• Custom Colt Navy Holster
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I made this holster for my new Navy Six. I have a holster that fits my Colt Navy, but it's about two inches longer than it needed to be, is open topped and doesn't have pistol belt hooks. I went and scratched around in my leather bin for a satisfactory bit of leather to cut a holster from but could only find some tan leather I didn't like the color of, luckily I had some gun stock stain that made it a much nicer color. [Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuCv[/Img_thumb][Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuCB[/Img_thumb][Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuCI[/Img_thumb] [Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuCQ[/Img_thumb][Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuCV[/Img_thumb] And one with the other holster. [Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuFO[/Img_thumb] It's all hand sewn with an awl and needle. The one I made is more "cavalry" style, I often wear a pistol when riding my ATV and anyone who rides ATVs or Dirtbikes knows you get COVERED in dust, I wanted the top of the Colt Navy covered to help shield it. Another detail I added was a small tab at the bottom of the holster to run a lanyard though so I can secure the holster to my leg, that way it's not bouncing around and banging against my thigh when walking or riding. Lastly I added a pistol belt hook so I can have the option of attaching it to my webgear. Both holsters have a regular belt loop with a quick release so I can remove the gun without needing to undo my belt or draw it from the holster. My leather work usually looks like shit but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and the Navy is nice and snug in there without being difficult to draw or holster it, I can hold the holster upside down with the flap unbuttoned and shake it and the gun won't come out unless I actually pull it out. I also made this little tool to help with poking the stitch holes, I've been meaning to buy one for awhile, dunno why it didn't dawn on me to just make one. [Img_thumb]http://puu.sh/vuS4[/Img_thumb]
fuckin legendary
Very nice leather work. Is that Colt Navy converted to use cartridges or ball and cap? One of my very favorite revolvers of the time, much jealousy.
Old fashioned cap and ball, one of the primary reasons I got a Navy. Just got a chance to fire it today and it is a real joy to shoot and extremely accurate, not even mentioning it's a pistol. Be hard pressed to find a modern semi-auto as accurate.
So does the cost of the lead balls, powder, caps, grease etc end up being cheaper than cartridges?
Much cheaper, especially since this is a .36 caliber revolver. Just a pea-sized bit of lead and a pinch of powder, and the caps are a little bit of nothing, could just about make them myself if I had a die. 25 grains of powder is about the maximum the gun will take, my .75 cal Matchlock takes 80 grains and the big 25mm Matchlock takes 150 grains.
Open carry all day, 'erry day.
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