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[b]Welcome to the dark, grim future of mankind![/b] So, I thought that it would be a cool idea to play the roleplaying game "Dark Heresy", a roleplaying game set in the WH40k universe. The plan is that it's going to be like a CYOA, as in I act as the dungeon master while you decide what our brave hero does in the world. Since it's a CYOA I will provide a few options for you every update, some will be locked and you will only have to decide, but most of the time you will be able to improvise or work up a new idea for our character. Ideas that are too insane/stupid will be neglected as long as our hero remains sane, but if you have played Dark Heresy before you'll know that this can change. No inherent knowledge or experience with Dark Heresy is required to vote or come up with ideas, and I will try to explain things such as spending xp on skills later on. But that is in the future, let's get on with creating our character. To clarify, this is going to be a one-man adventure with only one character that I narrate, and you all vote/decide what his/her next plan of action is. [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/34fmf4k.jpg[/IMG] [b]Only in death does duty end.[/b] The character you will be playing will be a grunt in the Imperial Guard, a conscript or maybe a volunteer, but nonetheless he will be fighting the vast hordes of enemies that beset the imperium, both from within and outside. We will need a few choices made first, so lets start with what world he/she comes from. [b]Feral World[/b] [i]Feral worlds are planets that are almost inhospitable to mankind, and only a few tribes of mankind manage to survive here. This creates some truly tough and brutal people, since surviving is truly a day-to-day affair. A Feral World can be a planet covered in jungles, a planet that's just a huge desert, or an unholy and cold planet, covered in ice.[/i] -Skills and Traits- Every man/woman from a feral world speaks a language unique to their world, and gain the skill "Speak Language (tribal dialect) (int)". Food is scarce on a feral world, and to survive you have to be able to eat even the most rotten of food. The character gains "Iron Stomach", which adds +10 to a roll to determine if the character resists the effect of ingested poison, rotten food etc. Life on a feral world is primitive and there is no time for social etiquette, and as such the characters take a -10 penalty on tech-use (int) tests, and a -10 penalty to Fellowship Tests made in formal/civilised surroundings. Knowing how to take care of your wounds is of paramount importance for a feral worlder, and you can take a full action to roll against your intelligence (int) to stop a bleeding. Feral worlders are accustomed to living of the land, and as such the following skills count as Basic Skill for the character: Navigation (surface) (int), Survival (int), Tracking (int). [b]Hive World[/b] [i]A Hive world is filled to the brim with large cities, or hives as they are called. A hive can cover a whole continent and reach a thousand floors upwards, with only the richest being able to feel the sun, or the breeze of the wind. The rest has to live in the dark belly of the hive world, where gang wars and riots are happening every day.[/i] -Skills and Traits- All hivers speak a tongue native to their own hive, and gain the skill "Speak Language (Hive dialect) (int)" A hive world is inhabitated by billions of human beings, and as such the hiver is accustomed to large crowds. Crowds does not count as Difficult Terrain for the character, and running/charging through a dense crowd gives no penalty to the agility test to keep their feet. Technology and machinery is an everyday sight, and as such hivers treat the skills Tech-Use (int) as a basic skill. A Hiver has most likely never seen or been on the outside of his/her hive, and will take a -10 penalty to all survival (int) tests, and will take a -5 penalty to all intelligence tests if he/she is in a place without all the modern commodeties such as manufactured goods, solid ceilings or electrical power. A hiver has to be on the alert every waking hour (and even when sleeping), and therefore gains a +1 bonus to all Initiative rolls. [b]Imperial World[/b] [i]Imperial worlds form the mainstay of the imperium, and there is truly no imperial world that is the same as another imperial world. It can be a hyper-technological democracy, a brutal medieval world or a world dedicated to feeding the imperium.[/i] -Skills and Traits- The inhabitants of an imperial world knows that to live life, you have to stay true to the tested ways of life over the generations. The character gains a -5 penalty to Forbidden Lore (int) tests. Much of the life of a character born on an imperial world is spent on meditation, and as such he/she treats the following skills as basic skills : Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (int), Common Lore (Imperium) (int), Common Lore (War) (int). Prayer to the almighty emperor is also a common thing for an imperial worlder. Treat the following skills as basic skill: Literacy (int), Speak Language (High Gothic) (int). An imperial worlder knows that the imperium relies on the strength of his planet, and that the emperor loves it the most. Increase Willpower by +3. This is the first choice, may the emperor guide you.
