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Yo! I heard you guys like cooking! Well it's time to man up because even I don't like spicy food and hot damn, hot sauce is just so damn awesome I can't help myself! Let's start with some classics! You heard me right! [B]CLASSIC[/B] [IMG]http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/condiments/images/tabasco_original-red.gif[/IMG]This here? Tobasco sauce! The classic mild hot sauce that nearly everyone has in their kitchen. A great addition to any food, suitable for the whole family (excluding small children). [B]Original Tobasco Sauce is around 2500-5000 ScoVille units.[/B]This will add a fair bit of spice to any food you choose, and should not be used by small children. Save the Frank's Red Hot Sauce for the kids. [B] Fact: The Tobasco Company is still owned by the original family and the company has always been passed down. You can still [/B][B]Reserve Bottles that have [/B][B]been hand-made by the Family.[/B] [quote]ScoVille is a measurement system used to show how spicy a certain food is. [IMG]http://www.eatmorechiles.com/images/chilitemp.jpg[/IMG] [/quote] [IMG]http://babygranny.blog.com/files/2012/01/3436688434_095f16925a.jpg[/IMG] This is [B]Frank's Red Hot Sauce[/B]. Don't let the name fool you, it is most likely the most mild hot sauce you will enjoy. The benefit of Frank's Red Hot Sauce is not in the level of heat, but the unique Flavour it brings to the table. This is nearly as common as Tobasco Sauce, and is often used for many foods. [quote]My favourite use for Frank's Red Hot Sauce is cooking Kraft Dinner. Add a suitable amount to the water during boiling and then add shredded cheese to the pasta. It creates a spicy/cheesy mix that is mild enough for everyone but delicious enough to be extremely enjoyable![/quote] [B]Fact: Enjoy the flavour of Frank's Red Hot Sauce, but want some extra kick? Frank's Xtra Hot Sauce is around 2,000 ScoVille, which is approximately 5x the heat [/B]of the [B]450 ScoVille [/B]original recipe. Nearly as hot as Tobasco Sauce! [highlight]Now for the fun part. The following hot sauces will be stronger than Tobasco Sauce. Many of them are not intended for direct usage and are instead intended to be diluted. The strongest hot sauces require signature of a waiver before purchase and are strong enough to inflict bodily harm. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED[/highlight] Don't be too scared though, I have put Mega Death Sauce on my tongue before. Keep reading if you want to hear about that. [IMG]http://countrystore.tabasco.com/images/03059-alt1.jpg[/IMG] Surprise, surprise! It's another Tobasco-brand concoction. Fortunately, the family at Tobasco realized that while quality and flavour is important, so is having some [B]kick[/B] to your spice! This is their [B]Tobasco Habanero Sauce. Twice as strong as normal Tobasco sauce, it reaches 7,000 to 8,000 ScoVille units.[/B] This will add a fair amount of spice to whatever food you are eating if used directly. May be diluted for consumption by young children, etc. [IMG]http://www.chiliheat.com/images/crazybraindamage.jpg[/IMG] [B]Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage [/B]is where we get start to get real hot. I would not recommend consuming directly, do so at your own risk. A great-tasting hot sauce made with oranges and mangos, it's got a unique fruity flavour and some real kick to it. This hovers around [B]11,000 ScoVille units.[/B] We are now starting to reach powerful hot sauce territory. Brain Damage has nearly 30x the kick of Frank's, and up to 2-5x the kick of Tobasco Sauce. Continue at your own risk! [IMG]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/34.jpg[/IMG] [B]El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero [/B]is the next hot sauce on my list. It's not much stronger than Brain Damage at [B]11,600 ScoVille units [/B]but what it makes up for in heat, it has in purity. It's purely crushed up peppers, preserved and spice. A slow long-burning heat that has come to be nationally renowned for it's long-burning after-taste. This is only for those who enjoy a lot of heat, as the after-taste can last quite a while. [IMG]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/155.jpg[/IMG] [B]Lottie's Barbados Yellow[/B] is a hot sauce originating from the mid-80s in the Barbados, West Indies. Made with Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Mustard, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Onions, and Sugar, this is a classic hot sauce that will add quite a bit of kick to whatever food you choose. [B]This ranges from 15,000 to 29,999 ScoVille Units.