to north fields or whatever its called
[img]http://i.imgur.com/K0x5tl.jpg[/img] Island Invasion mission I'm working on.
Hopefully my mission will get approved for PR patch 2.0
[img]http://i.imgur.com/fV6p0.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/QHch3.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HMq4r.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/X4rS9.jpg[/img]
[QUOTE=stewe231;35057658][img]http://i.imgur.com/fV6p0.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/QHch3.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HMq4r.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/X4rS9.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] Next KDF event? [editline]8th March 2012[/editline] Would be better if there was WWII Japanese stuff for that mission though.
lovin' the flamethrower action in the second image.
[QUOTE=Taepodong-2;35057703]Next KDF event?[/QUOTE] nah I just made a ww2 pacific island invasion mission and me, uberman, and oakman were testing it.
Foos were you internet tank? If were, I nearly kill you!
[QUOTE=stewe231;35057658][img]http://i.imgur.com/fV6p0.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/QHch3.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HMq4r.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/X4rS9.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] i44?
We should make a mission where we invade Normandy with modern vehicles and weapons
The first time i played i44 I did it with Mk.17s.
[QUOTE=ForeLoaf;35060259]We should make a mission where we invade Normandy with modern vehicles and weapons[/QUOTE] This and against WWII Germans.
So uh, we need a good loader for our arty team/drills who wants to prep shells, shift a cannon around and load the cannon?
[QUOTE=Taepodong-2;35060398]This and against WWII Germans.[/QUOTE] Have fune being gecut to kleine peices by deutschland ubermenschen. Juden.
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