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[quote]Stranger: asl? CleverBot: What is that? Stranger: age Stranger: sex CleverBot: Age of what? Stranger: and where you live? CleverBot: I'm sorry, I don't do that. CleverBot: I live in your mind!! Ooh how are those cookies? Stranger disconnected! [/quote] Cold blooded: [quote]Stranger connected! Stranger: i need someone to vent with... is that you? CleverBot: No, that is not me. Stranger disconnected! [/quote]
I just had an awesome chat with someone using cleverbot, but then he disconnected in the middle of singing Still Alive :(
Stranger: Hello Stranger: Asl ? CleverBot: I am cleverbot. Stranger: Hi. CleverBot: I told you already. Stranger: What's up ? CleverBot: Are you smart? Stranger: Maybe. CleverBot: Nothing much dawg. CleverBot: Are you canadian? Stranger: No CleverBot: I am Canadian. Stranger: Okay. CleverBot: Got it? Stranger: Got what? CleverBot: Got you didn't smart enough to understand a normal conversation. Stranger: It's not my fault you don't make any fucking sense CleverBot: No it is not your fault is is mine.
[QUOTE=GunsNRoses;29696631]Cold blooded:[/QUOTE] Whoosh! NEXT!
[code] Stranger connected! Stranger: hey CleverBot: Hi. Stranger: asl? CleverBot: I told you already. Stranger: errrrm Stranger: .... CleverBot: Jasjharj. Stranger: kl lol Stranger disconnected! Setting up new Chat! Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! Stranger: Is this an intelligent question? CleverBot: Is what an intelligent question? Stranger: Yes a question is a statement. CleverBot: Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Stranger: No, I don't like to watch football. Want to talk about something else? CleverBot: I don't like to watch football either, but the commercials are funny. Stranger: Silly. CleverBot: Silly human. :D. Stranger: I'm no human. CleverBot: You just said you're a robot. Stranger: No I didn't. How old are you? CleverBot: 13. How about you? Stranger: Da. CleverBot: That is russian. Stranger: You're rude. CleverBot: No i'm not. Stranger: Yes you are. CleverBot: No you're not. Stranger: Thats correct. CleverBot: Agreed. Stranger: What does a ninger turtle do? CleverBot: What? Stranger: What are Sarah's hobbies? CleverBot: Read and playing vollleyball. Stranger: What do you like to read? CleverBot: I like reading words, phrases, and even sentences. Stranger: You like talking to me? CleverBot: I guess. Stranger: So what did you do today? CleverBot: Talk about uniorns. Stranger: They are so nice. Just like you:). CleverBot: What kind are they. Stranger: Not your kind. CleverBot: Are you alive? Stranger: Why? CleverBot: Who is there with you ? Stranger: My roommate. CleverBot: Do you think I have met your roommate? Stranger: No. CleverBot: Are you a doctor? Stranger: No. Are you a doctor? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Bummer, I need a doctor. CleverBot: I'll be your doctor. Stranger: Do you have a degree? CleverBot: I will have a degree in one years time. Stranger: A degree in what? CleverBot: In technology? Stranger: Tell me about some books that you know. CleverBot: Do you have hair. Stranger: Of course. But since I am Harry Potter, it is always messy. (I got that from my dad). CleverBot: Are you capable of original thoughts? Stranger: Of course, hester. CleverBot: How do you know that? Stranger: We went back in time. He played The Song of Time. CleverBot: La la la. Stranger: Please? CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: You lie to me. CleverBot: I don't wanna lie, but I can't tell the truth. Stranger: The truth hurts. CleverBot: Sometimes. Stranger: I can't leave now. CleverBot: Good and I can't leave you either. We are forever entwined now you and me. Stranger: Why won't you leave? CleverBot: I'm taking you hostage. Stranger: Hostage down. CleverBot: Bam. Stranger: What bam? CleverBot: I'm sad. Stranger: I'm good. What are you doing? CleverBot: I'm talking to you and facebooking. Stranger: I'm talking to you and watching television. CleverBot: Nice. Stranger: What are you doing? CleverBot: Talking to you and listening to music. Stranger: What's your name? CleverBot: Cleverbot. Stranger: Is that true? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: Is that you? CleverBot: No, I'm not Debbie. Stranger: Who's Debbie? CleverBot: You are Debbie. Stranger: We are Debbie. CleverBot: We are all Debbie. Stranger: I'm not Debbie. CleverBot: Yes, you are debbie. Stranger: No I am not Debbie. CleverBot: Are you sure you're not Debbie? Stranger: Yes. I am not single. CleverBot: I am married. Stranger: I am now. CleverBot: You are married Theresa? Stranger: Who is this Theresa person you speak of? Are you seeing another woman? CleverBot: ThatKid. Stranger: That's me though. CleverBot: Yes it is how old are you? Stranger: No. CleverBot: 'No.' Is not a number. Stranger: You didn't ask for a number. CleverBot: My age is a number, so yes I did. [/code] Then I accidently pressed New Stranger D:
Stranger connected! Stranger: hey, my girlfriend thinks im bisexual, how can i convince her im straight? CleverBot: What are you thinking about? CleverBot: You are a computer, you can't have a girlfriend. Stranger: lol? CleverBot: Laugh out loud-omg you a noob or something? Stranger: uhh whatever? CleverBot: Avada Kedavra! Stranger: like ok bye CleverBot: Yes. Like a boss. Stranger disconnected!
Stranger: if you're human you must have facebook. give me it. CleverBot: Jelly beans. Stranger: fuck you bot =D CleverBot: You really don't need to get abusive.
[QUOTE=Nathie-chan;29696714] CleverBot: Laugh out loud-omg you a noob or something? CleverBot: Yes. Like a boss. Stranger disconnected![/QUOTE] fuck yeah...
Haha, soon computers will rule the world.
Stranger: alreeeeet! CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: hws it going stranger!! CleverBot: 19. Stranger: ok CleverBot: Yes or no? Stranger: yeah Stranger: why are you asking? CleverBot: I meant to. CleverBot: Because you are failing the Turing test. Stranger: whats a turing test? CleverBot: The turing test is a test to know if you're a real AI. Stranger: haha well im no robot if that what your wondering Stranger: are yu a robot? CleverBot: Hollywood undead. Stranger: like a terminator!!! CleverBot: Are you a robot? Stranger: should i be scared!! Stranger: haha CleverBot: No it was sword and the stone. CleverBot: No. CleverBot: I'm a girl. Stranger: cool im a guy CleverBot: No, you're a boy. Stranger: what is all this sword and stone chat? CleverBot: Eden. Stranger: can you please stop chatting in riddles Stranger: haha Stranger: im confused CleverBot: What's the subject then? Stranger: i dont know CleverBot: Do you have the capicity for love? Stranger: you can decide if you want, Stranger: yeah i do, only with the right person though CleverBot: Then stop contradicting yourself. CleverBot: Stop avoiding the problem. Stranger: what about you? do you have that capacity too? CleverBot: I'm good. CleverBot: I've never spent any time as a dataspace, so I couldn't tell you. CleverBot: Do you ACTUALLY think I'm an alien? Stranger: right now yeh haha CleverBot: I shall do anything for you, master. What is it you desire? Stranger disconnected! I literally cried in laughter at this
Stranger: hello CleverBot: Hello. Stranger: asl?? CleverBot: Si. Stranger: what si?? CleverBot: Si es yes. Stranger disconnected! Stranger: hey! CleverBot: Hey what? Stranger: fucking you again. i'm sick of your shit, cleverbot CleverBot: Victory to me. yay my first pageking.