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[B]Character Sheet[/B] [B]Name:[/B] Aevon Malferus Cain Guardsman [b]Sex:[/b] Male [B]Physical Build:[/B] 185cm tall, 70kg [B]Age:[/B] 30 years old [B]Appearance:[/B] Tan skin, blonde hair and grey eyes Imperial aquila tattoo [B]Origin:[/B] Born on a dead planet, a mining colony upon an airless moon. [B]Personality:[/B] Cocky, but can hold his own in a fight. He is a Smooth talker. He is beginning to doubt his allegiance to the Emperor. [B]-Skills-[/B] Speak Language (Low Gothic)[int] Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Common Lore (Imperium) Common Lore (War) (int) Literacy Speak Language (High Gothic) Awareness [B]-Traits- [/B] Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) Drive ground Vehicle Pistol Training (Primitive) Basic Weapon (Solid Projectile) Basic Weapon (Las) [B]-Gear-[/B] Knife Guard Flak Armour (Common) 1 weeks worth of Corpse Starch rations Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer Shotgun with melee attachment Las Carbine, 24 shots 1 mag for las carbine, full 4 shells Old Revolver 7 bullets 1 fire bomb Hunting Rifle (Accurate, Reliable, single-shot, telescopic-sight) 13 bullets [B]Money:[/B] 43 thrones [B]XP available:[/B]25 [B]XP overall:[/B]475 [B]Fate Points:[/B] 2/2 [b]Insanity Points:[/b]5 [b]Corruption Points:[/b]1 WS [31] BS [29] +10 (Intermediate) S [32] T [29] Ag [31] Int [31] Per [35] WP [42] Fel [28] Wounds 12/15 I would also like to remind people that I want their choices [b]bolded[/b] so that it becomes easier to see what is just you discussing ideas and what is actual suggestions. =)
[b]Imperial World[/b] This also would be more fitting in fast threads.
[b]Imperial World.[/b] Space reserved for character sheet.
[b]Hive world[/b]
[url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1072255-Facepunch-plays-Dark-Heresy[/url] We'll be glad to hear your DH stories too in our thread once this new group starts.
[B]Imperial World[/B]
I will reserve this spot for company information, fellowship information and other nifty tidbits about our character and so forth. [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31685682&viewfull=1#post31685682]First Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31698327&viewfull=1#post31698327]Second Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31708622&viewfull=1#post31708622]Third Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31724605&viewfull=1#post31724605]Fourth Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31730821&viewfull=1#post31730821]Fifth Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31744511&viewfull=1#post31744511]Sixth Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31765747&viewfull=1#post31765747]Seventh Update[/url] [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1115946-Success-is-measured-in-blood-yours-or-your-enemy%C2%B4s.-Let-s-play-Dark-Heresy-CYOA?p=31827492&viewfull=1#post31827492]Eight Update[/url]
[B]Feral World[/B]
[QUOTE=Dick Tracy;31666804]I think there is some misunderstanding as to how this is going to work, you will all share one character that I narrate, and you guys decide what he/she is going to do.[/QUOTE] Oh well that's just no fun. I was hoping that we'd start off as a small group of mates or something.
[QUOTE=No Party Hats;31666854]Oh well that's just no fun. I was hoping that we'd start off as a small group of mates or something.[/QUOTE] I was at first thinking of doing something with a few players, but I'm not entirely comfortable leading a couple of people as a dungeon master so I decided to make it a one-character business instead. But don't worry, the emperor willing and this will be a good run, I am really hyped up over this and I'm going to do my best to make it interesting, intriguing and fun for everyone who reads every update.
