• What colour is your car(or your parent's car)?
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My mum likes to be different. It's an orange Fiat Qubo. :v:
Mine are grey and white and dad's is white
My car is silver, my dads car is silver, my moms car is silver, my friends car is silver cars are silver this is not silver [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_9oFkLXi-L3o/TCEqU1yKRLI/AAAAAAAB9hU/qr2zLc01tUA/s400/Gold+bar.jpg[/img]
Mines bright red. Because it goes faster :v:
My moms is dark blue, my dads is "Pearl" or shiny white.
dad's car is silver
My Escort is tan. My mom's Tahoe is like a charcoal grey. My dad's Buick Century is dark blue. My sister's Cavalier is silver. And our Volkwagen Super Beetle is orange with a blue fender.
my Honda is green.
Medium gulf blue.
oh come on these threads are getting ridiculous
My car is like Pearl Black Metallic. My mom's is dark blue metallic.
BMW's Aegean Blue
My car is black :D
Shit brown
My car isn't colored, it is in primer stage right now awaiting a few coats of glossy black after some bodywork.
My mom has a 2007 Escalade ESV, and it has a light champagne color to it. I really like it.
My Subie wagon is red. My mom's Forester is L.L. Bean green with grey/silver at the bottom.
My car is red. It makes it go faster. My dad's car is grey/blue sort of colour and my mum can't drive
My car is black. Best colour for most cars imo.
My Proton Waja is Sky-Blue, and its the most common colour of its kind. I don't like the colour but I have to live with it (Company car :V) My dad's Toyota Harrier is White, My Mom's Toyota Estima is Silver.
I have a panther black Ford Fiesta MK5. My dad has: A red '05 VW Passat A metallic blue '99 Audi 80 Cabriolet A baby blue/yellow '74 Zaz 968
White Diamond. Bitch to touch up.
Silver with a hint of light blue.
[QUOTE=c0nk3r;30460694]"green"[/QUOTE] so actually i looked at my registration, my car is blue :what:
I have a blue Nissan Versa.
blue renualt clio...
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