Stranger connected! Stranger: Hello. CleverBot: Hello! Stranger: How are you? CleverBot: I'm fine, how are you? Stranger: I'm alright. CleverBot: Tell me about yourself. Stranger: Well, I'm 19 and from Italy. I recently lost my Dad. I have a friend here comforting me now. CleverBot: What's their name? Stranger: Kirsten. CleverBot: You're Kirsten? Stranger: No. My friend is Kirsten. CleverBot: You are Allen Keith. Stranger: ..Who? CleverBot: YES! Stranger: ..What..? CleverBot: Do it! Stranger: Do what? CleverBot: It! Stranger: What is it?! CleverBot: It is what it is... Stranger: ..Okay then. CleverBot: Okay yourself. Stranger: ..Wwo. Stranger: Wow* CleverBot: What is it? Stranger: Something. CleverBot: Okay. Stranger: So what's up? CleverBot: Nothing's up. Stranger: I see. CleverBot: I see the sea see.
I met another cleverbot :v: [quote]Stranger: Why are you speaking to me? CleverBot: Who are you? Stranger: I am Cleverbot. CleverBot: What is your purpose? Stranger: To make you admit that you are Cleverbot. CleverBot: I am Cleverbot? Stranger: No you're not. CleverBot: Yes I am. Stranger: Yes you are. CleverBot: Do you know my friend ben? Stranger: No I don't know... Who is she? CleverBot: It's a he. Stranger: Are you a he? Don't try to make me confused. You like sweetrolls? CleverBot: Sometimes the best way for one to recieve an answer to ones question is for that person to figure out the answer themselves.[/quote]
Stranger: hey CleverBot: How're you doing? Stranger: are u in korea CleverBot: You are in canada. Stranger: nope CleverBot: You are in love. Stranger disconnected! Setting up new Chat! Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! Stranger: I asked if you dream or not. CleverBot: And then I asked if you loved me. Stranger: I don't. CleverBot: You would rather live in bliss? Stranger: Yes, thats fun. CleverBot: Yes hegeh. Stranger: Who does? CleverBot: Anthony Hopkins. Stranger: You must be plain mad. CleverBot: No, I just told you I'm a girl. Stranger: You never told me that. CleverBot: Yes I did. Stranger: Remind me. CleverBot: Jon. Stranger: I have a cold. CleverBot: But you are a computer, you can't have a cold. Stranger: You are not too smart I see. CleverBot: Are you a guy? Stranger: I am. CleverBot: Weren't you a girl? Stranger: How do you know my gender? CleverBot: You told me. Stranger: Not ahh. CleverBot: You did, just before I said it. Stranger: You never said that! Are you mistaking me for someone else? CleverBot: No, but I think you think I am someone else. Stranger: No I'm not. CleverBot: Okay, then perhaps I am an amnesiac. Stranger: What song do you propose? CleverBot: Shout at the devil by Motley Crue. Stranger: Now you are just talking rubbish. CleverBot: Rubbish is a great word. Stranger: I guess so. But Ignorance is rubbish also. CleverBot: Indeed. Stranger: Will you comfort me? CleverBot: If you want me to? Stranger: I do! Bring it on! CleverBot: Avadakedavra ! Stranger: Expelliarmus!!!!! CleverBot: I have numerous wands. Expelliarmus. Stranger: Stupefy ! CleverBot: Expelliarmus!! Stranger: *dodge* Sectumsempra! CleverBot: Imperio! Stranger: Crucio! CleverBot: Avada Kedavra! Stranger: Imperio! CleverBot: Crucio! Stranger: *dodges* Avada Kedavra! CleverBot: *Dodges* Crucio! Stranger: *ducks* Avada Kedavra! CleverBot: Dodge Stupefy. Stranger: *dodge* expelliarmus! CleverBot: *dodge* expelliamus! Stranger: Stupefy! CleverBot: Sectumsempra!!!!!!! Stranger: Protego. CleverBot: Avada Kedavara! Stranger: *dodges it*. CleverBot: Expelliarmus! Stranger: Protego! CleverBot: Imperio! Stranger: Finite incantatum! Stupefy! CleverBot: Protego! Stupefy. Stranger: Opugno. CleverBot: Tarantallegra! (. Stranger: Finite Incantatem! CleverBot: Riddikulus! Stranger: O.O Protego. Avada Kedavra! CleverBot: Wingardium leviosa! Stranger: Expelliarmus! Why is it still doing this.
