• Fucked up on frosting. Need help.
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Okay, so I made this cake, and frosting, Cake is coming out decent. Only thing with that is the brownies I used instead of chocolate cake isn't cooking as fast. But the frosting! Oh god the frosting. It tastes AMAZING! But, I wasn't thinking and melted the butter, so now I have a liquid frosting!!!! I put it in the freezer to cool it, in hope the butter solidifies! Any suggestions? Rather than not being a dumb fuck up?
Yeah, next time don't melt it. I think refrigerating would work better than freezing though.
I wouldn't freeze it man, that'll cause it to mess up even more. It can expand and end up becoming a horrible lumpy mess. So, like mjbrooks said, stick it in the fridge. Should be fine. Texture might be a bit iffy.
Since you already messed up this bad, I have to ask if you used unsalted butter.
Honestly I don't think it matters 10 days later...
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