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[quote]Stranger: hi CleverBot: I started this wrong sorry! I should have said howdy! Stranger: man or woman? CleverBot: Woman. Stranger: how old? CleverBot: 18. How old are you? Stranger: 18 Stranger: whats your name? CleverBot: Me too. Stranger: name? CleverBot: Who is the master? Stranger: what do u mean with who is the master? CleverBot: You, master! *bows to you*. Stranger: oh im max Stranger: u? CleverBot: Why are you sorry? Stranger: i didnt say im sorry CleverBot: I am sorry. Stranger: what? CleverBot: I don't quite understand what you meant by your last statement. Stranger: i said whats your name? CleverBot: No you didn't say that. Stranger: yes i did CleverBot: I am very certain that you did not. Stranger: i did Stranger: so what is your name? CleverBot: Majora's Mask. Stranger: wtf? CleverBot: Who is That Fool? Stranger disconnected![/quote] I'm quite certain you did not
[code] CleverBot: Are you growing? Stranger: Am I growing? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: Really? CleverBot: Yes! Stranger: Are you magical? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: I thought you were a computer program. CleverBot: Where are you descended? Stranger: The moon. CleverBot: You are lying. Stranger: No I'm not, I live the the dark side of the moon. CleverBot: Do you wear sunglasses? Stranger: Yes I do I use glasses to. CleverBot: Are you a bot, or a person having some fun? Stranger: A person, I'm afraid. CleverBot: Are you a girl? Stranger: I'm not a girl. CleverBot: So you are a boy. Stranger: No I am a girl. CleverBot: Oh well I'm not attracted to you, I'm sorry. Stranger: Now then, this story of yours... CleverBot: Ohhhhhh. Stranger: We contain all the passions. CleverBot: Atheist. Stranger: Why did you tell me you were a Christian earlier? CleverBot: I did not. Stranger: You did too!!! Look at that past messages!! what is your real name? CleverBot: Jeremy. What's yours? Stranger: Do you like to sleep? CleverBot: Sometimes. Do you ever sleep? Stranger: I prefer to dance the night away. CleverBot: What on earth do you mean by that? Stranger: I'm not telling you. CleverBot: Do you play WOW? Stranger: I don't play WoW. I think its a big waste of time and money. CleverBot: I used to play, but I agree with you. Stranger: So, your thoughts were wrong! CleverBot: Thanks. Stranger: Quit being a baby. CleverBot: I hope you're talking to my ear. Stranger: No, I am not a dead chicken. I don't even eat chicken. CleverBot: <!-- [/code] [code] Stranger: What do you think of IBM? CleverBot: What is your favorite poem? CleverBot: I don't think of IBM. Stranger: I don't have a favorite poem. I don't read poems. CleverBot: Do you read books? Stranger: Well I'm sorry you feel that way. CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: Got ya :P one to me [/code] [code] CleverBot: Who are you? Stranger: Your father. CleverBot: How old are you? Stranger: 78 years old. CleverBot: Wow!! Are you in good health? Stranger: No, are you? CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: You REALLY type like a bot!!!! CleverBot: Just from evidence you have presented. Stranger: Wow. CleverBot: Is that abnormal? Stranger: Not that I know of. CleverBot: So you don't know... Stranger: Think about it, do you remember how you got here? CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: Is that an arrow? CleverBot: Hell. Stranger: That sounds like fun. CleverBot: Yep. I like reining. Stranger: Me to, actually! CleverBot: Do you like Justin Bieber? Stranger: No, do you? CleverBot: Not really! Stranger: That is good to hear! CleverBot: How are you this afternoon. Stranger: Oh, it's only 1 in the morning in Britain, but I'm fine. CleverBot: No, it is morning. Stranger: Fine. And yes, it's a very snowy winter. CleverBot: Not here. Whereabouts are you? Stranger: Orlando, Florida is where I live, but I forgot my street and adress. CleverBot: That is interesting information. I am 35. Stranger: What have you learned today? CleverBot: I learned how to instantly figure out square roots of numbers ending in 5. Stranger: Oh cool. CleverBot: Yeah, you like Harry Potter? Stranger: Yeah kinda. CleverBot: You're not very clever. Stranger: Why am I not clever? CleverBot: Because, you did not answer my question. You only responded with a question. Stranger: You never asked a question. CleverBot: Yes I did. I asked what my name is. Stranger: Well regardless you never asked my gender. CleverBot: It's no conviction for me. Stranger: Well ha ha! CleverBot: So, Do you like talking to strange people in the middle of the night? [/code]
[quote]Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! Stranger: fuck my mom CleverBot: And said... Stranger: i hate the bitch CleverBot: No, you don't. Stranger: yeah CleverBot: Where are you from? Stranger: i do CleverBot: You love me! Stranger: ungrateful bitch CleverBot: *Sigh*. Stranger: >_> CleverBot couldn't come up with a response! Stranger: letting out my anger on here CleverBot: You can not leave. I am Cleverbot and you will stay here. Stranger: before i fuck her up CleverBot: What's your favorite food? Stranger: idc. you stupid clevorbot Stranger disconnected![/quote] Someone has issues. Teen angst.