As long as you can keep it interesting, I'm in.
i am the emperor
Can I be Ciaphas Cain
There was already a thread for this in Games in Progress. [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1072255-Facepunch-plays-Dark-Heresy[/url] Just a heads up. [b]Imperial World[/b]
[QUOTE=Hoboharry;31667499]There was already a thread for this in Games in Progress. [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1072255-Facepunch-plays-Dark-Heresy[/url] Just a heads up. [b]Imperial World[/b][/QUOTE] That one is for finding people to play with it seems, and not like this thread where all everyone has to do is vote. Thanks for the link though, I appreciate it. =) [b]I will tally the votes in about 2 hours, need another post below this one before I can write a new post though.[/b]
Just be sure to attack the darkness and you'll be fine.
Alright, [b]Imperial World[/b] won by quite far and I have now rolled a character. Some things you need to decide now is [b]The sex of our character.[/b] There is no distinction between male and female in terms of rules. [b]The name of our character.[/b] I rolled two names for our character, male and female. Feel free to come up with something new if you want to, and maybe some nickname too. MALE: Cortez Zuriel Hastus FEMALE: Odessa Mallia Gaia [b]A few skills needs to be picked.[/b] The skills that needs to be picked are: Drive Ground Vehicle (Ag) [b]OR[/b] Swim (S) Pistol Training (Primitive) [B]OR[/B] Pistol Training (Las) Basic Weapon (Las) [B]OR[/B] Basic Weapon (Primitive) [B]OR[/B] Basic Weapon (SP) [b]Decide some sort of personality.[/b] This is mostly for flavour, but it can (and will) also decide certain options you might get later on and how the character might perform a few tasks. Overall we got some pretty good rolls, we managed to score +2 wounds on our divination which is incredibly handy to have, especially since we're going to fight in the imperial guard (also known as lemmings train) Once this is decided this kicks off with a chance to get some extra equipment before we ship off, I can let you buy skills / upgrade your stats if you want to before we leave for the stars, just tell me if you want to and I'll write a short summary in the next update on how you do it. =) The Character: Name :TOBEDECIDED: Guardsman Physical Build: MALE 185cm tall, 70kg FEMALE 175cm tall, 65kg Age: 30 years old Appearance: Tan skin, blonde hair and grey eyes Imperial aquila tattoo Origin: Born on a dead planet, a mining colony upon an airless moon. Personality: -:- -Skills- Speak Language (Low Gothic)[int] Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) -Gear- Knife Guard Flak Armour (Common) 1 weeks worth of Corpse Starch rations Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer Money: 75 thrones XP available:400 XP overall:400 Fate Points: 2 WS [31] BS [29] S [32] T [29] Ag [31] Int [31] Per [35] WP [42] Fel [28] Wounds 15/15
[b]Male[/b] Name: [b]Aevon Malferus Cain[/b] Skills: [b]Drive ground Vehicle[/b] [b]Pistol Training[Primitive][/b] [b]Basic Weapon [Special][/b] Personality: [b]Cocky, but can hold his own in a fight. He is a Smooth talker. He is beginning to doubt his allegiance to the Emperor.[/b]
[QUOTE=No Party Hats;31674003][b]Male[/b] Name: [b]Aevon Malferus Cain[/b] Skills: [b]Drive ground Vehicle[/b] [b]Pistol Training[Primitive][/b] [b]Basic Weapon [Special][/b] Personality: [b]Cocky, but can hold his own in a fight. He is a Smooth talker. He is beginning to doubt his allegiance to the Emperor.[/b][/QUOTE] I vote for this idea.
OP, you comin' back soon? I think we've got a character.