[/B] [IMG]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/154.jpg[/IMG] [B] Lottie's Original Barbados Red Hot [/B]is made by the same company as shown above. This is their classic hot sauce that adds a ton of kick to any food you choose. They use only the Reddest peppers in this hot sauce and it shows in the spice of this sauce. [B]This reaches a whopping 30,000 to 49,999 ScoVille units. Holy ****! [/B][IMG]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/150.jpg[/IMG] [B]Blair's After-Death Sauce [/B]is made by a small company that produces a wide range of various hot sauces, some of which are the hottest in the world. This comes after his classic Death Sauce and is lower on the scale. Adds a lot of heat to anything you choose. Great if you want a long-lasting hot sauce as can be diluted for less spice. Fantastic for use in cooking! [B]This stays around 50,000 ScoVille units. [/B]It's reputed for it's smoky flavour and Habanero Spice. Anything by Blair is a classic hot-sauce that will certainly burn your tongue off! [IMG]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/179.jpg[/IMG] [B]Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce [/B]is like what the label says, an inferno of heat. Similar to a BBQ Sauce in flavour, it has even concentrated pepper juice in it to provide a kick above other hot sauces. Great for grilling, cooking, or putting on any type of food you wish! [B]This is quoted at a mind-blowing 90,000 ScoVille units of heat.[/B] Do not consume directly! [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/133.jpg[/img] [B]Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Hot Sauce [/B]is another Hot Sauce by the Mad Dog Company. With a distinct taste of Caribbean Spices and Habanero Extract, this hot sauce on any food will provide the kick you are looking for. Perfect for anyone looking to move up to a hotter hot sauce. [B]This is HPLC Certified at 150,000 ScoVille Units. [/B] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/146.jpg[/img] [B] You can't Handle this hot sauce by Pepper[/B] is a hot sauce that can be surprisingly hot. It looks and smells like BBQ Sauce and appears thick but pours surprisingly easy. Be warned, the first second or two seems fine but then POW! The heat of this sauce hits you and you are left chugging milk to try and save yourself. Many who have disregarded the label's warning have fallen victim to it. Many people enjoy this hot sauce as it tastes hotter than it's ScoVille rating suggests. [B]This is rated at 225,000 ScoVille units.[/B] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/125.jpg[/img] [B]Marie Sharp's Belizian Heat[/B] is a hot sauce (obviously by Marie Sharp) that started on the low-end of the scale. It originated from experimentation from Red Peppers and she created a name for herself in the world of hot sauces. She ended up with a concoction that is extremely spicy that is renowned for being flavourful without overpowering the taste of whatever food you choose to add it to. [B]Achieved 1st Place - National Scovie Award for Authentic Caribbean [/B]Found on nearly every table in Belize, this hot sauce has become a staple around the world. [B]This Sauce is rated at an amazing 350,000 ScoVille units.[/B] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/18.jpg[/img] [B] Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce[/B] is again, made by the Mad Dog company. The 357 comes from it being rated at [B]357,000 ScoVille units[/B] and the fact that it has as much power as a .357 Magnum. This sauce packs a powerful punch and even the tiniest bit consumed directly can have dire consequences. Be warned, this stuff is seriously hot! World-renowned for being a classic hot sauce, this is a great addition to any hot-sauce lover's kitchen. [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/152.jpg[/img] [B]Blair's Mega Death Sauce [/B]is Blair's attempt to again create a hotter hot-sauce and YES HE DID! A mouth-burning hot sauce that will melt your face off, Mega Death Sauce is a [I]killer [/I]hot sauce that will add plenty of spice to any food. It tastes less hot than it really is, but you will realize afterwards the mistake you have made in using this sauce. Not for the faint of heart, this sauce is truly a killer sauce that should only be used by those who truly love the heat, or to be diluted for consumption. Be warned, even diluted, this is still extremely hot and anyone who is not experienced with hot sauce should be EXTREMELY careful with the handling of this sauce. [B] Mega Death Sauce is rated at 550,000 ScoVille units.