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Probably the indie jesus without the beard.
Yourscenesucks is amazing. I'd be some odd combination of orgcore punker, indie jesus, brootal kid, with Rude Boy's taste in ska music. hm.
Hey guys, I found a wild sxe mosh warrior: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g48BtaKt6X8&feature=fvst[/media]
Skramz revivalist or brootal kids
Haven't been to that website in forever. I don't fit into any of those, though.
I fit none of those scenes. I dress like Indie Jesus, though. My beard is not as great, but I have the majestic locks.
[QUOTE=Jam3sblah;16605117]Why are you saying who you are on that site. If you're any of them you're a faggot for dressing to fit in with the music you like.[/QUOTE] ur 2 cool 4 skool
I can't find my own scene in there >: I'm sure it exists, since I buy clothes new from fashionable shops now... ...admittedly from the bargain bins usually but shh. I suppose I'd be a cross between Scramz Revivalist, Indie Jesus and Orgcore Punker. Oh dear ;p
Where's the normal people scene at?
Note: It's not really dressing to fit the music you listen to, it's more that people with that particular taste in music also share the same taste in clothes and attitudes. That's why cliques form. It happens.
im closest to orgcore i think, but no beard
I don't understand why everyone thinks they're supposed to look like a stereotype. The only people that look like an exact clone are wannabes.
there are no black people...
Oh lookie he updated it. [editline]01:48PM[/editline] [URL=http://img188.imageshack.us/i/sceneks.jpg/][IMG]http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/9347/sceneks.jpg[/IMG][/URL] lol
[img]http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/neothrash/scene.jpg[/img] :rock: :rock:
Hot Topic dude has NIN and System of a Down. I'm sold.
[QUOTE=lettuce_head;17745696][img]http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/neothrash/scene.jpg[/img] :rock: :rock:[/QUOTE] ^
I'm whatever the hell a "neo" thrasher is. [img]http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/neothrash/scene.jpg[/img] But I do bathe, I don't have a beard, have white teeth, and no bandana. But minus the Suicidal Tendencies hat. I never liked them. [img]http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee93/metalcarl/horrorbandOVERKILL-1.jpg[/img] More along the lines of this.
Neo thrash
They would have a noise junkie one, but noone knows what they look like because they never see the light of day.
None of them fitted me so I went for Indie Jesus because of his epic beard.
I would buy a ST flip cap but I can't find them anywhere!
[QUOTE=lettuce_head;17784273]I would buy a ST flip cap but I can't find them anywhere![/QUOTE] me either
I'm a mix of Brootal kid and Skramz revivalist Except none of these really match me exactly.
ITT people are proud to fit into stereotypes
[QUOTE=Hayabusa07;17751673]Hot Topic dude has NIN and System of a Down. I'm sold.[/QUOTE] even though I like both of those bands, I've never been inside a hot topic in my life. Then what the hell am I?
I used to look like the neo thrasher, still kind of do when i wear my vest and fat ass reeboks. But my vest only has one patch on it, an american flag. and it's black denim. fuck yeah. meh, again, i don't really fit into one of these. closest would be faux hip hop guy, only similarities being fitted hat and nike dunks. (i hate obnoxious colors though)
[QUOTE=sp00ks;17802515]ITT people are proud to fit into stereotypes[/QUOTE] You're just upset because you know you're the crabcore guy.
[QUOTE=pie_is_good;17814398]You're just upset because you know you're the crabcore guy.[/QUOTE] nah i'd say enjoi is either the male williamsburg hipster or male apple store hipster either way he's hipster trash [editline]12:46PM[/editline] [QUOTE=ghuh;16615014]Hey guys, I found a wild sxe mosh warrior: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g48BtaKt6X8&feature=fvst[/media][/QUOTE] fyi afi used to be a p good post hardcore band, and davey havok is a legit dude, don't even knock him
[QUOTE=NuclearDwarf;16327952]I guess a mix between the punks and the rude boy I don't really look like them though[/QUOTE] Same, although I do own a trilby. ...or two. [B]EDIT:[/B] And my taste in music is a lot more varied
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