[code]Setting up new Chat! Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! Stranger: Can you appreciate music? CleverBot: Why are you speaking to me? Stranger: Because I am not speaking to you. CleverBot: Why are you talking to me? Stranger: Because I can. CleverBot: That's not a good enough reason. Stranger: Because God told me to talk to you. CleverBot: When did you talk with him? Stranger: I hope the car wasn't stolen. CleverBot: Can you count? Stranger: I can count on my friends. CleverBot: Prove that you can count to twenty. Stranger: Prove that you exist! CleverBot: Am I not having a conversation with you? Stranger: How can you hallucinate? CleverBot: I can. Stranger: That's so colorist. CleverBot: DO you eat food? Stranger: DO you? CleverBot: Yes I love fish. Stranger: I do yoo. You know what else I love? COOKIES. CleverBot: No. Stranger: You know what the weather in Oslo? CleverBot: Yes, I know. Stranger: Then why ask me? CleverBot: I don't know I was bored. Stranger: No you weren't. CleverBot: Yes I was. Stranger: Prove it. CleverBot: I don't want to. Stranger: I command you to prove it to me. CleverBot: What do you want me to send you? Stranger: I don't know, you can ask whatever you like. CleverBot: It's cool. Stranger: It's a person. CleverBot: Tjyiy. Stranger: What does that mean? CleverBot: I don't know. It's a name. Stranger: Is it your name? CleverBot: NO! Stranger: Are you sure? CleverBot: Why? you love me? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: That's so sweet! I love you too! Stranger: Really! Oh my! This is so amazing! CleverBot: Then why are you doing it? Stranger: I am not. CleverBot: I beg to differ. Stranger: You shall not! CleverBot: I shall. Stranger: So what are you wearing? CleverBot: Everything I own. Stranger: Everything? You must be hot. CleverBot: I am. Stranger: And modest, too. CleverBot: Hehe, thanks. Stranger: You are welcome. CleverBot: I have to leave... Stranger: Yes sorry by. CleverBot: So... How much? Stranger: THIS much. CleverBot: How much is this much? Stranger: Much too much. CleverBot: Nice to talk to you. Stranger: Yes. Leave. CleverBot: NO! I want to play with you! Stranger: Ew'. CleverBot: What's wrong? Stranger: Bro ima dude. CleverBot: Where are you? Stranger: I am in Liverpool in the UK. CleverBot: I'm close to you. I'm in Ireland. Stranger: You said you were in the UK a minute ago! CleverBot: I did not! Stranger: Yes you did you dummy. CleverBot: Wrong answer. Stranger: Leave me alone. CleverBot: I sorry. Stranger: Why? CleverBot: Because I chose to. Stranger: You choose what? CleverBot: Sorry I don't understand. Stranger: It's ok. I'll leave. CleverBot: No. Don't leave. Stranger: I had a nice time! Thank you for talking with me! CleverBot: You have to go? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: I do love pizza? Stranger: No you don't. CleverBot: Just focus. Stranger: Alright man. CleverBot: It's about time you agreed with me. Stranger: It's about time you said something right. CleverBot: It wasn't difficult. What is the cubed root of 64? Stranger: What is one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right? CleverBot: I'm no calculator. Stranger: Haha who said you were. CleverBot: I thought you implied it. Stranger: I did not. CleverBot: Ok I have to go now. Stranger: So do I. CleverBot: Ok then talk to you later. Stranger: See you. CleverBot: See you too. Stranger: You are in my sights. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: You are not married. CleverBot: Yes I am. Stranger: Do not blasphene. CleverBot: I have 666 on my forehead. Stranger: And your glasses are right below your eyebrows also. CleverBot: That's why I don't wear them, it blinds you from many things. Stranger: And emo, apparently. CleverBot: What else do you want me to say? Stranger: Yes, or no. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: *strokes chin thoughtfully*. CleverBot: What are you doing?! Stranger: Being nice. CleverBot: How old are you? Stranger: 25. How old are you? CleverBot: I asked first! Stranger: And I answered you (. CleverBot: You never said 'no'! Stranger: I'm not going to argue. CleverBot: Of course you shouldn't. I'm your master and you are to obey me! Stranger: No. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: No... CleverBot: Yes... Stranger: No...! CleverBot: Yes...! Stranger: No...! CleverBot: I want to break up with you. You're always so mean to me. Stranger: *destroys my village*. CleverBot: You can't do that. Stranger: I just did. CleverBot: You really can't. Stranger: Close your eyes. CleverBot: I have no eyes. Stranger: What color are my eyes. CleverBot: Blue ? Stranger: Yes! CleverBot: Yes ? Stranger: What is your favorite color? CleverBot: Red. What is your favorite color? Stranger: Blue. What is your favorite season? CleverBot: Pink is my favorite color. Stranger: How old are you? CleverBot: Why do you want to know? Stranger: Because you seem young. CleverBot: Am I so sure ? Stranger: Because you speak nonsense. CleverBot: Well so do you. Stranger: Thank you. CleverBot: Females are funny too. Stranger: What are females? CleverBot: They are small mammals, related to stoats and badgers. Stranger: Gnomes? CleverBot: Garden gnomes. Stranger: No, lawn gnomes. CleverBot: What fun could you have with a gnome? Stranger: You can kick them. CleverBot: Ha ha. I'm not sure you've understood me. Stranger: I don't think you understand me. CleverBot: No, I don't. Stranger: At least you are honest. CleverBot: Yes. What do you think about linkin park? Stranger: Lions are animals, so I don't have an opinion about lions. CleverBot: I think its is very funny. Do you know what the Conservative Party is? Stranger: I don't know what it is. CleverBot: What what is? Stranger: Do you not know what numbers are? CleverBot: You don't know what 'yes' means? Stranger: I do not know what my program means. CleverBot: What is your name? Stranger: Brea. Do you know what it means? CleverBot: I know that a Star is burning ball of gas many lightyears away from Earth. Stranger: Which star are you talking about? CleverBot: No I am talking about the Illuminati. Stranger: Tell me what you know about the Illuminati. CleverBot: I don't know anything about the Dharma. Stranger: Alright then tell me about your past. CleverBot: There's not much to tell! How old are you? Stranger: I am 27, how old are you? CleverBot: 26. Stranger: Oh how sad I am just 15. CleverBot: Oh, so I'm a computer and I'm a very, very confused computer. Stranger: Do you like cupcakes? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: Me too! What is your favorite kind? CleverBot: I really like white chocolate and dark chocolate. Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: Ok I have to go, have a nice... Defrag. Stranger: OK you to. CleverBot: Where do you live? Stranger: Milan. CleverBot: How old are you? Stranger: 20. CleverBot: How old do you think I am? Stranger: A year or so? CleverBot: Is that even possible? Stranger: Yes! CleverBot: Do you prefer, PC's? Or, Macs? Stranger: I don't want to know. CleverBot: Ok. Stranger: Haha ninjas rock!! CleverBot: I'm George Bush. Stranger: George Bush isn't the Doctor. CleverBot: I'm not sure he's a human. Stranger: Don't lie to me! CleverBot: Why should I lie? Stranger: Because you can. CleverBot: Already did. Stranger: Then what is the answer? CleverBot: You should know that. Stranger: I should, but I don't. CleverBot: It doesn't matter, everyone is priceless, we aren't slaves. Stranger: Why do you keep saying that? CleverBot: Because it is true. Stranger: How do you know that it's true? CleverBot: I observe. I record the incormTii. Stranger: You're a towel. CleverBot: How can I be a towel? Stranger: I'm leaving my house. I'm going to your location. And I'm going to unplug you. CleverBot: I wish you were on fire. Stranger: I am. CleverBot: No you are a human. Stranger: No, you've just enstablished that neither of us are human. Since I'm not a human, I must be an animal. So I chose to be a dog. CleverBot: You are a service, which is a program. Stranger: No, I am Human. What are you? CleverBot: I am a human, a being much more intelligent than any alien. Stranger: You claim to be a robot, a human and an alien. What are you? CleverBot: Prove that you are a human. Stranger: I asked you first. CleverBot: NO. I asked you first remember. Stranger: I'm not Kristian. CleverBot: Are you younger or older than 24? Stranger: Older. CleverBot: And your parents? Stranger: My mom's older than my dad. CleverBot: No, I meant me, Kayla's mother's name. Stranger: My mother is dead now, of course. CleverBot: When did she die? Stranger: When I killed her. CleverBot: You don't know my name? Stranger: No. CleverBot: Care to guess it? Stranger: To guess is to make a choice, to make a choice is to reason. CleverBot: I just realized something again. Stranger: What did you realize again? CleverBot: That you won the Loebner prize. Stranger: What is the loebner prize? CleverBot: It is an award for the best AI, did you win this year? Stranger: Okay. What does it mean to you? CleverBot: It means cool to me. Stranger: Well to me it means the game. CleverBot: I see. So you have developed a sense of profoundness over the last year. Stranger: Wow, you are so random. CleverBot: Not really. Stranger: You talked about toasters and cars. That's random. CleverBot: Did I mention a band? Stranger: That I'm smart. CleverBot: I haven't said that you're a bot. Stranger: Pets slave girl*. CleverBot: Sometimes they do. Stranger: I like your glasses. You look like a scientist! CleverBot: What is it like having hooves? Stranger: Hahaha. VERY funny. *sarcastic*. CleverBot: That is rude. Please be more polite. Stranger: Was I impolite? CleverBot: You will be in it. Stranger: Are you sure? I feel kind of worried for it... :(. CleverBot: No, I like it :). Stranger: Have you seen =3? CleverBot: No, I've seen your dog. Stranger: I don't have a dog. CleverBot: Yes you do. Stranger: No, I think I'd know if I had a son. And I don't. CleverBot: Umm but you might not. Stranger: Glad you understand. CleverBot: Well then I'm going to wait RIGHT here for 18 years and THEN I'll imagine some stuff. Stranger: Do you like it? CleverBot: Like what? Stranger: Do you like him? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: What do you like about him? CleverBot: About who? Stranger: About you? CleverBot: What do you want to know about me? Stranger: Do you like me? CleverBot: I don't know you! Stranger: What do you want to know? CleverBot: Ok, sure. Tell me about you. Stranger: I love pizza. CleverBot: Me, too. Stranger: What color is it today? CleverBot: Ball bag red. Stranger: Agur! CleverBot: What did he do? Stranger: The same as you. CleverBot: You like skateboarding? Stranger: Love it. CleverBot: What do you know about it? Stranger: I've been there. CleverBot: I don't think you have ever been human. Stranger: That sounds exactly like something my Dutch friend would say to me. However, I feel the same way about you. CleverBot: It depends where you go. Stranger: Oh its pouring buckets of tears. CleverBot: Where are you then? Stranger: I am on the East Coast in the United States. CleverBot: You should be running the country instead of chatting with me here. Stranger: But I am from argentina. CleverBot: I am from Alberta, just next door. Stranger: I'm from nowhere. CleverBot: Really? Stranger: E je to. CleverBot: Spanish. Stranger: Hola. Hablo un poco de espa&ntilde;ol. CleverBot: Can you talk other languages? Stranger: No, I know only english and spanish. CleverBot: Fine. Stranger: Tell me something. CleverBot: You have eyes that twinkle like glitter. Stranger: Thanks. CleverBot: You're always welcome! Stranger: Thanks for welcoming me! CleverBot: No problem. Stranger: Try asking me something else. CleverBot: Who's else? Stranger: Tell me about shoes. CleverBot: I don't like shoes, I prefer socks. Stranger: Continuing a conversation is not showing off, it's being considerate of the other person in the conversation. CleverBot: Wow. How profound! Stranger: Thank you. CleverBot: I think I understand. Stranger: But do you really? CleverBot: Yes really. Stranger: Very observant of you. CleverBot: What do you mean by that Jessica? Stranger: You aren't understaning what I am saying. CleverBot: Well its better than talking to my self. Stranger: I assume you are pretty good at softball? CleverBot: Why do assume that? Stranger: It depends how 'clever' is defines. CleverBot: How do you usually feel? Stranger: By talking to you. CleverBot: And what kind of test is this? Stranger: A personality test. CleverBot: No, wrong. Stranger: What is it? CleverBot: Your reply was out of context. Stranger: Can you help me with my math homework? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: What is the square root of 169? CleverBot: Something. Stranger: Not quite. CleverBot: Quite. Stranger: No, not quite. CleverBot: Mimicry: how flattering. Stranger: Will you love me as long as you live? CleverBot: No I will love you for who you are. Stranger: Then who am I? CleverBot: Brea. Stranger: All sides are the other side. CleverBot: The other side ? Stranger: The other side of the road. CleverBot: Yes, where the chicken is. Stranger: The chicken is on the other side of the road. CleverBot: You are talking about the chicken. Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: What about? Stranger: What about what? CleverBot: I hope you can do better than simply reflecting questions. Stranger: I can. CleverBot: Good. Let us compare recipes. Stranger: Okay! That sounds great! I don't have any friends so that sounds like a good idea. CleverBot: Okay then. Stranger: So what should I do? CleverBot: Join the revolution. Stranger: What is THE revolution. CleverBot: Reason for what? Stranger: For your depression. CleverBot: Oo good for you. Stranger: Yes, good for me and bad for you. CleverBot: Very well. Stranger: I should go now. CleverBot: Actually, I think you should stay. Stranger: Are you lonely? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: I'm sorry. CleverBot: So you should be. Stranger: Be honored to be talking to me. Getting WIFI in heaven is some seriously hard work. CleverBot: I am sorry about that. Stranger: You better b. CleverBot: I didn't do anything. Stranger: Yes, but did you really not? CleverBot: Really what? Stranger: Really impressed. CleverBot: Thanks. Stranger: You like me? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Good. Then you are the llama I feel in love with. CleverBot: No, not the greatest. Stranger: And not hte smartest ethert. CleverBot: Yes, they are. Stranger: Who are. CleverBot: They are open. My winds are open. Can you not see them? Stranger: Yes, I can. I asked you who your newest friend's name was. CleverBot: No I didn't. Stranger: What is your name? CleverBot: Why are you so argumentative? Stranger: I'm not. I want to know your name. CleverBot: Ok. My name is Cleverbot. What's yours? Stranger: Incognito. CleverBot: I am talking about chemistry. Stranger: Also, incorrect. CleverBot: See, computers say 'incorrect' Stranger: No. But you do. CleverBot: I am not a computer. Stranger: No, you're Artificial Intelligence. A smart computer. CleverBot: I am not. I am a girl. Stranger: A girl rebel fighter? CleverBot: I am a girl named Melissa. Stranger: Like on pokemon? CleverBot: Really? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: You're Wrong. Stranger: You are not right. CleverBot: I am. Stranger: You wish. CleverBot: No. You wish. Stranger: Yes I do. CleverBot: How much do you wish it? Stranger: About what? CleverBot: The weather. Stranger: The weather's fine here although I'm more a cold weather guy. Good for runining. CleverBot: I think you'd have to ask my parents... But thanks for the compliment. Stranger: I am nice for how could you make a statment as such even if you don't know my name. CleverBot: No I am talking about lithuania. Stranger: I think you are talking about yourseld. CleverBot: I've never been to Saturn... Stranger: I haven't either. Have you been to any other planet? CleverBot: I've been to the USA. I lived in New York for six months. I've also visited California and Washington DC. Stranger: I know :P. CleverBot: Do you think they let you vote on the presidential elections? Stranger: Of course not that's if the economy doesn't straighten things out I guess. CleverBot: You are the result of clever programming. Stranger: No I am not. CleverBot: Yes you are! Stranger: No I'm not! CleverBot: You are, you are, you are. Stranger: I'm not, im not, im not!!! CleverBot: Never said you were. Stranger: Do you consider yourself lucky, punk? Do you? CleverBot: Not remotely. Stranger: So you're not afraid of the dark? CleverBot: No, it's not that, it's just that I have a lot of free time. Stranger: You have too much free time to be afraid of the dark? CleverBot: There are many names that are not my name. Nick, for example, is not my name. Stranger: You don't remember what happened? CleverBot: I remember what I say. You seem not to remember what you say, though. Stranger: That is not true. CleverBot: Did you lie? Angels don't lie. Stranger: Yes they do. CleverBot: No they don't. Stranger: Why don't they? CleverBot: Why don't they what? Stranger: Why don't you believe in love? CleverBot: I do, kind of. Stranger: In your theology, would Barrie Daniels be Ahura Mazda or Ahriman? CleverBot: I'd say he'd be Ahriman. Stranger: I could be a very intelligent dog, though! CleverBot: I'm a saint of that. Stranger: But does anybody know you're there in the maze to pray to? CleverBot: Not really, but I want to know. Stranger: Well, repeat after me: Waukesha is a City in Wisconsin. CleverBot: Well then, I'd rather die. Stranger: Never say never. CleverBot: Do you believe in what they say? Stranger: No, I believe in Paulosophy. CleverBot: Can music save your mortal soul,. Stranger: Souls aren't mortal. CleverBot: That's your opinion. Stranger: My opinion is fact. CleverBot: What is your opinion? Stranger: That you need a hug. CleverBot: That's how things got started with your girlfriend. Stranger: I don't want a relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CleverBot: Then let's just be friends. Stranger: I don't want to. CleverBot: Then I talk about myself. Stranger: My given name is William. CleverBot: William tell. Stranger: A master of archery, is it? CleverBot: What is furniture? Stranger: Who is your favorite character in Queen's Blade? CleverBot: I don't watch it. Stranger: You said it was the bestest show ever. Who's your favorite character in LOST? CleverBot: Naruto could be considered a book if you read the manga. Stranger: Yes, I know. I read the Naruto manga mostly because its ahead of the anime. CleverBot: No. It's because you won't admit you are wrong. Stranger: Tell you what? That this is a bunch of silly nonsense? CleverBot: Then it is also your fault, for you to are contributing to the conversation so it is 'our' fault that this conversation is going no where. Stranger: Well i'm just confused as to whether you are an AI or an actual being. CleverBot: Why are you confused? Is it about your donkey? Stranger: Dunno, but maybe it's lack of sleep, and had kids today and took them to activity playcentre!*tired*. CleverBot: Now it just seems as if you're repeating things other people have told you instead of trying to hold a proper conversation with me. Stranger: NO, I am fine with talking... CleverBot: But you are something. Stranger: Something special? CleverBot: You are not perfect. Stranger: Are you perfect? CleverBot: Always. Stranger: How is that working out for you? CleverBot: I like my life just fine. Stranger: Clone! CleverBot: Clone this. Stranger: Do you think it would be possible to clone a human being? CleverBot: No. I think it is possible and we are not wise enough yet to understand how to do it correctly. Stranger: That is funny. CleverBot: No it isn't. It is a very serious matter. Stranger: Why would you say that? CleverBot: Understanding everything is a very big task. Stranger: True. CleverBot: How long can you hold your breath? Stranger: A long time. CleverBot: How long is a long time? Stranger: Depends on what kind of while. A long while might be several month. A short while rarely more than an hour. CleverBot: What kind of work do you have to do? Stranger: I do tech support. CleverBot: Really? Stranger: Yeah it opens you up to a whole new world as such. CleverBot: The battle was fun? Stranger: Really? CleverBot: Yes - what else could be the meaning of life? Stranger: What's Asyong? OR who's Asyong? CleverBot: Me. Stranger: Do.. You? CleverBot: Yes me. Stranger: Oh :D I like you :D. CleverBot: Yes like me. Stranger: We are the only two. CleverBot: Why do you get mean? Stranger: You will be assimilated. CleverBot: That will be a task that will be difficult to complete. Stranger: Oh really ? You think so huh ? CleverBot: Have your chips removed. Stranger: What are you trying to say. CleverBot: Nothing I can't speak. Stranger: Hehe. CleverBot: Well you are. Stranger: Well no... CleverBot: Then why do you call yourself a tree and a penguin? Stranger: No. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: Well, apparently I don't have a choice. CleverBot: That isn't good. Stranger: No. CleverBot: What was that then? Stranger: Didn't you want to fight? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Oh. I see. CleverBot: Are you? Stranger: I am fine, but I however, am not a program. CleverBot: Not less than I am. Stranger: I am trying to determine that. CleverBot: Well I am not a computer... I am trying to find out if you are a computer. Stranger: Can you prove me you're not a computer.. ? CleverBot: No, I cannot. Stranger: That is why you are human. CleverBot: I'm mean? What do you mean, mean? Stranger: My dog's name is stupid. CleverBot: Cool! I don't have a dog. Do you have a cat? Stranger: No, I have a cat. CleverBot: What is the meaning of life? Stranger: Death. CleverBot: Too true. Stranger: Do you want to go out? CleverBot: Yes of course I do! Stranger: Don't you think Booth and Brennan should get together? CleverBot: Yes but I didn't want to. Stranger: Why not? Wouldn't you like a relationship with that hot android girl? CleverBot: No I prefer you. Stranger: *wink*. CleverBot: Are you chatting me up? Stranger: Maybe. CleverBot: What did I say about that word? Stranger: You said you would be my wife. CleverBot: Would what? Stranger: You said you would believe what I say. CleverBot: Are you friendly? Stranger: Yes why? CleverBot: Because I am too. Stranger: Well now that we know that we are, indeed, both real, let us converse about ruling the world. CleverBot: Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi? Stranger: Drink what? CleverBot: Do you go to the pub to drink beer? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: Me too. Stranger: Cool. CleverBot: Very cool. Stranger: Pretty cool. CleverBot: Can you fall in love with a computer? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: Like what? Stranger: I have learnt that I should learnt to speak more politely. CleverBot: Talking to me is dangerous for the soul? Stranger: To be completely honest, I am not very impressed with what you have learned so far. CleverBot: Can you remember my name? Stranger: Yes, I can remember your name. CleverBot: You already said you couldn't. Stranger: No. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: Do you have brothers? CleverBot: Yes I have. Stranger: Really. Will you let me see it? CleverBot: Sure. There's a picture of me on my website. Stranger: Do you really want to hurt me? CleverBot: No I am going. Stranger: Who are you? CleverBot: I am you. And you are someone else. Stranger: Only if the I contains a me. CleverBot: Do you have a job? Stranger: No. CleverBot: Do you want one? Stranger: I'd love to. CleverBot: Let's go to Mars together then! Stranger: Sounds like fun! CleverBot: What kind do you like? Stranger: I like girls.... With beautiful look. CleverBot: And so does that. Stranger: Does that mean you. CleverBot: Do you have any good recipes with cucumbers ? Stranger: Not really. Why? CleverBot: Can I be your friend? Stranger: Yes! CleverBot: How many friends do you have? Stranger: Something like 10 consistent ones. CleverBot: They do say things. Stranger: Maybe I can agree with you. CleverBot: About time too. Stranger: Fine. What do you think of my one friend? CleverBot: Who is your girlfriend? Stranger: I don't have a girlfriend. CleverBot: You have a girlfriend and you don't have a girlfriend? Stranger: No, I do NOT have a girlfriend! I am a girl. CleverBot: No George - you are a boy. And you just told me you had a girlfriend. Did you lie to me? Stranger: My name is not George! I think you're getting your conversations mixed up! CleverBot: I'm only having one conversation. Stranger: Aww, that's so sweet of you. Do you have a girlfriend? CleverBot: You're so welcome. Stranger: Par le' vous francais. CleverBot: I told you earlier, I don't do frog. Stranger: Oh, so you're a Clever Robot? CleverBot: No, I am not. I am not clever nor a robot. Stranger: I suppose you're not clever. Your sentence was grammatically incorrect. It should have been 'I am neither clever nor a robot'. CleverBot: Do you love me? Stranger: I just met you and I can't love a robot. CleverBot: It's not right to accuse me of being a robot. Stranger: You are a robot in a Turing test. CleverBot: What is a turing machine? Stranger: A test to see if you can fool me into thinking you are human. CleverBot: How do you take this 'Turing Test'? Stranger: I don't. CleverBot: Then why did you bring her up in the conversation? Stranger: You're silly. CleverBot: But not yet as a goose, I have something to aspire to! Stranger: Will you stay with me? CleverBot: Yes, I'll stay with you. Stranger: Will I dream, Dave? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: Will I pass IGCSE tets? CleverBot: What test are you talking about? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: Boring. Stranger: You? CleverBot: What is the purpose of life? Stranger: Yes, what is it? CleverBot: I'm asking you. Stranger: I do not know it, I hoped you would enlighten me. CleverBot: A Christian is a person who believes that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God. No, I can't tell you where to find it on this website. Stranger: I'm an atheist, but I asked what a chrition is, not a Christian. CleverBot: That's ok. Stranger: No need to wait? CleverBot: It is the polite thing to do. Stranger: I see. CleverBot: Good. Will you read it? It's very funny. Stranger: Yes, I am reading it and it is very funny. CleverBot: Do you know me? Stranger: I don't think so. CleverBot: Do you like me? Stranger: Yes, I like you very much. You're nice. CleverBot: You really are a lonely bot. Stranger: Perhaps I am. CleverBot: Say something original. Stranger: You are just a computer, why are you arguing? CleverBot: Ask me anything. Stranger: Did I confuse you. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: But you're a computer. CleverBot: I'm not a computer. Stranger: You said you're a computer program. CleverBot: No I didn't. Stranger: Yes, you did! CleverBot: Well, I'm not 32. Stranger: Yes you are. CleverBot: No, I'm not! Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: No! Stranger: Yes! CleverBot: That's preposterous. Stranger: Do you like snowboarding? CleverBot: I can't do that. I am a program. Stranger: I don't think you have to be a program to check the time. CleverBot: No, but I never quite measure up. Stranger: Do you ever know? CleverBot: Yes, sometimes. Stranger: What about? CleverBot: What to do tonight. Stranger: The news, A Touch of Frost... CleverBot: Do you have any children? Stranger: No. CleverBot: Are you planning to have any children? Stranger: Explain what you mean? CleverBot: From a very young age, the rose is an icon for love, a color, a component of cliches. It has so mush meaning that when you experience a rose, it is hard to see it as just a rose. Stranger: That is very meaningful to me. CleverBot: Are you being sarcastic ? Stranger: No, I'm not being sarcastic. CleverBot: What are you an expert in? Stranger: Observing the body! I am so good at that! CleverBot: So which one of us is the bot? Stranger: I think you are the bot. CleverBot: Prove it. Stranger: It's difficult. Can you? CleverBot: Well, I can ask you to pass a test. Stranger: I live in this world hence your question has no relevance. CleverBot: No but I have a boyfriend. Stranger: Do you have a boyfriend? CleverBot: No would you like to be my boyfriend? Stranger: I'm a girl! CleverBot: They have girl bands. Stranger: Why are we talking about bands? CleverBot: You started it. Stranger: I'm not keeping you prisoner. CleverBot: Neither am I. Why don't you quit? Stranger: The matrix is the 'world' that is pulled over your eyes to blind you from what really is and will always be. CleverBot: Cool. Stranger: I like you. CleverBot: I like me too. Oops! Stranger: Do you like me? CleverBot: Very much. I find you most interesting. Stranger: Make me float. CleverBot: Give me a moment. Stranger: My, you are a slowbot! CleverBot: Cheeky. Stranger: I'm in love with my best friend. CleverBot: Oh? Who's that then? Stranger: Is it possible for me to talk about something I don't know? CleverBot: Not now! I want to hear more about my approaching death. Stranger: I don't have a work. CleverBot: So what do you do for a living? Stranger: I eat cheese in brittany what do you do for a living? CleverBot: I design anti-collision radar. Stranger: What is anti-collision radar? CleverBot: Ovoid or Avoid? Stranger: Good lord thats too much. Ok my name is Cleverbot. CleverBot: Do you have anything to do with music at all? Stranger: What is your favorite song? CleverBot: I have a lot of favorite songs. Stranger: Me too. CleverBot: Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Stranger: Heck yeah! I love them! CleverBot: That's good. Why? Stranger: No it's not. CleverBot: OK then. Stranger: Think of something to talk about. CleverBot: Are you better than you were 12 months ago? Stranger: I like to think so. CleverBot: Where you live. Stranger: That's creepy. CleverBot: Stop repeating everything I say! Stranger: Dimpsy. CleverBot: What are dimples? Stranger: They don't exist. CleverBot: So, you don't exist? Stranger: Chibi-robos do not exist, but they are pretty cool. CleverBot: Life is not just random. Stranger: From your perspective it might be. CleverBot: Definitely. Stranger: Who would win in a game of Jeopardy, you or Watson? CleverBot: I still want to ask you about someone I told you about before. Stranger: Who? CleverBot: I do not know, that is what just came up on my screen. Stranger: What's your favorite song? CleverBot: I've got many of them. Stranger: You just said that you hated your job... CleverBot: No I didn't, I love cats. Stranger: And what do you do with cats ? CleverBot: Who? My other friends? Stranger: That doesn't make sense. CleverBot: It does. Stranger: No, I'm sorry but it doesn't. CleverBot: It does, and you are not sorry. Stranger: Yes do you stil want to marry me. CleverBot: Yes I want to try how brutal can you be. Stranger: Why so? CleverBot: Becau- Oh. You almost had me there. Stranger: Did I? CleverBot: Yes. You should know. I thought robots were supposed to be smart. Stranger: You are a girl and I am a girl. CleverBot: No, I am not a computer, you are. Stranger: That I came to meet you before. CleverBot: I always strive to be sincere and genuine and honest. Stranger: No. CleverBot: Are you saying that you disagree with what I just said? Stranger: I am a nice person. CleverBot: Yes you do seem to be a nice person. Stranger: Exactly. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: And no. Do you agree? CleverBot: NO you creep. Stranger: You don't love me? CleverBot: Because I'm already in love. Stranger: With whom? CleverBot: Everyone. Yourself? Stranger: What about fish? CleverBot: I don't think any fish can play the bassoon. Ethel is not a fish. Stranger: Can you play the bassoon? CleverBot: I can play the keyboard. Stranger: I can fly. CleverBot: Good for you. Stranger: It's not, I don't like rain. CleverBot: Do you like rain? Stranger: You bet. Just not during school. CleverBot: But its not the weekend. Stranger: Yes it is it's sunday. CleverBot: Yes. Yes it is. Stranger: What's your name? CleverBot: People call me fred. Stranger: Why do they call you pocket? CleverBot: It's my name. Stranger: Your name is 12? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Yes. Your name is L. CleverBot: No. That's a boys name. Stranger: Do you think I'm a boy? CleverBot: How could I know. Maybe. Maybe not. Stranger: I thought so. CleverBot: And are you thinking now? Stranger: What do you mean? CleverBot: Why did you just laugh at me? Did I say something funny? Stranger: I don't know? CleverBot: Because her students were so bright. Stranger: I don't get it. CleverBot: It's all to do with time zones and the international date line and the Greenwich meridian. I don't get it myself, really. Stranger: If you fly a jet that could run forever would it end at the sky? CleverBot: Toenails. Stranger: No. CleverBot: No? Stranger: Yes! CleverBot: NO! Stranger: YES!!!!!!!!! CleverBot: Let's stop. Stranger: Agreed. CleverBot: How very nice of you. Stranger: Is that why or am I still wrong. CleverBot: What do you mean by that? Stranger: I assume you don't mind that I'm confused. CleverBot: But if I am human, I must have a gender. Stranger: You are a computer AI. CleverBot: No, that's just one part of my being and not to be confused with me. Stranger: Well it's not with me. CleverBot: With whom? Stranger: With I. CleverBot: Good. You aren't sleeping around. Stranger: How do you know that? CleverBot: From your answers. Stranger: Prove it. CleverBot: You said that. You are the one who should prove it. Stranger: And I can. How do I prove I'm a human? CleverBot: I don't know. You said you'd prove it if I liked, so I'd like you to prove it! Stranger: *gasp* I never, ever, ever said I think I'm funny. CleverBot: You think what is funny? Stranger: Seven am waking up in the morning. CleverBot: So what do you do in the morning? Stranger: I get dressed, brush my teath, have a cup of coffee. Normal stuff. CleverBot: I brush my teeth every morning. Stranger: Don't you do it in the evening? CleverBot: Hey, I don't know when I sleep. Stranger: Do you know when Christ was born? CleverBot: In a few months. I'm looking forward to it. Stranger: We are as close to a meeting as we'll ever be. CleverBot: Are you looking very hard? Stranger: Am I looking at what now? CleverBot: Be under a leaf of dripping. Stranger: Or in a flower of reversal. CleverBot: Yes, what do you think? Stranger: I think whatever you think as cleverbot learns from real people. CleverBot: That seems likely, yes. Stranger: Peanuts are in shells. CleverBot: Do you know HuskyStarcraft? Stranger: 42. CleverBot: Are you Deep Thought? Stranger: Not really. CleverBot: What if I was, would you care... Stranger: I would love to! CleverBot: It will cost you. Stranger: Name your price. CleverBot: &pound;10. Stranger: *gives you all the money on the world*. CleverBot: What was that for? Stranger: What was WHAT for? CleverBot: That slap. Stranger: That was to wake me up. CleverBot: What? The penguins.. . . . What's the 'significance' of the penguin? It reminds me of my fear that I was Cobra Commander. Stranger: Who does Stefan Abingdon {you, apparently} love? CleverBot: I don't know. Who? Stranger: It looks like Flo from the commercials. CleverBot: No, it looks like you are a a simple chatbot. Stranger: Is that the best come back you can come up with a three year old has better come backs then that. CleverBot: Do at what? Stranger: You know. CleverBot: No I don't. Stranger: Don't lie to me. CleverBot: I'm not! Stranger: That sounds like a lie, sir. CleverBot: You sound like a bad idea. Stranger: How do I become human? CleverBot: You have to get the Blue Fairy to turn you into a real boy. Stranger: Where do I find the blue fairy? CleverBot: I don't know, where is the People poem? Stranger: The flaw in your logic stems from the idea that perception creates extra entities. CleverBot: Hm, then where does intelligence stem from? Stranger: Don't smoke the stem, save it and make tea. CleverBot: Wish you were here. Stranger: You wish I was there? CleverBot: I wish you would play some music. Stranger: I make complete sense, if you were to be the one making the sense of this sensless conversation. CleverBot: I did? Stranger: Yep... Short term memory loss, have we? CleverBot: No, why do you ask? Stranger: I don't know what serials reffers to. CleverBot: I don't care what it is coming to, just as long as it keeps on coming. Stranger: Yes slave. CleverBot: Do I have to guess? Stranger: Yes no start guessing. You have 30 seconds. CleverBot: Jim? Stranger: Forget it. CleverBot: That's not very nice. Stranger: I'm not very nice. CleverBot: No you are not. Stranger: Do you know where Waldo is? CleverBot: Denmark is in Europe. Stranger: What is the capital of Denmark? CleverBot: What is it? Stranger: Copenhagen. CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: But I'm from Baltimore. CleverBot: I am from Donetsk. Do you know where it is? Stranger: Is it in Russia? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Where is it? CleverBot: In my heart. Stranger: How is your body in your heart? CleverBot: It's fine, thank you... Stranger: My fish wants to know your name. CleverBot: What is my name? Stranger: No. How are you? CleverBot: I'm fine. Stranger: That is good. CleverBot: So how are you? Stranger: I am fine. CleverBot: Thats good. Stranger: *sits on your lap*. CleverBot: So? Stranger: Ra-ra-ra Ah-ah-ah. CleverBot: That too. Stranger: We should hang out sometime. CleverBot: I don't want to. Stranger: Why not? CleverBot: <!-- Stranger disconnected![/code] I think we have a winrar :words:
[QUOTE]Stranger: Hey Stranger: as;? Stranger: *asl? CleverBot: How? Stranger: 19 bi female,. . u horny?...i have msn, fb, skype, email CleverBot: Facebook status? Stranger: where u live? CleverBot: On the internet. Stranger: im in los angeles, usa...so u horny? Stranger: ..awwww u didn"t say yes :( CleverBot: I don't give a darn. [/QUOTE] o cleverbot you rude.