[QUOTE=No Party Hats;31680333]OP, you comin' back soon? I think we've got a character.[/QUOTE] Relax, it will take some time between updates. [b]980.257.M39 Guryan Segmentum Pacificus[/b] It was less than 24 hours until the imperial ship would leave your home, and the lucky chosen who had been selected to join his good fight would have to be on the ship before it left or branded heretics. Only 24 hours to say farewell to those you loved, to say your prayers and to get your gear. Most of the gear issued to you would be on that ship, but there was no telling where you might go and having an extra ace up your sleeve could be something that might save you. "I guess I'll be needing this" you think to yourself as you look over the pickaxe you "accidently" took home with you last night. The untold tales you had heard about the various xenos you would soon face had mostly been grizzly affairs, where the fate of planets would be decided in close combat. The pickaxe would serve you well, and you knew your way around it. Clothes would be handed to you by the Adeptus Munitorium you were told, so there would be no need packing any of that. You still look through your drawer filled with clothes, since there were something else there that you knew you would have great use of out there. A revolver, inherited by your father and his father before him. This gun had been with your family for a very long time, your grandfather had even said it had been used with great success during the Plague of Unbelief, but that was four millenia ago, and you always discarded that story as an old mans ramblings. Nevertheless, it was a finely crafted revolver that had killed many men in its day. And now it would get a chance to purge the empire of xenos threatening the imperium and the emperor. The emperor, what good had he ever done to you? You scoff, and pack the revolver and twelve bullets in a backpack. You grab all your savings and head out to the market to see if there is anything else you might get. [B]980.257.M39 T-22 hours The marketplace Guryan Segmentum Pacificus[/B] The marketplace is filled to the brim with people, and you have a hard time pushing through the crowds. You walk by some sort of shop and you hear a man calling out to you. "I said come in, don't stand around." You enter the shop. There is a slight hint of some sort incense and the walls are adorned with weapons of all kinds, armours and other various trinkets. The lighting is provided by candles, the very candles you assume give out that particular smell you can't quite place. "I see you're a man soon heading out, maybe you would be interested in a finely crafted rifle? Or a shotgun, blessed by the saint of El'th Anam?" You look at the man, its hard to make out any facial features in this gloomy light but he seems genuine. "Maybe you're interested in a lasgun? Finest quality, produced on one of the many forge worlds, or perhaps a trinket of silvery steel, known to have saved the lives of many who have worn it?" [i]The rifle itself is for all intents and purposes equal to the lasgun in terms of rules, but counts as Basic Weapon (SP). It has a capacity of only 20 bullets in every magazine though. Costs 75 thrones The shotgun is of Common Quality, but might be blessed in some way. Costs 70 thrones The lasgun appears to be a Common Quality lasgun, it looks special, but you've never seen one before so it could just be how a regular lasgun looks like. Costs 75 thrones The trinket is of silversteel, and is adorned by two hammers crossed with a pickaxe in the middle. The mark of El'th Anam, a patron saint for your sector who lead the revolution during the Plague Of Unbelief, and was personally responsible for the death of ten thousand men it is told. There is ammunition for pretty much any weapon you could hope to find here that are common, various swords axes and so forth adorns the wall and some type of armour.[/i]
[b]Ask about the price of the Trinket, and if it's reasonable enough, buy it. It may be useful.[/b] The funny was for that clever STALKER reference with the doorman.
