• The story of how I lost my virginity at 13, and got my girlfriend pregnant at 14.
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This is going to be a very long read. It's not a topic that can be personally described in a paragraph or two -So please don't shitpost as I spent hours writing this, and an equally long time (Feels like it) hovering over the submit button wondering whether or not it was a good idea. [quote]Here we go. I lost my virginity at the age of 13, on dead on the month mark of being with my was-girlfriend. I was staying over at a friends house (He was 17 and had his own house that his dad let him live in temporarily), and me and my girlfriend always had the spare room. She was 15 at the time. We then went on to have sex pretty much 5 times a week for about a year and a half (From 13 years old :quagmire:). I didn't know anything about sex education, and learned everything by experience. She told me that if you take the condom off it feels about 100000x times greater, I agreed (Sexual hormones raging like FUCK). She would from then on, if she felt like sex, seduce me anywhere (without a condom): In a forest, in the next room to my parents, on her sofa with her mum upstairs, on a train, on days out with my family...basically everywhere, and she was [i]really[/i] hot, and her looks were only surpassed by her skill of seduction and sexual-prowess. We tried every position, and for some reason I didn't enjoy doggy style (Which is 'weird' I guess as everyone I know holds it as their favourite). Then one day she phones me saying "Hey can you meet me at the Lotus garage?" "Sure :keke:". She turns up with her friend (Who I hated and still hate to this day, she stuck her nose into everything and even argued with me lots of times) and says "I'm pregnant...:ohdear:" I don't really know how to handle it, I'm 14, for christ's sake. I can't remember that clearly how I felt because it was 5 years ago, but I remember feeling like my life was over, I felt like I was going to vomit every second of every day, I panicked about school, I panicked about money, and I was devastated about telling my parents. I wasn't about to abandon her and the child, even at 14, I knew it would have been the easy option -"No", I thought. "I'm going to take responsibility for my actions". Days pass and we're discussing how on Earth we're going to tell our parents and family, we decide to tell my parents first. We waited until she was sleeping over at my house (My Dad wasn't in). We prepare, she cries, we shake and we sweat, before hesitantly shimmying down the stairs. My Mum's sat down on the sofa reading a magazine and watching TV. "Hi Mum, we need to tell you something...", we both sit down on the sofa opposite and face her intently. We (Me and my girlfriend) look at each other as if to say "Go ahead, you tell her", nothing comes out...we just stare at my Mum with a "HELP US BUT DON'T KILL ME" look on our faces. She tells us to "Spit it out", before guessing a couple of minutes later, looking at my girlfriend and saying "Are you pregnant?" -she nods, like a cowering puppy that knows it's in trouble. "Are you ok with it? It was an accident! I didn't mea-" "NO I'm NOT ok with it! It's not happening, end of story" Conversation basically continues like that before my Mum warns us to get out of the house before my Dad gets home and finds out. We panic, we organise to to both stay at a friend (The same friend who has the house I lost my virginity in)'s girlfriend's house, a few towns away and a fair long bus ride. We gather the money from friends willing to help out, and without haste, make our way to the nearest town (Via another bus). We get off the bus, and I notice that the bus we wanted to catch, is leaving..."I'll stop it" I say, and ([b]I must say that my girlfriend is 16 by this time[/b], that means in the eyes of the law, she's having sex with a minor) I make a huge dash for the bus, catching it up, running along side it and banging on the sides of the windows -motioning it to stop. People stood on the street are watching and laughing, as I look like an idiot (Not to mention all of my cash is falling out of my pocket". The bus driver stops and we get on. "Bender, please.", I say. That's where we're headed. We arrive at the house and the mother greets us with open arms and comforts us on our situation, offering us a place to stay (and food) for however long we need. We tell her how grateful we are for her generosity, and move upstairs to explain the situation to our friends. 'Text message arrives... "Where are you? Come home please." I ignore it, not knowing what to do, and move on. The following morning I receive yet another message, "The police have been 'round and have looked all over your room, and are going to be looking for you if you don't come home". Still at this point there's no sign of any compassion from them, but I know that now the Police are involved, I can't make it any worse...so we agree amongst ourselves to return home to my parents. I ask my friend who offered us the place (The male) to come with me and talk with my parents for support. He agrees, and we leave (His girlfriend comes too, to help my girlfriend). We arrive back at my house (I'm shaking from the fear), and my girlfriend and her friend decide to wait outside 'round the corner. I notice that there aren't any police cars, phew. We walk inside (Me and my male friend). Now, everything is blurry at this point, but I recall my friend helping a hell of a lot and sticking up for me to my parents. My Dad tells him to leave, "But...he wants me to stay", he says. "Look, if you don't [i]get[/i] out, I'll [/i]knock[/i] you out. This is more pressure than I can handle, I crack and begin