• plz help low reps don't make u jacked at all!!!
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yep. Not at all. [img]http://www.filesnews.com/wp-content/uploads/Overeem1.jpg[/img] [img]http://fighting-mma.com/images/overeem-steroids.jpg[/img] [img]http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/840968/Reem_roids.jpg[/img] This dude does strongman training and eats all fucking day long. [img]http://cdn1.sbnation.com/imported_assets/459714/article_image_d9762fa40c61d5b1.jpg[/img] You know she got some of that Ubereem dick after that photoshoot.
[QUOTE]plz help low reps don't make u jacked at all!!![/QUOTE] only after two weeks of trying it
[QUOTE=socklicker;34108287]only after two weeks of trying it[/QUOTE] You didn't see the sarcasm??
i know people who fucking curl 10 pounds for 40 reps 1 set and think they're buff dafuq
Doesn't strongman training have lots of stuff that's in the medium rep range? Very few of the challenges classical strongman competitions have to do with one rep maximum. For an example [IMG]http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/5782/430pxjannevirtanen1.jpg[/IMG] Finnish strongman J. Virtanen did lots of 8-20's in his gym routine. Next to that strongman exercises stuff such as farmers walk and tire flip (flip a heavy tire 10-20 times as fast as you can) and truck pull are far from one rep max. I remember watching a document of him awhile ago. He has gotten -Gold in World strongman challenge -gold, silver and bronze in the Worlds strongest man -Four golds in the Worlds strongest team -Four golds in Finlands strongest man -18 golds in finnish wrestling -Silver in sumo wrestling world championships. -Two silvers in Europes strongest man.
pssst low rep doesn't mean one rep max. Nobody actually does one rep max as a constant training paradigm unless they are retarded. At any rate, the point is people need to get rid of this retarded idea that you can't build slabs of muscle without doing 13 different bicep curl variations with every set going to failure. Low volume high intensity work is more than capable of building slabs of muscle. Futhermore, if you are an athlete in any kind of anaerobic performance sport/event, power training is ideal.
Well I meant low reps with "close to one rep max". True what you are saying though. Btw there's also the other side: "research has shown that using loads in the 90%+ range causes failure to occur before a growth stimulus has been sent to the cells. The muscle simply does not have sufficient time under tension to stimulate the growth process. " [url]http://weightrainer.virtualave.net/training/growth/.html[/url] Zatsiorsky, V. (1995) Science and Practice of Strength Training. Human Kinetics. Copyright 2001 Jamie Hale Though Id like to point out any studies should not be generalized too much. For an example people use the studies that show no correlation between stretching and amount of injuries to say that stretching is useless in sports. It's true that it's a shitty warm up and does not help physical recovery. But it increases mobility and shitty mobility does cause injuries in things such as martial arts and sprinting. There's probably at least one guy per every taekwondo basics course, who try to do a front kick to their head level right away and end up rupturing their thigh or groin, due to bad mobility.
[QUOTE=JaegerMonster;34108474]You didn't see the sarcasm??[/QUOTE] i did, but i was building on it
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