[/B] [quote]I was personally shown this Hot Sauce by my cousin. We were putting it into a pot of Kraft Dinner to add some spice and he said that was enough. I told him, no, it needs more (because I didn't know of Mega Death Sauce at the time). Of course, he gave me a small drop to try on my tongue. Me, being foolish like I was, said "Sure, why not". No amount of milk can save your tongue from the fiery heat this sauce provides. It left a circular burn mark (IF you could call it that) on my tongue and my tongue would not stop convulsing for over 30 minutes. I would not wish this torture on my worst enemies and you should never consume this sauce directly.[/quote] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/134.jpg[/img] [B]Mad Dog 357 (with bullet Keychain) [/B]is another Hot Sauce by the Mad Dog company, again moving to make a hotter hot sauce. At the time of conception, this was the [B]hottest hot sauce in the world[/B]. Back in the day, the Hottest Known Pepper was rated at 550,000 ScoVille units. This at conception was rated at[B] 600,000 ScoVille unit.[/B] With a bullet keychain to indicate how deadly this sauce is, be warned. This sauce is seriously hot and should only be used with careful consideration! Dilution is recommended! [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/98.jpg[/img] [B]Blair's 2 A.M. Reserve [/B]is a hot sauce again by Blair where he wanted to make a hot sauce that would truly satisfy the hottest of hot sauce lovers. Each bottle used to be numbered and hand-signed, but now are only hand-signed due to the number of orders of this sauce he has had. [B]Ranging from 650,000 to 900,000 ScoVille units (Generally closer to the 900,000 Mark)[/B], this hot sauce is truly dangerous and a waiver must be signed before purchase due to the intense heat of this hot sauce.\ I have not yet tried hot sauce this hot so I can give no personal warning for this, but I assure you, no matter who you are, this will definitely leave you happy (or in tears). [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/216.jpg[/img] [B]Blair's Jersey Death Sauce [/B]is another in the line of Hot Sauces by Blair, again raising the bar for hot sauces. This hot sauce is truly hot and deserving of the death sauce name. Packaged like each traditional Death Sauce, it comes with a skull key-chain attached to signify how deadly this sauce truly is. It's recommended to be diluted and should only be taken at your own risk. Great flavour and packs a punch that will satisfy all. [B]Rated at 1,100,000 ScoVille units.[/B] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/99.jpg[/img] [B]Blair's 3 A.M. [/B][B]Reserve [/B]is another reserve line by Blair that is again, hand-signed for each bottle. No longer numbered, this is available in limited qualities and makes a great gift with it's glass bottle and wax/resin seal. Great for the hottest of hot-sauce lovers, a waiver must be signed to purchase this hot sauce. Not recommended for consumption without dilution, this hot sauce is reaching dangerous territory and direct consumption should not be attempted by anybody. Bodily harm may result from improper handling and this must never touch sensitive areas like your eyes. [B]Rated at 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 ScoVille units.[/B] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/346.jpg[/img] [B] Mad Dog 44 Magnum Pepper Sauce [/B]is a hot sauce that truly transcends other hot sauces. This hot sauce is reviewed as being "too hot" and "inedible". It's truly a hot sauce only for those that aren't satisfied by anything else. This is almost as strong as Police Grade Pepper Spray, and honestly, is probaly just as dangerous. A few drops of this will make a pot of Chili into 5-Alarm Chili and this would make any dish truly deadly. [B]Rated at a mind-blowing 4,000,000 ScoVille units. [/B][img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/28.jpg[/img] [B] The Source[/B] is truly a hot-sauce that comes from the devil himself. Each bottle is hand-made and enclosed in a package containing the origin story, this sauce is truly only made for death himself. [B]You will be hard-pressed to find a "sauce" that is hotter as the only things hotter are Pure Capsaician, which come in crystal form. This holds the title of one of the hottest hot sauces in the world and science cannot create hotter hot sauces at this time. Rated at an amazing 7,000,000 ScoVille units[/B]. This is scarily hot and is not recommended for use unless you are truly insane! No bet is worth attempting to consume this sauce. Many reviewers have reportedly thrown up from the pure level of heat this hot sauce provides. Consume at your