• Justin Bieber to star in 'Back to the Future' remake?
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I almost hit my monitor when I saw the thread title.
Saw it on front page: "Justin Bieber to star..." [IMG]http://knowyourmeme.com/i/000/041/430/original/1263397833989.jpg?1267098082[/IMG] Opened thread [IMG]http://knowyourmeme.com/i/000/041/351/original/1259763081538.jpg?1267048329[/IMG] Thank Darwin it's a fake. [editline]03:16AM[/editline] [QUOTE=cqbcat;24400211]Zac (Zack) Efron or Shia Labeouf would be better for the role. Hell, I'll even take that vampire from those Twilight movies. But gosh no, not Justin Bieber. That lil twerp would ruin the series. Come to think of it, Zac Efron could really be good in the role. I don't care for High School Musical, but I'd like the see Efron blossom into a decent actor.[/QUOTE] Or you could just take all four of them and make them hold tight to the wire they use to power the time circuits at the end of BTTF. Kids probably haven't even seen BTTF.
I about shit myself when I entered this thread.
[QUOTE=Pops;24399487]BTTF won't be available on Blu-Ray until October 26.[/QUOTE] Harglbl!.
I know it's fake, but you know that the movie industry will eventually dumb down to this kind of stuff... :smith:
Thank God. There are some films that connot be remade. The Back to the Future trilogy being 3 of them.
Oh, thank fucking LORD this isn't real. If it was, my childhood would have been majorly fucked up. :byodood:
It was printed in tabloid, why would anyone get pissed over this. of course it's fake.
[QUOTE=Memobot;24419081]Thank God. There are some films that connot be remade. The Back to the Future trilogy being 3 of them.[/QUOTE] Star wars and Indiana Jones being another 9
I wouldn't mind taking another shot at the prequels though.
Justin Bieber erased from history...
Even if there was a remake with Bieber in it, which is a HORRIBLE idea, none of his fans would know what BTTF is. I'm 15 and BTTF is one of my favorite movies of all time.
[QUOTE=Dan2593;24442644]Star wars and Indiana Jones being another 9[/QUOTE] include lord of the rings as well.
Nothing makes this OK.
You shouldn't have stressed me like that, bro.
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