crying loudly, we're both screaming our opinions at each other and not really getting anywhere. My Mum and Dad say "We're going out, get in the car...", we walk out the house, get in the car, turn around the corner and they're there (My friends and girlfriend). "WE TRUSTED YOU!", my Mum shouts at her, and we drive off. I turn around and look back through the window as if to say "I'm sorry, I don't know what's happening, help." We arrive at the police station. "Oh shit, I'm underage, I'm going to be arrested!", is what I thought. I didn't know how the system worked, I was 14 and knew absolutely nothing about law. I walk in, we go to the reception and my parents explain who they are, who I am, and that "We were told to come if we found him". The police officer comes out, he seemed friendly, but I was still terrified. We sit down in a room that looked a little like an interrogation room, only without the cool mirror. This is another point which is a bit hazy for me (In case you haven't noticed, it's the most heated, stressful moments for me that I seem to have repressed. In retrospect, that's pretty fascinating). I seem to remember him saying though that the only reason the police got involved is because I ran away, so I say "Everything's alright now" and we leave. "Have you told anybody?" I ask my parents (Who seem a [i]little[/i] calmer, but still far from it). "Only your Nan and Grandad <x>" "What?! What did they say?!", "They didn't really say much, but they want to take you out to the Chinese Buffet for your dinner (Which probably most of you all call lunch)." I'm pretty bemused by this... "Can I call her?" (Referring to my girlfriend), I ask. "Not while we're here!". Hm, alright. So I meet with my grandparents, who at first, glance at me with a look of immense disappointment, but quickly return to normal. You might be thinking "Oh that's good, I bet it was nice to have a bit of normality..." Wrong. It was like there was a HUGE elephant in the room (and nobody wanted to talk about it), and it was awkward. Especially so considering I was trying to take in everything that was happening to me, and worrying about my girlfriend. I didn't have time to think about what I was going to do with my life, I had to get all of this out of the way first. I thank them for the lovely meal, and return home. "I'm sorry, but you can probably understand why I'm feeling a little tired, I'm going to go upstairs and wrap my head around everything", I say to my parents (Not worded like that, I don't know how I worded it, but it was to that effect). They oblige, give me a big cuddle (That messed with my head a bit), and I go upstairs. I made a thread about it on Facepunch when it happened "My girlfriend is pregnant, and I'm 14", was its title. Now that we have access to the archives ( [url]http://www.facepunch.com/archive/[/url] ), maybe one of you can dig it out. It will either be under this username or 'Rexxar' , but please PM the link to me before you post it (If you find it). Writing quality may decrease from this point on, as events slowed down in frequency. Days later, my parents are getting used to the idea of the pregnancy, and I'm allowed to see my girlfriend and be there for her. Her family now knows, they're alright with it... The only scary part about her family knowing was her uncle coming up and greeting her with (I was with her, we were laid on her bed watching a VHS) "Are you stupid?", but after a few minutes of talking him round he was really cool about it. Side note: They are a fully Irish family. Maybe a month (After skipping school a few times for midwife and hospital appointments) or so later (When everybody I knew was accepting of the pregnancy, I had even started buying clothes and other small items (Where I got the money from, I can't remember)), I got a phone call in the middle of the early morning "Ash, I'm bleeding...I've been bleeding for hours. I've lost it, I felt it come out" [sp]Comment: This is extremely strange for me, as it's been years since I've recollected everything. Phenomenally strange[/sp]. Now even I know that this isn't good. Panic stations, yet again. Like I haven't had enough by now... "Mum! Dad! I've just got a call! She's bleeding and has been for hours, she thinks she's had a miscarriage". "Shit!", they exclaim, and quickly jump out of bed. They give me a lift to her house (It must be 5.30/6.00 by this point). What happened inside is a blur, I'm sorry. The only thing I remember is her being downstairs on the sofa with 2 towels -One around her, one underneath her. That's all I remember, but she lost it... (She says she has the foetus wrapped up in lots of tissue and placed inside a small tub. I had to look inside, I had to (Paternal instinct, I guess). I'm not going to describe what it looked like, but it broke my heart. A couple of days later we bury the foetus (In the tub, which is inside another weighted container) in the nearby lake, and watch as it slowly sinks... I know I was young, but it was devastating, after everything, I had to bury what I had fought so hard to keep (My parents tried convince me to force her to have a miscarriage (early on, before they were accepting), I refused), I had to bury my offspring (I chose the term wisely). [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/vdhiqu.jpg[/IMG] - Me and my girlfriend around that time, maybe a few months after. [/quote] That's it, this is something no 14 year old should go through. It affected my entire childhood, and is still affecting me now in a way I don't like to admit. I'm definitely a MUCH wiser person after it all, and I never pass judgement on other people if I don't know how they feel/how it is for them -never. It was definitely one of the