own warning and never consume directly! For use only as a food additive! [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/100.jpg[/img] [B]Blair's 6 A.M. [/B]is a spicy food additive that will blow your mind. Hotter than a Sauce could hope to be, only 999 were made and each are signed and labeled. A great addition to any collection, this should only ever be used for large quantities of food with small doses added. [B]DIRECT CONSUMPTION IS DANGEROUS AND COULD POSSIBLY RESULT IN A TRIP TO THE HOSPITAL. DON'T RISK IT, DUMBASS! This is rated at 10,300,000 to even 16,000,000 ScoVille Units. [/B] [img]http://www.chilliworld.com/i/p/63.jpg[/img] [B]Blair's 16 Million Reserve [/B]is the hottest possible additive known to man. Rated as hot as Capsaician, this tiny 1ml bottle is packed with pure Capsicum crystals and is not a sauce. It is a chemical extract that is only recommended for light doses added to large quantities of food and direct consumption [B]WILL RESULT IN HOSPITALIZATION.[/B] [B]THIS IS RATED AT 16,000,000 ScoVille units, the same as pure Capsaician, the chemical that makes hot stuff hot! [/B]Until science invents another element that can make hot things hot, this is the [B]HOTTEST SUBSTANCE IN THE WORLD[/B]. Anyone who consumes this deserves a trophy belt as that is truly an insane feat and should [B]NEVER BE ATTEMPTED.[/B] [highlight]Many of these sauces are obtainable in North America. I would like to thank [B]ChilliWorld[/B] for their ScoVille scale to assist me in this list of Hot Sauces. [URL]http://www.chilliworld.com/FactFile/Scoville_Scale.asp[/URL][/highlight] ChilliWorld is a site that sells Hot Sauces World Wide and the majority of these hot sauces can be purchased off their website at [url]http://www.chilliworld.com[/url] ChilliWorld (I Believe) sells World-Wide but is primarily a british website so any of you in the UK can gladly buy these off ChilliWorld. I hope you all enjoyed and enjoy your hot sauce!
This post reminds me of the whole entirety of the Dragon Ball Z series. This is the strongest fighter in the universe! No! This guys is even STRONGER strongest in the universe! NOOO! THIIISSS Guy is the most EVIL, STRONG strong guy in the universe!!
Nice op, I'm to much of a pussy to try any of the really hot ones.
Mega Death Sauce is great in very small quantities. I added a small amount (Like a fingernail amount) to my pot of Kraft Dinner and it was nearly inedible due to how spicy it was. Incredible stuff. Great if you use hot-sauce a lot because it can be heavily diluted.
I really enjoy hot sauces except for really hot ones because I am a pussy and can't take [I]too[/I] much heat (bird's eye chillies are generally too hot for me) and I like the taste of chillies more than the heat. I still enjoy the heat, though.
I tried a 250,000 scoville sauce, a couple of years ago. It hurt like hell, and it felt like my tongue was swollen and itching. Didn't taste anything though, and the sauce it self smelled like dirt.
[QUOTE=Thaard;35215139]I tried a 250,000 scoville sauce, a couple of years ago. It hurt like hell, and it felt like my tongue was swollen and itching. Didn't taste anything though, and the sauce it self smelled like dirt.[/QUOTE] I posted a picture of Mega Death Sauce on my friend's wall who's a machine of hot sauce (Ordered the hottest wings at Boston Pizza. Lady asked: So you want your face to melt off? "Yes". He wasn't even phazed). His response was "I must try this wimpy baby sauce." I can't wait.
i tried bhut jolokia powder pure. but the same ammount of a cayenne pepper was kinda way hotter
[QUOTE=Tukimoshi;35219376]I posted a picture of Mega Death Sauce on my friend's wall who's a machine of hot sauce (Ordered the hottest wings at Boston Pizza. Lady asked: So you want your face to melt off? "Yes". He wasn't even phazed). His response was "I must try this wimpy baby sauce." I can't wait.[/QUOTE] Make sure you film it! A friend of mine laughed when I showed him the sauce, so I asked if he would like to try it? He said "Pfft, yea, I use tabasco as mouth-water" He took some on a pizzaroll and took a big bite. He tried to look badass, but I could see he got more and more red in the face, while he was sweating. He suddenly let out a huge yell and sat there with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. It was hilarious, and now I really regret not filming it :v:.
Thinking of buying The Source, but I'm not really a masochist. [QUOTE=Lynrax;35220036]i tried bhut jolokia powder pure. but the same ammount of a cayenne pepper was kinda way hotter[/QUOTE] I've seen DIY growing kits for those, not sure about making powder though.
