• Neon tubes and speakers? possible?
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Hey, I have set of these: [url]http://www.ebay.ie/itm/2-Blue-Interior-Neon-Tube-Light-12V-Car-Boat-RV-Van-/350524032694?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item519cdc46b6[/url] And today I got 12V 1A DC adaptor so got them working now, is there any trick i could do to make these strobe to music? If so then how?
No, they will not blink along with audio without some sort of external interface. [IMG]http://www.oznium.com/images/cathode_music_interface_wir.jpg[/IMG]
How much that music interface thing costs? and where can I buy it?
Try the cold cathode lighting section on frozencpu.com or anywhere on BuyRicerCarLightingAccessoriesForKids.com [sp]http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g6/c449/s1144/list/p1/Lighting-Cold_Cathode_-_Accessories-Cold_Cathode_-_Sound_Activation_-Page1.html[/sp]
Buy a tip31 transistor with a heatsink! and use this wiring schematic [IMG]http://www.instructables.com/image/FMZXXB8G5W7R47J/Building-the-circuit.jpg[/IMG]
[QUOTE=The Jackal;34687188]Buy a tip31 transistor with a heatsink! and use this wiring schematic [IMG]http://www.instructables.com/image/FMZXXB8G5W7R47J/Building-the-circuit.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] This just isn't going to cut it as an amplifier. I don't know where to start, but just boshing in a transistor is no good. At the very least you'd want some de-coupling capacitors in there if you were just going to use a single transistor, however I suspect the output from the audio system would be insufficient to drive the transistor. The circuit sketch below is done totally off the top of my head so I have no idea if it would work but I suggest some kind of OpAmp arrangement with a class B transistor amplifier setup on the output. If you wanted to make the circuitry yourself (OP clearly doesn't though) you can get dedicated LM386 audio amplifier chips for something like this to use in the place of the OpAmp which have a reasonable frequency response, although it's not really necessary in this application. [img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3798635/img001.jpg[/img_thumb] You could also throw in some zeners to clamp the output to 12v. This of course depends on the circuitry you place in between this and your cathodes, what current the cathodes draw etc. I've just made some simple assumptions but actually to design anything outright you'd need better knowledge of your inputs and outputs.
I highly doubt the op is looking for a DIY solution. Also, don't try and learn electronics on instructables jackal, unless you never plan on being any good at it.
what the hell? No this works great you can ask my friend who has 8 10" speakers and 8 12" speakers in the back of a f350. We use tip 31's all the time to make stuff blink to music, I found the picture because it showed in google images. You should use this before you get to the inverter board, there is a reason I said use a heatsink.
Just because it "works" does not mean its a good idea.
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