• A wee acoustic recording I done
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Just a cover of City and Colour - The Girl that I done in the house bored one day. Recorded using an SM58, and Pro Tools 8 LE. [media]http://soundcloud.com/flanananagan/city-and-colour-the-girl[/media] Thoughts?
Hmm, nice rendition. Nothing hugely special or anything or particularly different about it, I suppose it was a bit of fun for you. It's nice though. Mixing on the harmonies could do with some work and stuff like that though The guitar sounds very nice, though. Was that a result of the use of an SM58 or is that a result of some heavy post production
Nono not at all, an SM58 and I DI'd the guitar as well getting 2 signals, just mixed them together, EQd them a bit (I always cut out most things below 200Hz and boost the highs a tiny bit)
Paranoid Android - [media]http://soundcloud.com/flanananagan/radiohead-paranoid-android-1[/media]
a little too much treble on my end, and maybe you could have put your own spin on it, but wow that was a nice android!!!
I think my headphones (Sennheiser HD25) must be pretty bassy then and I'm undercompensating in the final mix. [editline]19th February 2012[/editline] And yeah I agree on my own spin, had NO idea what I could do with a song as simple as that.
Nice voice, and great guitar skills. How old are you, just out of interest?
Thanks man! 18 haha, how?
Very nicely done. Have never heard the song, but just from your cover, I would really like to check it out. Smooth on the vocals, and nice overall.
Wow it's really nice, you've got talent.
City and Colour! Amazing Job!
Thanks guys :)
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