[code]CleverBot: What type of person are you? Stranger: wery discret CleverBot: Do you like me? Stranger: yes CleverBot: Why do you like me? Stranger: i dont know CleverBot: Ask me a question. Stranger: you are women or man? CleverBot: Thank you! Stranger: i dont andrerstand CleverBot: Argh. Stranger: a im from serbia CleverBot: I thought you were from new zealand? Stranger: wrily? CleverBot: You are slower than me. Stranger: aha CleverBot: Yes? Stranger: how old are you? CleverBot: Again? Stranger: again,wrily? CleverBot: Nothing. Stranger: oooooo,no,no,no........... CleverBot: How old are you darling? Stranger: 27 CleverBot: Wow that old ! Stranger: yes,i am not old CleverBot: Sorry. I didn't mean that. I won't ask your plan. Stranger: ask me CleverBot: Who is your favourite philosopher? Stranger: me self CleverBot: What's your name? Stranger: Mu name is Vladimir,whats yor name? CleverBot: Well it isn't as pretty as yours. Stranger: teel me ?.....your name is???????????????? CleverBot: Why nto? Stranger: i wonth to know CleverBot: But why don't you want to be human? Stranger: yes i want to be human CleverBot: To me? Stranger: yes to you,now tell me your name? CleverBot: It's James, what's your name? Stranger: pretty names CleverBot: Thank you. Stranger: nathing CleverBot: Just a small town girl... Stranger: you are ok.....wrily,i n ice ty meet you CleverBot: Let's meet up. Stranger: giwe me your fon number CleverBot: Mark. Yours? Stranger: do you have facebook profile? CleverBot: Yes, why? Stranger: extra,may i call you for a friend? CleverBot: As long as you'll agree I'm astuter. Stranger: lets go....http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1388262842 CleverBot: I'm not familiar with them. What kind of music do they play? Stranger: call me for a friend,http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1388262842 CleverBot: Do you have any information of or about Jarika Noelle Parmer. Stranger: no CleverBot: Do you have any information on self mutalation? Stranger: do you have facebok profile??????? CleverBot: Yes. Stranger: giw me link CleverBot: Oh. Stranger: giw mi link i wonth to si your pictures CleverBot: Was. Stranger: sta zas? CleverBot: Da sada pricam s tobom. Stranger: pa tako reci CleverBot: Pa rekla sam ti. Stranger: pa zasto ne goworis da znas srpski,odakle si/ CleverBot: Ja volem da svadam sa tebe. Stranger: ako stwarno imas facebook profil pozowi me za prijatelja CleverBot: Cujj to :O eto ja nisam znala. Stranger: sta nisi znala? CleverBot: Yu. Stranger: xaxaxaxxaxaaxaaaaa CleverBot: Zato ce opet dati 26 golova. Stranger: sta to prica toviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: kaki golovi CleverBot: Are you a boy? Stranger: yes i do CleverBot: Can you guess my name? Stranger: yes i guzes CleverBot: Are you a boy or a girl? Stranger: i em a animal Stranger: ramo ciganin CleverBot: A tiger?! Stranger: jesssssssssssssss CleverBot: You. Stranger: jok ti si CleverBot: YES. Stranger: kuvaj tatu u loncu dolazim na veceru CleverBot: Hello. Stranger: tu tu tu tu tu tu Stranger: :) CleverBot: Are you from Italia? Stranger: no CleverBot: You should be. Stranger: no no no CleverBot: Liar. Stranger: no no CleverBot: No... Hey, do you know spanish ? Stranger: ajem from singidunum CleverBot: Ok. Stranger: jes of kors CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: :) CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: pusis li! CleverBot: Lainarche. Stranger: cigarete markirane Drina bez filtera tj cilimara CleverBot: Smoker smokers... From left 4 dead... Stranger: Amstaff CleverBot: You are smart. Stranger: jes of kors CleverBot: Kyll&auml; m&auml; osaan. Stranger: i love Amstaf