• Pictures of Music Section Regulars v2 - NO MIRROR PICS
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[QUOTE=En-Guage V2;32161696]:v: you shouldn't have told me[/QUOTE] Ranga hater are we?
I hate everyone equally you know that
Everybody loves me, even if they love to hate me.
[QUOTE=Aries;32161583]potbellied? at least I don't have red hair[/QUOTE] dark haired with cirls bandshirt wearing mini beard awesome dude
[QUOTE=Kalkka;32161406]I swear to god, not once have I seen you post anywhere in the music section except in this thread. How does that exactly make you a "music section regular"? And also I really think we all have a clear picture of what you look like by now. If you really feel like posting a picture of yourself every god damned day, do it somewhere else than here. Please.[/QUOTE] Actually I started the Pink Floyd thread (the first one, 2nd one is going on now), created other multiple threads and pretty much post in a lot of threads here every day. But I guess that doesn't matter, I realize I sometimes do go a bit too far, but that's only because I never do anything right and I should go jump off a bridge.
[QUOTE=Eluveitie;32161104] I always imagined you as a black guy. Stupid avatar.[/QUOTE] I'm black inside really, probably because I smoke too much.
[QUOTE=MachiniOs;32167808]I'm black inside really, probably because I smoke too much.[/QUOTE] :respek:?
[img]http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6061/6132139188_66b464fc01_z.jpg[/img] hi im not on at the pub this time.................................
Jokes and problems aside, it's actually a very nice photo of you
thanks I finally had the hair the way I liked it and decided to take a self portrait (using my dad as a tripod lol)
I am pretty jealous of those like you with curly hair. Both sides of mine go the one way (so one curves out and the other curves in) so I look like a complete retard with hair any longer than a few inches
I used to hate my curly hair, but it grew on me, iunno I couldn't imagine having like straight here that curves ever so slightly on the ends, it does look silly if you dont have the face for it
Tanned/olive skinned people (like me) suit curly hair a lot more than pure caucasians imo like kirk hammett
I got a haircut and its styling.
Take a mirror pic
Nobody wants that.
I do bayb <3
your so sweet <3
Come on now show us your hair youre talking about it so obviously you want us to see it, and i want to tbh so show
On a scale of one to ten how long do you poor fools spend in jay jays talking about colours
[QUOTE=Nonikai;32208052][img]http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6061/6132139188_66b464fc01_z.jpg[/img] hi im not on at the pub this time.................................[/QUOTE] Didn't you used to be like the ugliest person on FP or something You're not anymore if that was the case this is how I complement people
All I remember was that he got shit from Love Advice for having long hair.
Plus his skin cleared up really well
[QUOTE=En-Guage V2;32210065]On a scale of one to ten how long do you poor fools spend in jay jays talking about colours[/QUOTE] nothing wrong with that
wtf is "jay jays"
good australian clothing store
Good? GOOD? maybe if you're a metro
and who are you talking to
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