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[QUOTE=KarloMcMarlo;38772634]More like "I read it, and zero fucks were given" kthx[/QUOTE] Oh ok you're just an asshole.
[QUOTE=KarloMcMarlo;38768089]Oh, allow me to indulge myself in sharing my shinternet.[/QUOTE] what has shinty got to do with this? what a bad pun!
Teto if you're single we should meet up for not sex
teto just so you know im p satisfied that you've brought back the panda that avatar really shows how much we all truly struggle with tires
[QUOTE=Teto;38772112]19! The age where you can finally... um Well yeah 19 is sort of a boring birthday. It's 17 all over again.[/QUOTE] Well could drink if I was in Canada, too bad I don't live a comfortable distance from it :v:
What is with the rivalry between Americans and Canadians. And American Army and Australian Army... and Americans and brown people........
[QUOTE=ultra_bright;38769758]We should make suggestions and you pick the best one.[/QUOTE] The most common suggestion would be along the lines of "buttslut" I want to help the community somehow while getting paid that doesn't involve protesting or picking up garbage.
[img]http://puu.sh/1zkma/00ac6c0e3bdc50983dd6bfed158f4718[/img] im ready for my date with | |
im not a furry
55 gallon drum of lube mind blown
That's one sick dildo bong
i know ;)
wait 10k posts doesnt that mean ne
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