• Tried to fetch up chocolate mousse, got chocolate soup. What do?
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So basically I decided to do some chocolate mousse. Well it didn't go as expected, it is quite liquid and not spongy/light. I used 200g chocolate 1/2dl dark coffee 1/2dl sugar 2dl cream 2 eggs. I put hot coffee in the cauldron, put the chocolate blocks in there and let it melt, when it was melted I put in 2 yellows from the eggs, I mixed the whites of the eggs and the sugar, whipped the cream, and then poured those in the chocolate mixture. Think it went wrong when I whipped the egg whites and the sugar, it became more jellylike and not mousse-like. -- Is there anything to do? It sits in the fridge right now. Any hope left that the cold makes it spongy? (guess not) or is there a way to turn it into chocolate cupcakes somehow? For americans: 200g = 7 ounces chocolate 1/2dl = 1/4 cup dark coffee 1/2dl = 1/4 cup sugar 2dl = 3/4 cream 2 eggs hope that makes sense, tried to conver t[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/bY5DX6Q.jpg[/IMG] Need some creative minds what to turn it into
Grab a spoon and get to work.
I grabbed a few cups of rough wheat flour, a table spoon of baking powder, some vanillin sugar, put the goo in the oven for 20minutes and I got some kind of a mudcake/brownie thingy. Shredded some white chocolate on it, and it turned out quite well being a bastard child of my creations [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tSUllrp.jpg[/IMG]
Looks like you accidentally managed to create something like this: [IMG]http://cdn.arla.se/Files/2626546658/69a3ba25-d638-41d6-88ce-3804eefd7879.jpg?preset=Main[/IMG] They're called "Kärleksmums", which literally translates into "Loveyummies"
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