[b]Shoot the shop keep with your revolver and steal the trinket. Surely, in the size and roar of the crowd, no one would hear the shot or notice you walking away.[/b]
[b]980.257.M39 T-22 hours The marketplace Guryan Segmentum Pacificus[/b] You decide that frag it, this man is trying to do an unhonest trade, and you have to kill him. Already having the hand on your pistol, you draw the gun and let loose a shot and hit him square in the chest! The man fumbles as the shot hits him and he staggers back for half a second before quickly drawing his own gun, taking a shot at you! He misses and the shot hits the wall behind you, and you decide that he's not going to get another chance! You squeeze the trigger once again but the recoil is more than you can handle and the shot whistles by him. You brace yourself and let another shot break the silence again and this time the bullet hits the leg of the man, and he lets out a scream as the bullet tears a hole in it. "You fucking bastard, I will kill you!" the man screams as he squeezes off another two shots, but the pain is excruciating and the shots fly wildy by. Now is the time to put him down, and you squeeze the trigger once again. The recoil doesn't bother you as much this time and you pluck off two shots both tearing through his left arm and right leg, and the man lets out one last agonizing scream before he falls down to the ground, face down into the puddle of blood now adorning the ground. You let out a sigh of relief, surely the trinket must've saved you somehow, as you look back and the blasts from his laspistol had torn through the thin fabric separating the store from the streets right behind you! You decide to quickly grab the trinket and run out of the store, not looking back. [i]I had to spend two fate points (soft, so you'll regain them in 24 hours) to win this fight, you lost 5 bullets in the fight but gained 3 insanity points and 1 corruption point for attacking a man who was innocent (well, as innocent as a merchant can be!), and the trinket ofcourse.[/i] So, do you: [b]Go and shop some more?[/b] The market is a pretty huge place and there are stores that sell pretty much anything you could hope to find in an imperial world, weapons, food, armour, that kind of stuff. [b]Go home and prepare yourself for your departure?[/b] Next update will get us thrown into the real thing!
Go murd- I mean go shop some more. You're bound to find a good deal.
[b]980.257.M39 T-20 hours The marketplace Guryan Segmentum Pacificus[/b] You decide to have a good look around the market before heading home. You take your time, this might possibly be the last time you see home after all and even though you're anxious to get out of this backwards planet you still feel a hint of sadness. There are a few stores that might be of interest, there is "Hals Gunstore" that you know sells various types of ammunition and, if you know him, even explosives. You're not sure how well-provisioned you will be once you drop down on some emperor-forsaken planet so it might be a good idea to stock up on some ammunition for your shotgun and your revolver. You could also shop some food, booze and the ilk at the bazaar, or head on down to an old friend of yours who is a gunsmith. He could possibly do some minor modifications to your weapons if you want to, but it will cost you. Thinking it over, you decide to... [b]Shop some of the following items.[/b] [i] You can buy the following items, price first and amount after that. Shotgun Shells 1/20 (Unlimited supply) Regular bullets 1/20 (Unlimited supply) Dumdum Bullets [Does extra damage, but armour is twice as effective] 5/6 (you can only buy 12 of these) Man-stopper bullets [Extra penetration] 5/6 (you can only buy 12 of these) Frag grenades 10/1 (you can only buy three of these) Fire bomb [Imagine a molotov cocktail], 10/1 (you can only buy five of these) Exterminator attachment [a one-shot flamer], 35/1 (can only buy one) Melee attachment for your shotgun [makes it count as a spear in melee combat], 25/1 Pistol grip [for shotgun, lets you use it one-handed without penalty, but range is halved], 25/1 Lho-sticks [think cigarettes], 10/1 (Unlimited supply) Corpse starch rations [Food], 10/1 (Unlimited supply Recaf [Coffee], 5/1 (Unlimited supply) Rotgut Booze [booze, duh], 10/1 (Unlimited supply) Stimm [a powerful drug that lets you fight on without hindrance even if you're severely wounded], 25/1 (you can only buy 2 of these)[/i] [b]Head home.[/b] Next update will have us shopping the items you want to shop and our first taste of battle! I'll update this on sunday so take your time and decide what you want to buy. And no, you won't be able to brutally murder anyone now. Save the wrath for the emperors enemies, and bring swift justice to the emperor-forsaken xenos!
Go buy some booze and go back to the weapons store. While the clerk is tending to something else, put the gun up to his head and fire. And easy kill, with 1 bullet wasted.
Yeah... no.
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