• Is it normal?
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Well, fuck it- I have decided to come clean. I have aspergers syndrome, and i have a horrible problem. I have a severe case of depression it seems and I seperate myself into a small little corner while the rest of the social food-chain divvies in hot chicks and other absolute bullshit. I pretty much just put a hood over my head and just say fuck the world, but now it seems to be changing. In my mind it seems that no one gets whats wrong with society and why i avoid social contact and every points at me as if I am the oddball. Facepunch, help me.
See a therapist.
do you have aspergers as diagnosed by a doctor or are you a hypochondriac
[QUOTE=Kymandu;36296161]See a therapist.[/QUOTE] Been there done that, it never helped.
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