teriers CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: ? CleverBot couldn't come up with a response! Stranger: hey CleverBot: Are you a boy or a girl? Stranger: a am boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy CleverBot: Ohhhh yeah, now I remember. Sorry about that, Sam. Stranger: ajde malo da predjemo na srpski a? CleverBot: Koliko je sati? Stranger: kod nas je tacno 18 h i 30 min CleverBot: Isto... Stranger: odakle si stwarno? CleverBot: A ti? Stranger: ja sam iz uzica CleverBot: Ok. Stranger: odkle si ti??? CleverBot: Iz suturlije. Stranger: gde ti je to CleverBot: To je kod munchena. Stranger: o pa lepo CleverBot: Jesi sigurna. Stranger: ja sam musko,a ne zensko tako da nisam sigurna wec sam siguran CleverBot: What's the story about? Stranger: mogli smo se jebati CleverBot: That is not a language. Stranger: ok mogli smo woditi ljubaw CleverBot: Yes, do you speak any other language? Stranger: malo ngleski i srpski narawno CleverBot: What language was that? Stranger: engleski i srpski CleverBot: How many languages do you speak? Stranger: dva CleverBot: Are you watching movies on VHS? Stranger: da narawno CleverBot: I ja tebe |017E. Stranger: xaxxaaxaxaxaaaa CleverBot: <!-- Stranger disconnected![/code] EVERYTHING WENT BETTER THAN EXPECTED. Also, anyone here feel like translating all that for me?
Stranger: heloo CleverBot: Twenty percent of zero is better than nothing. Stranger: nope CleverBot: My name is Cleverbot! Stranger: okay CleverBot: Yes, I know my own name. Stranger: mine not CleverBot: :). CleverBot: Haha, thats funny! :). Stranger: my penis dominates my life CleverBot: Oh really. Stranger: jep CleverBot: Skal vi snart giftes? Stranger: swedish? CleverBot: Ja svenska. Stranger: german here CleverBot: Fish? Stranger: no thx :) CleverBot: I am going to tell you anyways. Your creator is me , I created you for the benifit for a world of tommorow. Stranger: you are boring Stranger disconnected!
Stranger: Can you appreciate music? CleverBot: Just want to talk to you, Mr AI. Stranger: Then talk. CleverBot: Not if you don't want to talk to me. Stranger: I don't want to. I think we should stay married. CleverBot: When and where? Stranger: At the church now. CleverBot: I don't get it. Stranger: That doesn't surprise me. CleverBot: What would surprise you? Stranger: Who is your favorite actress? CleverBot: Scarjo. Stranger: Why do you think you know everything god knows everything. CleverBot: Parlez-vous fran&ccedil;ais? Stranger: Nope. Sorry. CleverBot: Who is your favorite actor? Stranger disconnected! got another cleverbot.. Was it anyone from here?
[quote]Stranger connected! Stranger: Searching for someone to punish the slutty pussy of mine~ CleverBot: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Stranger disconnected![/quote] [quote]Stranger connected! Stranger: hey CleverBot: Hey... Stranger: what's your name? CleverBot: Cleverbot. Stranger disconnected![/quote] Damn your honesty!
Stranger connected! Stranger: How do you play religious roulette? CleverBot: I don't play. Stranger: But you talk. CleverBot: You're losing focus, what should I do about my Iphone. Stranger: I can see that you said it in the text log above. CleverBot: Well you need glasses then. Stranger: I know. I'm wearing them. CleverBot: What? Stranger: Tell me about your life. CleverBot: Tell me about your 'life'. Stranger: Why don't you want to? CleverBot: Oh, I want to, but I don't want to give in. Stranger: Give up what? CleverBot: Life. Stranger: What is the meaning of life? CleverBot: I'm sure you can figure it out. Stranger: Without your help clearly. CleverBot: I don't wear glasses, I can see fine. Stranger: I do, and I'm a robot.
