• Abandoned factory bomb shelter
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Talk about a friggin real life vault.
[QUOTE=Kefir;33887325] [IMG]http://cs5734.vkontakte.ru/u21902943/129918407/x_f7aa2371.jpg[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Oh my, it's Artyom!
Well looks like you just found a cold war base...
I wish they had cool places like this in the US. I would LOVE to explore an abandoned building to see what I could find.
Really cool stuff man. Makes me want to get into this hobby.
Cool poster, Would've taken that home :D
Ah I'd love to take a poster or a helmet.
There's just something about Soviet Russia/Communism and abandoned bases.. But these really are some neat pictures.
[QUOTE=Sixer;34123738]And you made me laugh! I thought they were pens too though; at first I thought they were needles, but I guess you were there so you would know. My Russian History professor told our class last year that Petersburg is the nicest place in Russia; not as dirty as Moscow, lovely old buildings, but still large enough to have stuff going on. I wish Ottawa had cool abandoned stuff like this :([/QUOTE] Just go by the House of Commons in the Winter, the whole country knows it's abandoned for a good 2 months.
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