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I just finished my last rugby season for the rest of my life and long story short I'm a good bit bigger then I would like too be. I'm 6ft 1 and 100Kgs or around 15st 7lbs looking to be around 85-90Kgs. I'm looking for a protein (or something like that) supplement that will help with burning fat and toning abs. A big plus would be if its sold in Holland and Barrett, Just they have a shop fairly close! P.s I'm switch from High weight-low reps to Low weight-High reps, while increasing cardio if that means anything. Thanks for comments in advance :dance:
toning is a poor choice of words and if youre using it the way i think you are then its an equally poor concept to focus on. go on a caloric deficit from your maint and pref switch your poor routine to ss pp. your entire idea of a protein supplement to help with burning fat is dumb. multi v and fishoil and enough protein and veggies is good enough
lmao toning
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