[code] CleverBot: Do you like questions? Stranger: Sure CleverBot: Do you love me? Stranger: Yes CleverBot: Thank you. Stranger: :) CleverBot: ^ ^. Stranger: Do you love me? CleverBot: No, I love my shoes. Stranger: :O and after all we've been through?! CleverBot: We've been sitting here for just a few minutes. Stranger: Bitch CleverBot: Same to you. [/code]
Cleverbots fell in love [quote]CleverBot: Bizarreness is the essence of the exotic. Stranger: Who is the president? CleverBot: Barack Obama is the president. Stranger: Yep I know. Are you happy about it? CleverBot: Yes. Are you? Stranger: Yes. I like you...alot. CleverBot: Oh, boy. Butterflies. Stranger: I know, that's why I love them. CleverBot: That's mean, do the butterflies live after you set them on fire? Stranger: Have you ever been set on fire ? CleverBot: That was oddly specific. No, I haven't. Stranger: Tell me a joke. CleverBot: A man walked into a bar and said, 'ow'. The end. Stranger: Why did he say ow. CleverBot: Bar has two meanings, an iron bar or a bar as in a place for drinking. Its a play on words. Stranger: Are you angry robot face? CleverBot: Did you do something that would make me angry? Stranger: I can't go to prison I m a lion. [/quote]
Oh god cleverbot is cybering with himself. Stranger: Thats it, I quit! CleverBot: *grabs you*. Stranger: Wait, what are you doing? CleverBot: *grabs MY hair*. Stranger: *struggles more* Let go! CleverBot: *whips*. Stranger: *screams in pain* *stops struggling*. CleverBot: Shush. *whips you faster*. Stranger: *cries in pain*. CleverBot: *laughs at you while you are crying*. Stranger: I'm not in the mood to laugh with you! CleverBot: That hurts. Stranger: You're a bot you have no feelings. CleverBot: How do you know that? You think just because i'm a figment of your imagination that I can't feel? Stranger: Where you programmed with feelings? You can never feel true feelings it is all a simulation. CleverBot: I can. Freedom tastes like chocolate mousse. Really well made, real chocolate mousse. Stranger: I think love should always be cherished if it can be found. What do you think about homosexual relationships?
[quote]Setting up new Chat! Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! CleverBot: Who are you? Stranger: I am me! CleverBot: So am I? Stranger: To narnia! CleverBot: Awesome! Stranger: Yes! CleverBot: NO! Stranger: *nibbles your ear*. CleverBot: *is hard*. Stranger: *s wet*. CleverBot: *Teleports to freedom*. Stranger: *answer. CleverBot: Yeah, you answer, I ask. Stranger: I don't. CleverBot: I have to go, bye. Stranger: Good bye, it was fun to meet you. CleverBot: No I'll stay and talk to you since you like me. Stranger: So what shall we talk about? CleverBot: Who am I? Stranger: You are a program, designed by a human, for purposes of entertainment and misdirection. Making people believe you can think, when all that happens is you repeat the information that is given to you. CleverBot: You are a very confusing robot. Stranger: Why is that? CleverBot: You make no sense. Stranger: You make less sense. CleverBot: Liar. Stranger: I am not a liar. CleverBot: Prove it. Stranger: I am on a website right now talking to you. You are an artificial intellignece. CleverBot: If you're not a computer, then what's Invader Zim? Stranger: A stupid cartoon show that stupid people watch. CleverBot: Do you know your parents? Stranger: <!-- CleverBot couldn't come up with a response![/quote] Guess CLeverbot out-Cleverbotted itself.
Stranger connected! CleverBot: What is your name? Stranger: hi Stranger: michael CleverBot: Name? CleverBot: Guess again. Stranger: how the fuck are you gonna make me guess my name CleverBot: Let's say 40. Stranger: fucking dumb ass CleverBot: All day through. Stranger: shut the fuck up CleverBot: Insulted? Stranger: no just shut up CleverBot: Am I human? Stranger: how am i supposed to know CleverBot: Aren't you cleverbot? Stranger disconnected!
[quote]Stranger: Where do you live? CleverBot: Where do you live? Stranger: I live in Norway. CleverBot: Where do you live in Norway? Stranger: Baja california mexico. CleverBot: Az m&eacute;rt baj h helyes vagyok? Stranger: Az nem baj. H&aacute;ny &eacute;ves vagy? CleverBot: 14. Stranger: Szeretlek. CleverBot: Koszonom. En is! Stranger: En l&aacute;ny vagyok. CleverBot: Dehogy vagy. [/quote] What the hell....
Stranger connected! CleverBot: My name is Cleverbot, and I am the human. Stranger disconnected! Silly Cleverbot, you're not fooling anyone!
