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one day it was bright but very dark but not really the it got out of his house that was old but cool with posters of famous action pepol that the it really liked! the it went to work. work of the it is to kill bad guys and there super strong bosses! the it arijved on perpos to scary and dangaros plase that aothority didnt let get in except direct order from the president. the it walked and walked and then he walked a little and he saw the first thing that he saw and he noticed it! the thing that the it saw was the first boss who was powrful but not really. the it jumped 100 kmh to the air and did a special move of karte and killed the boss in the head, but he didnt die, he just didnt hav hed. the it said: "evil boss, the time you pick on normal and poor pepol on street is over! now your going to die! the it smiled his famos smile and boss wasnt afraid of him even thouh famous smile because famos smile usally scares evil bosses but only the weak ones on level 1. the boss punched in the face of the it! but the it ducked and the boss missed the it! the it told: hahaha! you missed me evil boss! you cant hit! the bos prepared for ultimat mega super attak and the it used it to sneak behind boss and to whispar in his ear and say: "guss who it is evil boss!" and the boss was very surprise because he thout he was preparing for the attak but the it was suddenly behind him. boss laughed! because he planned this!!! and wasnt suprised. "i knew you sneak up behind me the it and i wont notice i know you behind me because your not infront of me! so the boss prepared a big poisnos sting on the back of his back so someone that sneaks up behind him is poisoned very much! the it was poisond very much. but the boss didnt know that before the it knew what the boss knew so he injected magic drug that made him not piosned and still feel good! the it felt good. and then the boss turned around and said:" now i am going to hit you in the balls! becaus i know it is very pain! HEEUGGHHH!" but the it knew that it was very pain and wor a jocstrap so when bos hit the it in the balls so his hand was heart because his hand was heart from the jocstrap that was made from strong stuff that was good against hit in the balls! the it laughed in a laughing sound: HA HA HA! you cant userize yor hand because its pain! userizing boss!" so i will use my other hand, even after you kill my first hand, the it! and then the boss started to smashify the it very much strong! and the it was aboot to die. he said:" im going to die... but i diehappy... because i am the it..." but thet wasnt the end because the it didnt die. the it got up, took a nife, and gave the boss a hit that his math teacher tought him and split the bos to 3 diferent pieces! but then there was sound of glue and sticky paper and the boss glued himself together! and becase he was so good he glued his head also! and then the evil boss wanted to run, but he couldnt, because he was with glued head and had no since of direction and the evil boss colided with a large pole with his head! and died. and his body fell down. "ha ha i am a hero! i saved street! now people in street love me because i saved lives of people in street!" and the it was hero in street. and then there was a SCREEAAAM! the it looked twards scream and saw something scary and even very scary that scared him a little bit. too be continoud [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Get a blog, or something." - Craptasket))[/highlight]
can't wait to read next part
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