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[img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/detec11.png[/img] Your name is [b]Ted[/b], you are a [b]Private-eye-detective[/b] working in the crime infested streets of the aptly named, [b]Cryme City[/b]. You are very good at [b]Dealing with the ladies[/b]. You have been known to sometimes go through [b]Tantrums of intense anger[/b], but for the most part, keep your [b]cool[/b]. You are very good at [b]Fisticuffs[/b] on account of being a [b]professional fighter[/b]. You aren't actually a [b]professional fighter[/b] but you like to pretend you are. You are partners with, [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/1308451818.png[/img] [i]Albert[/i]. You are a very [i]short[/i] man, and have a tendency to be slightly [i]socially awkward[/i]. You are the [i]brains[/i] of the group, usually picking up [i]clues[/i] and solving [i]crimes[/i] much faster than your partner. You are also a great shot with your [i]revolver[/i] and are never seen without it. Ever. It has got you through more [i]sticky situations[/i] than you'd like to remember. [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/1308521742.png[/img] The two of you have sworn to protect the city and all it's inhabitants from the clutches of evil and no mat- [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/ringring.gif[/img] Oh... the [i]phone[/i] is ringing... huh... [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/detect1.png[/img] That uh... that usually never happens... [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/detect2.png[/img] You should probably [i]answer[/i] it...
Pick up the phone stylishly and make a hasteful enquiry about crime towards the correspondence You eat crime for breakfast, delicious crime.
Answer the phone and proceed onto the sexy phone sex.
Tip your hat forward, pick up the phone by the head and talk in a french accent.
Take your arms out of the phone.
Shoot the phone.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/stylis.png[/IMG] You [B]Stylishly[/B] pick up the [B]Ringing Phone[/B]. "Cryme City Detective Agency, what's yer crime?" [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/phon.png[/IMG] The [B]Phone[/B] responds: "I'm afraid my [B]Boyfriend[/B] is hanging out with the [B]Wrong Crowd[/B]! Do you think you could [B]Investigate[/B]?"
Answer with an assuring, and yet slightly sexually suggesting reply. [editline]20th June 2011[/editline] Also, this is hilariously well-drawn!
HA! wonderful
[del]Answer with 'Pop quiz chum, is this a man or a woman. Don't test my patience, I'm a man of the law!'[/del] Albert steps up to speak, but unfortunatley is sheerly lacking in confidence and his words unfortunatley jumble into an embarassing mess. An intelligent mess that helps them build up the case.
You will probably have a better chance giving commands to Albert. Me and Spud will take turns with each respective character
Albert: Get some sleep you look terribly tired
Yes. Turn around and tell to your partner: " To the batmobile! "
Say 'no' but do it anyway, so the culprit doesn't suspect anything!
Haha what
Go and find that dame's boyfriend, and show him some STREET JUSTICE
[QUOTE=eatdembeanz;30600544]Go and find that dame's boyfriend, and show him some STREET JUSTICE[/QUOTE] Okay hey, lets just skip the investigation and kick this guys ass! That'll be SURE to not get us fired/put in jail!
I wanna see some butt kicking. Pronto. :l
Whatever you do, be sure to have a sweet gearing up montage before you do it.
Throw the phone through the window and gear up for the upcoming events.
[QUOTE=Retyuoligkl;30601582]Okay hey, lets just skip the investigation and kick this guys ass! That'll be SURE to not get us fired/put in jail![/QUOTE] We can't be arrested, we're private eyes! Haven't you seen the movies?
Get into your gigantic 30's era car and drive recklessly down the street until you find a case of interest.
[img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/1308708226.png[/img] You motion politely for the [i]phone[/i] [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/1308708234.png[/img] A:H-hey baby... W-what's up..? L:What? Who is this? I just explained what's up! My boyfriend has been hanging around with that Frankie cat and I DON'T LIKE IT! He's no good I tell you! A:W-well maybe if you, uh, had... uhm... bigger... uh... L:THAT'S NO WAY TO TALK TO A LADY! Give me back the nice man with the soothing voice! [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/detect3.png[/img] You come across the stunning [i]realization[/i] that you are actually really bad at [i]dealing with the ladies[/i] [img]http://www.superpaintbrawl.com/images/christopher/detect4.png[/img] You figure you will let Ted do the [i]talking[/i] from now on to prevent further [i]embarrassment[/i]
Tell the lady that you're on your way.
I still like my answer...
Don't worry we'll get to the anger issues soon
Cool beans
>Ted: Initiate Pulchritudous Vocal Skills
Answer yes, then look around the office.
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