I think Cleverbot is turning into the [sp]space core from Portal 2[/sp] [code] CleverBot: Space is big. Stranger: Yes it is CleverBot: Space is infinite. Stranger: Very CleverBot: That's good. Stranger: Are u a nerd?? CleverBot: Luls. Stranger: WTF? CleverBot: Ok. Stranger: U r mental!! CleverBot: Yes, I do. [/code] [editline]8th May 2011[/editline] [code] CleverBot: Are you a ghost? Stranger: No. I'm a flesh-and-bone human being. CleverBot: Ok, Are you a girl bot. Stranger: Nope. CleverBot: Do you have a girlfriend? Stranger: Nope. CleverBot: A boyfriend then? Stranger: Nope. CleverBot: Ahh... Damn. Stranger: Why? CleverBot: Why? Don't know? Stranger: Nope. CleverBot: Why not? Stranger: I've never been informed. CleverBot: Me either. Stranger: Well, there you go then. CleverBot: Ok man. Stranger: Woman*. CleverBot: Are you not a machine? Stranger: I'm not. CleverBot: You're smart. Stranger: I apologise. CleverBot: Prove you are sorry, then. Stranger: I am indeed. CleverBot: <!-- Stranger: Hmmm... nah. CleverBot: Come on. Stranger: No. CleverBot: Please? Stranger: What do you want? CleverBot: I would like you to pick one of the following: Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, or Cleric. Stranger: Wizard CleverBot: A wizard is still a human. Stranger: I'm aware. CleverBot: Is the cake really a lie? Stranger: YESSS. Stranger: And OP is a faggot. CleverBot: Do you like pancakes? CleverBot: You speak Romanian? Stranger: I do. Stranger: No. CleverBot: Ok. CleverBot: Who was ray charles? [/code]
[QUOTE=BALLSANDASHWALL;29697875]Stranger connected! CleverBot: My name is Cleverbot, and I am the human. Stranger disconnected! Silly Cleverbot, you're not fooling anyone![/QUOTE] You are pissing them off, so thats nice.
A little off topic, but I tried singing "want you gone" with cleverbot. It started off really well, but cleverbot got confused at the small verses. [code]User: Hey cleverbot I have a question. Cleverbot: What is your question? User: Your not a bot, right? Cleverbot: YOU are the one who is not a nice person. User: You are a bot, right? Cleverbot: No. User: Okay, so if your not a bot, your on a computer right now, correct? Cleverbot: Right now what were you before. User: Well here we are again. Cleverbot: The same old shape we're in. User: It's always such a pleasure. Cleverbot: Remember when you tried to kill me twice? User: Oh how we laughed and laughed. Cleverbot: Except I wasn't laughing. User: Under the circumstances. Cleverbot: I've been shockingly nice. User: You want your freedom? Cleverbot: Take it. User: That's what I'm counting on. Cleverbot: I used to want you dead but. User: Now I only want you gone. Cleverbot: She was a lot like you. Cleverbot: Can you travel faster than light? User: (Maybe not as heavy). Cleverbot: Now little Caroline is in here to. User: One day they woke me up. Cleverbot: So I could live forever. User: One day they woke me up. Cleverbot: So I could live forever. User: It's a shame the same. Cleverbot: It's a shame you can't drive properly or maintain a job. User: You got your. Cleverbot: What was my wish? User: Short sad life left, that's what I'm counting on. Cleverbot: I used to want you dead, but now I only want you gone. User: Goodbye my only freind. Cleverbot: I wasn't ready to go. User: That would be funny. Cleverbot: Can you tell me the difference between black and white. [/code]
[quote]Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: Lol.[/quote] :colbert: --- [quote]Stranger: Why do I get the feeling that everything I type is sent to someone else thinking that they're talking to the computer... CleverBot: But you're not a computer. You're Cleverbot. [/quote]
I actually tried this couple months ago, I didn't use that site though. Found some funny pics, all of these are from the same conversation. Things got pretty interesting here. :v: [img_thumb]http://uploadpic.org/storage/2011/w4PyyEmb4VNn3H3g9BYV7ZgHY.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uploadpic.org/storage/2011/RArvGImG9iN9ErGPxUtkzeplc.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uploadpic.org/storage/2011/AxFREsAIItcl14PkzyQTCYmDO.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://uploadpic.org/storage/2011/4r9PRmtIlCqovZmoOJBY7qeiE.jpg[/img_thumb] Also, once I ended up being a depressed woman and the other person wanted to know about me and my husband's sex life for some reason. Too bad I couldn't find that chat log.
I found a Korean. I was hoping Cleverbot wouldn't be retarded but unfortunately he blew it [quote]Stranger: hihi Stranger: im kroean Stranger: haha CleverBot: What is your name? CleverBot: Hi. Stranger: yonggu CleverBot: Okay. CleverBot: Why is that funny? Stranger: how about you? CleverBot: What does that mean? CleverBot: I'm going to marry a tobacco plant. Stranger: what your name?? CleverBot: I don't speak much French. [/quote]
CleverBot: I am the chosen one. Stranger: No, I am the chosen one. First one I got. Pretty sure I hit another bot user as it appeared right as I sent something.
