• If you owned the forums, what would you do?
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[LIST] [*]I would bring smartness system back. [*]Thread ratings. [*]When you hover your cursor over the thread title, it displays the first few lines of the OP's post. (Like on the Steam powered forums.) [*]Change some of the ratings. [*]a buddy list of some sort on profile, make the user's profile have more significance, adding comments etc... [*]Rank system, like others said, join date, # of posts, helped the community. [*]And a more prestigious rank than gold member, but more common than respected. (Like how rare the gold members were before you needed 2k posts and 2 years there.) [/LIST]
[QUOTE=UserDerth;20208438]I would make it to get Gold member you have to have at least have 3000 post's. And know the forum's well.[/QUOTE] That would just make people fast thread more.
Unban all permabanned users.
Fuck knows, probably ban all the Americans followed by logging off.
I would make a proboards glitch that gives you Gold Membership.
I'd say that I've seen all kinds of possible iterations of this forum since 2004, and I haven't got anything to complain about. The forum has tried a lot of different stuff, some have worked, some haven't. Cosmetically this forum is doing well. (Maybe the strip the ratings to just Agree, Disagree, Funny, Dumb and Artistic/Gold Star) In the long run, I would try to keep the forum as a community working, which would mean getting rid of the Gold Member status. Moderators and uncommon custom titles work, but a sizable group with a special status? Might separate the community in the long run. In the long run, it might be good for the forum to have monthly/yearly "official" forum competitions/contests for all the different creative forum areas (Fretta contest = yeah baby unf unf). Gets the community off it's ass to do something productive. These are some things I would do.
able to discuss wares and fix the ratings so they show up next to your name.
I'd bring back the old rating system, Smartness, the Rules, "YOU'RE GOING TO GET BANNED", "YOU ARE BANNED", "THE DATABASE IS DOWN. ARE YOU?", the Entire FP Logo on the main page, and the old custom forum system, and some of the facism. I'd also put in an elitism system, that shows post count, respect, and general awesomeness. To represent all this, it'd either be with Name Colour Changes or a Title. That's it.
I'd change it so that each page has 80 posts again. And media tags.
I saw this on another forum, when you sign up, instead of asking you to type the word in the box to prevent bots it asks for you to type word X of rule Y (obviously X and Y are numbers). Great way to prevent bots and force people to read the rules.
Bring back the same rating system before the Labs Update: [LIST][*]Icon at the right of your username which indicates which rating you received the most [*]:v: for funny and :downs: for dumb [*]make sentences such as "I GIVE YOU A BOX" or "RATED x" bannable [*]old ratings: zing, lua king, gold star, etc [*]stats in your profile page which indicates how much ratings you received and sent [/LIST] Also enforce "quality posts / threads" more, General Discussion has 50% of Fast Threads in it
[QUOTE=Giraffen93;20209192]1. Smartness 2. Instaban on words 3. Ratings (2006) 4. Old style It would be perfect.[/QUOTE] This. [QUOTE=Averice;20209204]delete the oify[/QUOTE] And this.
I think I would make Facepunch more than just a forum. I'd like to make the whole thing into one big community website, video/image galleries, arcade with leaderboards, games and hardware reviews, aswell as the forums we have now, but integrated with the new website. Same account database site-wide. That sort of thing. Thats a lot of work I know, but that's what I'd do.
Add achievements like you said a while ago on IRC. :smug:
Customized titles maybe?
I'd bring back smartness, and insta-ban for meme shit. Possible bring back some of the good ratings such as Zing! And hide the oify again. Making it appear on the front page was a very bad idea.
Give RU to more awesome people.
I would introduce Masturbation Mondays and Tits Tuesdays.
I'd bring back the old facepunch. Smartness and a shit load of banning.
More idiot culls
I would remove ratings, try to benefit from the forum somehow (financially), add a rules list, add groups, fix referrers, remove image limit from posts and remove bad moderators.
If I owned the forums I'd sell them to you and make a shit load of money because I don't know how to run them, and you obviously don't either, but at least I'd make a shit load of money. I kid I kid.
[QUOTE=Averice;20209214]delete the bad thread makers.[/QUOTE] You'd have to ban like 99% of the forum
Change OIFY's address, allow buying gold member, custom forums, bring back smartness and banwords, old rating system.
We could also use some more "events", if you see what I mean. I remember members organizing special things from time to time, stuff like that
Would make a super-gold member section and you have to pay £10 for a 10 day trial and £50 for full
Get rid of the OIFY, it's useless, really. Probably introduce something similar to the current GM idea. If you've posted 100 times without getting banned, then hurray, you can now make threads. I'd probably increase GM requirement too. Be a bit more lighthearted, I wouldn't ban the dude who got banned on the first page, for example. I'd probably review the mods and such. Move the very very low down sections up, or have them all on one page somehow, Art and Shit is very slow quite a bit of the time.
Firstly I'd ask the forum users what they would like to see come from the forums, and whether the users are capable of being around for the long term if things we're changed (or kept the same) to meet their needs. Then I would ask myself where I would like to see the forums go in the long term (and that would definitely be as something beneficial to the community rather then just a gossip fest of lonely teenagers). Then after reaching a conclusion I would propose my aspirations for the forums to the users, and make changes based on their input.
Bring back Thanks. Bring back thread ratings. Bring back strict rules and AUTOBAN. Take out ratings. Make the Goldies able to delete own posts.
Seems like garry changed the amount of posts per page back to 40
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