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Bye joe
get in tinychat ya fags
[QUOTE=Camp er Joe;29282346]Bye guys I will miss you all![/QUOTE] Bye my Joey!
[QUOTE=Camp er Joe;29282346]Bye guys I will miss you all![/QUOTE] don't do it joe you have so much to live for
[img]http://www.columbia.edu/itc/eeeb/shapiro/w3030/images/orangutan.jpg[/img] God dammit
Sitting up now, yeah let's see you beat me now sleep paralysis :smugdog:
fighting against an essay and the almost godlike desire to [B]sleep[/B]
I'm making a texture pack for minecraft, but most of you probably already know that. So, I need to play Fallout: New Vegas some more, I'm in a really retro Frank Sintra/Mel Tormé mood. And, I'd join the tinychat but I'm listening to music and I sound pretty young. Not as bad as a few months ago, but yeah.
I'm really tired right now. I might take a nap/sleep.
please dont talk about sleep thanks
ur nice [editline]18th April 2011[/editline] Total Posts Total Posts 3,939 Posts Per Day 51.91
Go drink a warm glass of milk Daft bro, that always keeps me up [editline]19th April 2011[/editline] :smug:
Daww thanks.
wow you guys missed a right good noni guitar jam session
Gone for a day and only 130 posts. Finally no spam!
Noni you were fucking amazing
I'm learning I Stay Away on guitar. I'm awful.
And now I have joined Lifepunch. Why?
Well... you are a country.
[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4861882/imagens/desktop.png[/img_thumb] :smug:
[QUOTE=Brazil;29285529]And now I have joined Lifepunch. Why?[/QUOTE] probably because you're a gay furry
Party woop woop!
[QUOTE=ButtsexV2;29285962]probably because you're a gay furry[/QUOTE] rude
[QUOTE=Oicani Gonzales;29286190]rude[/QUOTE] but true
[QUOTE=Soviet Russia;29285553]Well... you are a country.[/QUOTE] Ohai look, another country.
:3: Portal 2 [img]http://gyazo.com/05a2164aad60b1cff537e8da338dcf0c.png[/img] [editline]18th April 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=ButtsexV2;29285962]probably because you're a gay furry[/QUOTE] got me there.
gift me portal 2
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