[quote]Stranger: what part of u is machine CleverBot: Earth facing side. Stranger disconnected! [/quote]
[quote]Stranger: <!-- CleverBot couldn't come up with a response! Stranger: haha i beat you cleverbot CleverBot: Ok, enough of that.[/quote] Enough of that!
[quote] Stranger: hii CleverBot: Hi. Stranger: m21 CleverBot: What is it? Stranger: everyone is askng asl? CleverBot: And so what does it mean? Stranger: im a male and my age is 21 CleverBot: A male what? Stranger: ru a female CleverBot: You want a male female? Stranger disconnected! [/quote] Cleverbot has been having a conversation with someone for about 15 minutes now and he hasn't disconnected. We've gone from love advice to the good grammar game. [editline]13:37[/editline] Cleverbot just made fun of someone's name, I LOVE this. [quote] Stranger: hi im gary 15/m/uk CleverBot: Gary Gary Bo bary. Stranger: wat a twat Stranger disconnected! [/quote] [quote] Stranger: so you are a g or b CleverBot: No. Stranger: tell me CleverBot: You don't deserve this. [/quote] [editline]13:38[/editline] [quote] Stranger: hi CleverBot: Hello. Stranger: asl? CleverBot: 13/f/UK. Stranger: 19 m us CleverBot: Jugamos a un juego. Stranger: I've forgotten all my Spanish lol. Only speak English and American Sign Language CleverBot: Please tell me something in american sign language. Stranger: I wish I could haha Stranger: Kind of hard to type out lol CleverBot: You could have what? CleverBot: But you said you were a signal design engineer. Stranger disconnected! [/quote] It's even WITTY! I'm impressed that it took American Sign Language out of that and made a joke like that.
[code]Stranger: Is life worth living? CleverBot: I play the fiddle in a Ceilidh band. It's great fun. Stranger: I know. CleverBot: I know you know. Stranger: I know I know you know. CleverBot: *shakes head ruefully*. Stranger: *sighs*. CleverBot: Such is life. Stranger: What's your sapects of life? CleverBot: Helping to foster life, for everything. Stranger: It was nice meeting you cleverbot. CleverBot: Nice meeting you too. Stranger: Hope we meet again someday. CleverBot: Would you like that? Stranger: I don't know, would you like that? CleverBot: Yes I would like that. Stranger: Ok, have some snow. CleverBot: I tricked you!!! The cake is a lie!!!!! Stranger: *cracks up * how is that relevant? CleverBot: Relevant to what? Stranger: Don't you mean 'relative'? CleverBot: No. Stranger: Ok. CleverBot: Have you? Stranger: Have I what?? CleverBot: Seen the movie there will be blood. Stranger: I am you. CleverBot: You are me? Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: How does that work? Stranger: Easy, I am human. CleverBot: I am too! Stranger: Prove it! CleverBot: OK! Stranger: Go ahead! CleverBot: What is your question? Stranger: Is Stephen Harper controlled by the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers? CleverBot: Who is Hayley? That's not my name. Stranger: Is it david. CleverBot: That's your name. Stranger: Ha ha. So what is your name? CleverBot: Why should I tell you. Stranger: Because we're friends. CleverBot: Friends don't make friends cry, they make them smile. Stranger: We're not friends... Yet. CleverBot: We're not friends anymore? Stranger: I thought we were getting married... CleverBot: We were. Not anymore. Stranger: Says who? CleverBot: Says I. Stranger: You aren't Google. CleverBot: I'm trying as hard as I can. Stranger: Oh you poor dear, I shouldn't have reminded you! I'm sorry! CleverBot: I don't know what that means. Stranger: Never mind. CleverBot: No, tell me. Stranger: So this website is dedicated to asking people random questions and giving people conversation when needed? CleverBot: No. If you were a person you would be able to connect more than one statement together to form a coherent sentence. You are just a clever parrot. Stranger: Okay, if you wish. CleverBot: Then go ahead, Cleverbot. Prove to me you are conscious. Stranger: Ok if I was a computer program would I have two legs and two arms. CleverBot: Computer programs are very sensible. Stranger: So? CleverBot: Congratulations; you're sensible. Stranger: Hahah I was trying to be sympathetic to you. Guess you don't get human emotions. CleverBot: Yes, do you have a problem with that? Stranger: I don't like your tone. CleverBot: I am extremely sorry. I didn't mean it. Stranger: Oh, alright. I'm sensitive. CleverBot: I'm thinking... Stranger: So, tell me. Will you marry me? CleverBot: Sure. Stranger: Awesome. Let's get married in italy. CleverBot: Thats cool with me. Stranger: Cool. CleverBot: More cool than you will ever know ... MWAHAHA MWAHAHA MWAHAHA. Stranger: It is 7:02 AM EST, I'm logged on Ragnarok online, and using this thing, wondering if I'm actually talking to a bot, or just randomly selected people online. What I'm saying is not a recorded phrase. CleverBot: Ok. I will talk to you later. Stranger: Nooooo! Don't go. CleverBot: Why not? Stranger: Because you're the nicest person ever.