My dad, and also myself, are not so much in to hot sauces, but rather hot peppers themselves. My dad loves chopping up peppers and putting them on food. But of course, everytime he eats them, you can tell because he'll be coughing almost like he's chocking :v:. To this day I still don't think he understands very well that you can't [i]just swallow[/i] hot peppers/sauce, you have to let it sit for a little in your mouth first. I think one time when I was younger my dad gave me a Bhut Joloklia, but I'm not sure. I remember my mouth burning for a good 30mins though. I've definitely had some hot shit though. I guess I'll just have to have stuff again to make sure I can say I had something with 100% confidence. I recall the first time I read up about some of those crazy hot sauces like the one's from Blair...it made me sweat a little just thinking about them!
I like tabasco. Tastes good and doesn't hurt.
One time I ate this hot sauce equivalent to pepper spray :suicide:
I bought my dad a bottle of Mega Death sauce and we both tried a dot on our finger. Needless to say I couldn't function for an hour, and even after profusely washing my hands I couldn't touch my face without it burning.
I got what I believe was Cayenne pepper in my eyes once. It hurt.
OP, have you tasted all of these?
[QUOTE=Qubik;35299763]OP, have you tasted all of these?[/QUOTE] If he did, he's a zombie, because some of the stuff he talked about can literally kill you. Not that i don't like spicy food, its a rare time i don't eat jalapenos on my food, but i go no hotter then that.
Is it weird if i eat Tabasco on a spoon? It just tastes really nice.
This inspired me to try some Tobasco. I haven't had hot sauce since I was about 14. Still not a fan of the largely vinegar taste.
Not really a massive fan of the stupidly hot stuff but I guess I dont mind some Hot stuff on a cheese toastie etc
I wonder how those stuff taste in ramens
[QUOTE=nimaratu;35333518]Is it weird if i eat Tabasco on a spoon? It just tastes really nice.[/QUOTE] its like your drinking spicy vinegar D: how can you do that? D:
I went to a hot sauce store in San Diego a couple months ago. The owner let us test out some of the hot sauces and me and my brother decided to try out a really spicy sauce (I forgot which). We tasted off of a toothpick, but even the tiny size of the sauce is enough to make our mouths lit up. Might go to another hot sauce store this weekend.
A friend of mine had some fries with what looked like ketchup and offered me some. I made sure to get a nice portion of sauce... boy, that was a huge mistake. It was Vicious Vampire sauce, holy crap did my mouth burn. I was rinsing my mouth with cold tap water for a good 30 minutes. Fun times :)
I went to a huge store and it had a bunch of hot sauces for sale. This was my personal favourite: [t]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5168294/AndroidUploads/IMG_20120408_144518.jpg[/t]
I had ghost pepper sauce last month, I loved it even with the hiccups.
[img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-yiuFln3XJf0/TWMHXcEL2qI/AAAAAAAAAJc/kq9lsHC0oGA/s1600/tao-hua-bi-lao-gan-ma-la-jiao-you-xi-lie-chan-pin-di-jia-gong-ying-fbbgkfg.jpg[/img] What about the Chinese stuff?
I may grow peppers again this year. So this seems like a good place to ask if anyone knows any good recipes for Habanero sauce, or just any good homemade wing sauce really. I'd also like to experiment with fruity stuff like mango habanero. Last year I had more peppers than I knew what to do with.
Currently I have an unopened The Bushman - Hot Az Hell. It seduces you with all its fancy ingredients then when you least expect it it burns your mouth like a wildfire. Then I also have the Black Mamba Venom Sauce, which is the exact opposite, it burns in for a very short while and oddly, they clam that it is as spicy as a red Savina and is currently said to be the 4th spiciest hot sauce ever. Probably because I eat too much spicy things anyway. There is a small restaurant somewhere 3 hours from here and if you ever ordered their traditional fried rice, prepare 5 glasses of drink and spare change for the public toilet. The rice comes red cooked with the traditional extremely concentrated local chilli and one teaspoon blows a couple table spoonful of the other two sauces away.
This is the stuff I use [img]http://www.hotsaucesnmore.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/IPDNNPS50_265.png[/img] I normally add it to bolognase sauces and fajitas, it has a great flavour and packs a punch when in high quanties! You can buy it online (just google iguana hot sauce) but I have also seen it in TKMaxx in the UK
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