• Zombieh Head Ahh!
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wow u fucking suck at drawing [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Extended" - Perfumly))[/highlight]
Put it in a wheel chair because its legs are too nimble to walk on.
Give him at least ONE cock
[QUOTE=tyanet;18286902]Give him at least ONE cock[/QUOTE] Seriously, just leave. I don't get why you like to see poorly drawn genitalia. Personally, I'm not a homosexual and I don't go roaming around the internet asking people to draw dicks. But if your gay like that then..... Have fun with with your lonely life.
It's not the fact that I want to see a poorly drawn zombie shark cock, it's just that with things like this, you just have to make the person draw absolutely everything possible. It gives the people involved a sense of power over the drawer, and if they submit to drawing a cock, then it shows that they will draw anything. And by the way, I AM gay, but my life is not lonely whatsoever. And the being gay does not factor into my wanting him to draw a cock.
Well have fun sword fighting, chap. Oh, that brings me to another thing! You should make this zombie shark into a pirate!
[img]http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z144/emPiRe14_bucket/zombiehpirate.png[/img] [I]Zombieh puts his undead abilities to good use.[/I] That blue stuff was suppose to be the ocean uhhh.
Put a lazer on his head, Like in Austin Powers yah?
Give him a snorkle. He doesn't have gills dammit! Then again, who said he even had lungs... or any organs. Give him organs.. Also, substitute him with her where applicable.
All I want is sharks with friggn laser beams on their heads
Make it have wings!
And a redbull can in it's hand!
no. Blue Ox.
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