• Is it true that cameras go up in price over summer?
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I am planning on buying a Rebel T2i. I noticed that the price went up $50 couple of days ago. This surprised me because I thought technology is supposed to go down in price over time. After doing some research I found a certain website which said that last year the price of the Rebel T2i went up $200 from April 19th to May 14th...is this going to happen again this year. I was really looking forward to getting this camera over summer, this bummed me a lot. Does anyone know if the website is true? Did the camera really go up in price last year that much? Do you guys think it will happen again for this summer? Thank You. here is the website: [url]http://www.dpnotes.com/canon-t2i-550d-kiss-x4-price-watch-availability/[/url]
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No, they only depreciate. You are undoubtedly looking at the wrong place to buy them.
Well yes I know about that website, it is actually where I noticed the price increase. I believe the body was $649 or $639, and now it is $699. Is there maybe a graph showing a price trend for cameras there, or a discussion board? I can't seem to find one. I would rather ask random people than calling the store which might be biased.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, seeing as the T2i has been out for a year, it's probably pretty stable in price. There might even be some rebates coming up.
It's possible there was a special offer on at the time that you first checked, with it expiring by the time you checked again. When I bought my scanner it was $120 I think, then the offer ended and it went up to $160 (still way cheaper than Australian Retail though!)
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