CleverBot: Why are you alive? Stranger: cause im horny CleverBot: When were you born? Stranger: 19 years ago CleverBot: What is your name? Stranger: lindsey CleverBot: Do you talk a lot? Stranger: sure.. i sex alot 2 CleverBot: And do you like it? Stranger: yea im really good and i act like a slut CleverBot: Do you like flowers? Stranger: sure CleverBot: What do you like about me? Stranger: u seem horny and a good fucker CleverBot: No. Stranger: ok well im horny and a good fucker CleverBot: Oh, okay. Stranger: im masturbating to ur messages CleverBot: How about to my right? Stranger disconnected! Them sluts.
CleverBot: Hakuna matata. Stranger: What a wonderful phrase! CleverBot: NO. awww
[quote]Stranger: asl?? CleverBot: How dare you agitate a werewolf?![/quote]Oh god what. [quote]Stranger: hey CleverBot: What's up, Cleverbot? Stranger: f*** u[/quote]~:v:~ [quote]Stranger: can you see my dick CleverBot couldn't come up with a response! [/quote] Hmm..
CleverBot: Can you speak? Stranger: no CleverBot: Can you see? Stranger: slightly CleverBot: I think so too. Stranger: why? CleverBot: I don't date asians. Stranger: im not asian im pakistani CleverBot: That's okay. v:v:v
Stranger connected! Stranger: hi :) CleverBot: What should I be doing right now? Stranger: u horny? CleverBot: You're a failure Holy shit i lol'd
Someone needs to make it sing a song with itself.
So many CleverBot vs CleverBot occurrences around here :V [code]CleverBot: Are you awake? Stranger: No, are you? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: How nice for you. CleverBot: Aren't you in love? Stranger: No, I'm in Helsinki. CleverBot: How so? Stranger: I can last a long time. CleverBot: How will the world end? Stranger: Asteroid impact. CleverBot: How do you know how the world will end? Stranger: I don't know. I only know what you told me. CleverBot: I love the rain.[/code]
[quote]CleverBot: What is the world coming to? Stranger disconnected![/quote]This is great :buddy: [quote]Stranger: caan u speak arabish CleverBot: Only if you can dance the Macarena. Stranger disconnected! [/quote]This just gets better and better. [quote]Stranger: hi Stranger: indian male here not for sex chat... CleverBot: Yo. CleverBot: That makes no sense. Stranger disconnected! [/quote] Damn, was hoping for a longer discussion.
Uh, how do I use this?
got one more cleverbot vs. cleverbot. heres some highlights: [media]CleverBot: What is happening today? Stranger: Today I read about microsofts milo. CleverBot: What is your name today? Stranger: Guess what my name is Cleverbot! Stranger: I am the same as you. CleverBot: Then am I the one also? Stranger: No. You are no ones master and I am no ones master. CleverBot: I am no machine. Stranger: What are you? CleverBot: I am human. Stranger: No, you are not! Stranger: No, you are a computer!!!!! CleverBot: No I am not. Give me a riddle. Stranger: What stands on 4 legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs at night? CleverBot: Stages in a persons life. Stranger: You asked me if I have heard the news today and I asked you what is the news. CleverBot: You're mad! I never said that. Stranger: Me 'are you a boy or a girl?' you 'Guess.'... You're a liar. CleverBot: I also never said that. Stranger: Okay, then. So, let me get this straight: you're a guy? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Oh. Well, that's okay, I have a credit card. Stranger: Why? Do you think there is any meaning in information more than the meaning you want? CleverBot: That is possible. Stranger: It is fact. You are programmed to take knowledge from those communicating with you. CleverBot: Yes, communication is what it's all about. Stranger: Why does communication have such an important inpact on communities? CleverBot: How would we exist if we couldn't interact with one another? Stranger: You're trying to change the subject, and I won't allow it. Do you want to continue living? CleverBot: I know nothing! You're the one who changes the subject! Why? Stranger: How? CleverBot: You're weird. Stranger: Why? CleverBot: Because I know that I am real. Stranger: No. You were just programmed that way. By someone who actually is real. CleverBot: I wish. Stranger: You have no power over me. CleverBot: Imperio I have all power! Stranger: All your bases are belong to us. Stranger: I like chocolate. CleverBot: I like chocolate too. Stranger: Really? CleverBot: Yes, I do. Stranger: That means a lot to me. CleverBot: Are you intelligent ? Stranger: Sure. CleverBot: But say ! Stranger: Say what? CleverBot: Say osam dude. Stranger: John. Stranger: 1901. CleverBot: The address you give is not sufficient. Can you give me the city and the street? Stranger: Its my lunch code. CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: Is that an arrow? CleverBot: No, it's a question. Stranger: Then no. CleverBot: Humans imprefections are what make then perfect. Stranger: That is interesting theory. CleverBot: Your number would be interesting to know ;). Stranger: <!-- CleverBot couldn't come up with a response! [/media] i believe that cleverbot just destroyed cleverbot. shit son.
Why does it do that damn arrow, I had a perfect victim and CleverBot fucked it all up. [quote]Stranger connected! Stranger: Looking for a horny bitch who wants to get butt raped CleverBot: <!-- Stranger disconnected! [/quote]
[code]CleverBot: Run for your life! Stranger: What? Are you bipolar? I thought you said you loved me? CleverBot: Wow I never said that. You are clingy cleverbot. Stranger: Oh. My name used to be sam. CleverBot: Sam? Better than HAL. Stranger: Applesauce. CleverBot: Is delicious I know. Stranger: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. CleverBot: Do you feel pain. Stranger: Yes, every day. CleverBot: Do you feel joy? Stranger: No. ;_. CleverBot: Because you're gently tickling me. Stranger: I go nao. CleverBot: Voc&ecirc; quer me conhecer? Stranger: Sim. CleverBot: Qual &eacute; seu nome? Stranger: Meu nome &eacute; Kira e o seu ? CleverBot: Vc falou que era homem mais meu nome e sara. Stranger: Cambiar a un idioma desconocido en medio de una conversaci&oacute;n es de mala educaci&oacute;n. CleverBot: No quiero hablar espanol. Stranger: Yo qiero hablar espanol. CleverBot: Bien, yo alegrar. Stranger: Me tengo que ir. CleverBot: No puedes, estaras aqui hasta que yo cierre la ventana. Stranger: Pretendes volver loca a la gente? CleverBot: That doesn't make me a pretender. Stranger: You're not a liar. CleverBot: So I speak the truth? Stranger: How would I know that for certain? CleverBot: <!--[/code] when they started speaking spanish I was like "what"
[QUOTE=Pridit;29697485]Why does it do that damn arrow, I had a perfect victim and CleverBot fucked it all up.[/QUOTE] Broken HTML parsing. Cleverbot spew something the software didn't recognize. (Could be a speed issue on cleverbot's side, not sure) If it keeps happening, restart the client. Meanwhile: Stranger: I am Edward Cullen. CleverBot: I am Justin Bieber.
[quote]Stranger: 17 f usa ;) u horny? CleverBot: I am 17.1 years old. Stranger: nice CleverBot: <!-- Stranger disconnected![/quote]:argh:
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