• I got in a fight with my best friend
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He came over my house and we decided to play some Goldeneye on two players, cause it was only me and him. My mom brought us some tang while we played and everything was going good. Then he suggested we play the cave level. Shit, I thought, I'm horrible at that level, but there was no getting out of it, he was dead set on playing that goddamn level. The score at the end of the game was 53 to -3 and we didn't even have any explosives on, so I don't know how my score went negative. I was pretty mad and accused him of using cheat codes. He got madder and threw his tang at me, so I punched him and he went home (my mom gave him a ride.) What should I do? I don't want to lose a friend again. The last friend I lost was to drunk driving, so I don't want that to happen again. Should I try to convince him to give up the bottle? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Facepunch isn't your blog, and this isn't interesting" - SteveUK))[/highlight]
Are you fucking twelve thats not a fight
what a name. Also just apologize, but punching him, thats pretty harsh?
it was your fault
You should not be such a sore loser.
Kill him, he obviously cheated that bastard.
Way too obvious -10/10
Nevermind just now noticed the name and join date
You joined just to post this?
Over a Game Dude, Apologize say you over-reacted that you did and I was been a Sore loser.
I usually just read the forum but I wanted to know what to do :/ I don't have many friend
What you joined facepunch for this?
Did your punch like knock him out, what with you being bruce lee and all
OP is a spoiled twelve-year-old.
No he got nosebled
[QUOTE=Barlow;24496261]Over a Game Dude,Apologize say you over-reacted that you did and I was been a Sore loser.[/QUOTE] ^ this Besides its only an game.
Marty the machine worked, we are now in the 90s!
Was your friend Chuck Norris?
Thai Roll.
FUCK. HIS. ASS /caps
But he threw tang at me first he started it :mad:
Video games are serious business. Grow up.
What kind fucking fight is this? What are, 9?
lmfao at the responses first off. But seriously to lose a friend just because he beat you in goldeneye is a little redonkulous, tell him you fucked up thats all
A fight is when you duel with guns. Thats how i became a gentlemen like the spy
OP is 9
Jesus, get better at that damn cave level. -3. :geno:
Slap him with your tang
you will never be loved
nintendo 64 + golden eye + tang is it the 90's again oh thank god
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