• Guts by Chuck Palahniuk. (short story)
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I remember reading this last year. There's some very screwed up things he does.
I hated his description of the [sp]Sea Monster.[/sp]
Too many of these threads.
Thanks, I'm going to go [i]fucking kill myself now[/i].
Guts comes up every few months, not that shocking anymore. The shock of the story in the live setting is mostly down to Palahniuk's endearing reading style and the sort of unexpectedness you don't get reading something on paper. When someone tells you a story, it's a lot easier to visualise it, as you aren't focusing on the words on the page
I read it for the first time a month back...had troubles sitting down and didn't like to poop. it put me off fapping for a couple days...Facepunch Hot Girls threads saved me though (yay!)
wait... he chewed off his own prolapsed intestines? :geno:
When I first read this I sent a link to the girl I fancied at the time. She lol'd :smug:
Bumped a topic from 2009. WINNING!
Writer of Fight Club. Worth the read.
Rated OP late without seeing the post date, I'm a horrible person.
I decided to read it [IMG]http://www.eddsworld.co.uk/eddvault/comic/EWCOMIC0115.png[/IMG]
When I was 10 I was looking through my sisters books and found this one. holy god I didn't go in my pool for so long
This was a stupid bump, but I love that book.
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