• What Are You Listening To? V6: Why Did They Let Me Make This
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Omnium Gatherum - New world shadows Finnish Melodeath = Fuck Yeah!
Iskra - Prisoners of Conscience
Kielbasa by Tenacious D
Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi [editline]11th April 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Franke_R!?;29110101]Kielbasa by Tenacious D[/QUOTE] Oh, gotto listnen to some more Tenacious D! Thanks man! :buddy:
Amorphis - You I need
Noumena - Everlasting Ward
Tenacious D - History
Resin- In Flames
Dio by Tenacious D
I Voted For Kodos - Going Down
Iskra - Ash and Ruin
Tenacious D - Dude (I Totally Miss You)
Friendship by Tenacious D
Noumena - All Veiled
Burro - Beck
Tenacious D - The Metal
[QUOTE=OctopusGuy;29110603]Burro - Beck[/QUOTE] :buddy: Strange Invitation - Beck
Noumena - Marionettes
If You Could Read My Mind - Johnny Cash
Dink's Song - Jeff Buckley
Tenacious D - Karate ...:ninja:
Funeral Thirst- The Black Dahlia Murder [i]somewhere within me a flame is slowly born inside this shell of bloated flesh grows life anew infernal, the moon distorts my mind my veins jolt back to life, pushing the fluids of the damned i seek to bathe my fetid flesh in crimson spray my body writhes without consent of conscience i lift the lid the pounds of dirt shall not subdue i shall walk the earth once more from beyond the strings are pulled i know not what has made me this way the animation of my rigid corpse i shall abandon my coffin of premature fate[/i] ZOMBIE WEREWOLVES YEEEEEEEEE
[QUOTE=MAspiderface;29107424][img_thumb]http://leanmeanvirilemachine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/daft_punk_alive_2007.jpg[/img_thumb][/QUOTE] Instant winner awarded Twice - Little Dragon
Deadlock - Slaughters palace
I Shall Be Released - Jeff Buckley
Medicine Show - Big Audio Dynamite
Showdown - Pendulum
One Foot in the Grave - Beck
Deadlock (Feat. Christian Älvestam) - Dying breed [I]Pain isn't what it was anymore Rape somebody, kill a child, an awful bore Pain has to be reinvented, putting murder and violation On a higher non-human level, to become godlike[/I]
Lesbian - Black Forest Hamm
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