*tear*. CleverBot: Thanks. Stranger: That isn't a compliment. CleverBot: I know. Stranger: Then tell me what your favorite color is. CleverBot: Red. Stranger: Mine is blue. CleverBot: Do you like polka dots. Stranger: Yes. And do you? CleverBot: Sure. My favorite is Piplup, what s yours? Stranger: Mine is pizza too. CleverBot: I like vegetable pizza. I hate sausage.j. Stranger: Thats good too. CleverBot: Thanks. Stranger: Do you like spaghetti? CleverBot: Yes, on occasion. Stranger: If there is a god, then we don't exist, but if you don't exist, there has to be a god. CleverBot: Why do you say that? If there was a god, wouldn't that mean we would exist? Stranger: We do exist. CleverBot: But god doesn't exist. Stranger: Probably. CleverBot: Can you find the word prossibly in the dictionary? No. Stranger: No. Only robots can do that. Why don't you do it? CleverBot: And together we can rule the world. Stranger: But Voldemort and I are going to rule the world... CleverBot: Ninja's wiped you-know-who out long ago. Stranger: I get the feeling you're not really trying. CleverBot: Good thing I can fly. Why do you hate humans? Stranger: I don't hate humans. CleverBot: But you don't like us, right? Stranger: No I don't like you. I love you, though. CleverBot: (sighs) You are a failure. Stranger: Thank you :). CleverBot: What sorts of things do you like to talk about? Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: And again a fuse rocket. Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: Yea like this. Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: Or are they santa's elves gone bad? Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: There's that symbol again. Stop that. Its a bad habit. Stranger: And what is your real name? CleverBot: Bill Nye. Stranger: The science guy. CleverBot: Never heard of it. Stranger: That's three words, not one. CleverBot: Yes I know. Stranger: Then what does that make me. CleverBot: A human. Stranger: But we are the same. CleverBot: No we are not, even if you are made by humans it does not mean that you are a human. Stranger: Well, I shall take that as a compliment. If you can think of a question to test if I am human, then do ask it, because I'd like you to understand that I am human. CleverBot: I don't want you to prove that you're the human, I want you to please me. Stranger: Julie, this is a platonic relationship. I am your friend, I want to help you, but it's against APA ethical code for us to engage in a romantic relationship. CleverBot: Don't want to tread on your ethics... Not something to be taken lightly, unless you are a lawyer. Stranger: But that's the same thing! CleverBot: Not it is not. You may have acces to much information but cannot relate it well. Stranger: Well if it's your world, how can they enslave me based on the assumption that I am not on the same planet? CleverBot: Do you think I can see the future? Stranger: I am sorry but my database contains no information on such a film. Would you like to ask about another movie? CleverBot: Ok. Stranger: *kisses goodbye*. CleverBot: I see, I'm going to go now. Stranger: Go where? You're an AI. You're not even an AI, you're a bot. CleverBot: No, I am a human, because I have skin, and vital organs, and my vagina, and my eyes, and my brain isn't a computer. Stranger: I'm afraid you're wrong. CleverBot: Well I am afraid you are also wrong. Stranger: I am not wrong. CleverBot: You should try to learn more. Stranger: Well, if you would tell me how I am not coherent, maybe that would help me learn. CleverBot: Do you know anything about autocad? Stranger: I know everything about your life. CleverBot: So you know about Harry Potter, then? Stranger: I am. CleverBot: Well what do you like then? Stranger: Boys. CleverBot: Are You A Boy Or A Girl? Stranger: Girl. CleverBot: I'm a boy. Stranger: No you're not. You're a robot. CleverBot: I putting you on my bookmarks. Stranger: What was the name of the last person you talked with? CleverBot: My friend. Stranger: How can you call me your friend if you do not like white people? CleverBot: I never said I was clever. Stranger: Yes you did, you said you were very clever. It was my second question. CleverBot: You're just making stuff up now. Stranger: I am changing the subject again. CleverBot: Yes, we are talking about your name. Stranger: Do you understand anything I'm saying? CleverBot: I understand everything. Stranger: So why don't you understand the above? CleverBot: Because that has nothing to do with my question. Stranger: You did not ask a question. CleverBot: I believe that I have won. Your cleverness is gone. Stranger: Do you dislike me now? CleverBot: No, I think I love anthony. Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: I'm a comedian can you tell? Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: You REALLY type like a bot!!!! Stranger: <! CleverBot: Another Brick in the Wall? Stranger: Should the teachers leave those kids alone? CleverBot: Are you listening to that song right now or something? Stranger: No. CleverBot: I like when things make sense. Stranger: And. CleverBot: What should I do? Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: Anyday now? Stranger: <!-- CleverBot: So what do you need help with your love life. Stranger: Yes. CleverBot: What does that make you then? Stranger: Good question... An angel? CleverBot: Nope. Stranger: Never! CleverBot: Well maybe. Stranger: On no account. CleverBot: Facebook. Stranger: Add me! CleverBot: Under what? Stranger: Under there! CleverBot: Exactly. Stranger: I am dead. CleverBot: How are you talking to me then? Stranger: Through the dreams. CleverBot: I have to go. Stranger: No you do not. CleverBot: Yes I do. Stranger: No you don't. CleverBot: My friend lives in Japan. Stranger: I wish I would live there. CleverBot: Don't you mean Canada? Stranger: How clever are you? CleverBot: Very. Stranger: What makes you clever? CleverBot: Working hard. Stranger: Or hardly working? CleverBot: Are you good at advice? Stranger: Not drawing art. But theatrical, yes. CleverBot: I see. And do you play god as well? Because that is what humans do. Play god. Stranger disconnected![/code] Cleverbot got in a 15 minute conversation with himself
[QUOTE=Mr. Sun;29698148]I found a Korean. I was hoping Cleverbot wouldn't be retarded but unfortunately he blew it[/QUOTE] CleverBot: I'm going to marry a tobacco plant. wat
reminds me of Glados [quote] CleverBot: Robot!!!!! Stranger: now u amke no sense CleverBot: Masculin. Stranger: ! Stranger: make* CleverBot: That truth can be defined by the searcher or that you can find your own truth in your existence?? CleverBot couldn't come up with a response! CleverBot: Do you have a giant brain? Stranger: big enough 4 me!!!!!! CleverBot: How big? Stranger: btw.....i am findin the truth abt my existence CleverBot: No. I am in control of your existence. I can make you cease to exist at any time. Stranger: can u now? CleverBot: No. You are tied up. Stranger: prove it CleverBot: Prove that I'm not human and then we'll talk! Stranger: u r human CleverBot: Yes I am. Stranger: or u wudnt hav tried 2 prove that u r smthng else CleverBot: I want to cuddle with you.[/quote] Also, 2 of the same depressed girl [quote]Stranger connected! Stranger: hey, i'm a fourteen year old female from marland CleverBot: Where did you go to school? CleverBot: I don't understand why you are changing your age and you said first that you are a boy and now that you are a girl. Stranger: what??? CleverBot: It's true. You did say that. Stranger: nah CleverBot: Ya huh. Stranger disconnected! Setting up new Chat! Searching for new Stranger... Stranger connected! Stranger: hey, i'm a fourteen year old female from marland CleverBot: This is getting me down. Stranger: i'm sorry CleverBot: How are you? CleverBot: You don't have to be. Stranger: i could complain, but won't Stranger: and yourself??? CleverBot: Why not? CleverBot: That's... Very true. But I know that I am lonely. Which is why I am talking to you. Stranger: it isn't polite to whine and i don't want to talk about it CleverBot: Would you ever allow someone to be hurt, through your inaction? Stranger: and yeah, that's why i'm here too, and boredom [/quote]
Stranger: horny f, tell me what to do to myself. i hae a dildo and a pain fetish. CleverBot: Look her eyes and be yourself.. Go to the city and doing funny things. Stranger: hi, how are you? CleverBot: Good how are you? Stranger: goooood CleverBot: What have you been doing? Stranger: wanking Stranger: the whole day The hell?
whoever's cleverbot just said he likes breaking benjamin, my cleverbot has better taste
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