most character building events I've experienced. Aftermath: I spend the next ~2 years desperately trying to stop my girlfriend from intense self-harm (My attempts were futile), and suicide (I did help). I had to do all of this whilst grieving myself, but I had to do it alone as if I cried infront of her, she would get worse and any progress I made would have been destroyed. I even went so far as to write a letter to what would have been my child, as if it could read and understand what I was writing. I've still got the letter, the clothes I bought, and emails I received (Holy fucking shit, I forgot about the emails...I'm going to look for them now on every old email address I had). I just looked on the old email address that I used, the emails are gone -along with everything else. It's completely blank except for a "Welcome to Hotmail" message, :wtc:. [b](These are emails between me and my girlfriend discussing: Telling parents, telling friends, telling school (Yes, my school were told and they were VERY supportive), my parents not letting me see her, meeting up secretly...everything.)[/b]. I'll ask her if she's still got them, I might have something else but I won't know until I go home Post-aftermath: We break up after three years (I ultimately think that after the miscarriage, we were doomed, we were both too unstable to manage a relationship as strong as ours), but as you can imagine, we still have a huge bond to this day. We talk every week, I even go to parties with her sometimes. It could never work between us again , my parents still hate her -and they tell me often. I'm just really grateful for going through all of that with her, and still being close friends at the end of it. I'm on her "I adore these people" list on Facebook, and she still has photos of me and her up on her wall, as memories. I hope you enjoyed reading this story, and enjoyed getting an insight to a topic that people are more than happy to throw their opinions (around) about, without actually knowing how it feels. Thanks for reading Facepunch. :smile: Good day. :mufasa:
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Failure at life. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("why" - Dav0r))[/highlight]
[QUOTE=BaconMan_lol;29929747]Failure at life. [editline]19th May 2011[/editline] OP dumb rated everyone[/QUOTE] I then went on to one of the most respected grammar schools in England. :colbert: It's not me rating you dumb, are you blind?
nude pics of girlfriend plz [highlight](User was banned for this post ("why" - Dav0r))[/highlight]
Why is it that in all these sad threads where the OP spills his heart out, the first ten replies are almost always crap?
:wtc: cypher
I can't imagine how hard it was to see something like that at the age you were, sorry to hear.
because the first ten people don't read it
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your 17 year old friend had his own house that his father gave him? fake
dude give me a hug
[QUOTE=Gaza Pen Pal;29929926]your 17 year old friend had his own house that his father gave him? fake[/QUOTE] He didn't give it him. He let him live in it for the time being. He doesn't have it anymore, he hasn't done for years. Edited the OP stating that.
I can't believe you were actually just accepting it at one point [editline]19th May 2011[/editline] what a nightmare
Incredible read OP, really incredible. brought a tear to my eye and that's a hard feat to achieve..
[QUOTE=Turnips5;29929972]I can't believe you were actually just accepting it at one point [editline]19th May 2011[/editline] what a nightmare[/QUOTE] The only other option was to either kill myself or force her to have an abortion. Trying to force her to have an abortion wouldn't have worked at all, it would have just made things 10x worse for me. That's the decision I had to make.
Whoa Cypher, quite a chain of events. Really shaped your life, didn't it? Real sad about the miscarriage, man.
Wow man, that is.. that is horrible..I feel for you
Your name does ring a bell. Sort of semi-off topic, but weren't you the guy who's parents were forcing you to go to some re-education camp, but you were running away and considering going out of the states? [editline]19th May 2011[/editline] Incredible read nontheless. I feel for you :unsmith:
That's horrible... :sigh:
[QUOTE=DarkWolf2;29930024]Your name does ring a bell. Sort of semi-off topic, but weren't you the guy who's parents were forcing you to go to some re-education camp, but you were running away and considering going out of the states? [editline]19th May 2011[/editline] Incredible read nontheless. I feel for you :unsmith:[/QUOTE] Wow you remember that, yeah...I was pretty fucked up. Thanks for remembering. :buddy:
I want to say something to you. I want to thnakyou for sharing this with us, whilst I only skimmed it at the time it seems to be a touching story. Most couple who go through what you went through would have been left wiht bitterness and hate but you somehow had a bond that last to this day. You know what I will tell you who I am. My name is Ahmad Brooke and I live in Greenwich, London and I am over 18 but I never gone through what you wnet through. I have had times when I have had to deal with the fallout of gamily problems and my own but what you went through was in comprasion is a mountain compared to my little problems. You made me feel very happy for you sharing your story with the people here. I hope you are doing alright now and I countinue to hope that your bond with your friend lasts as long as you are living. If you ever need any help in any way wheter it be emotional or finanical, contact me and I will try my best to help you out. Thankyou for inspiring me right now as I am clearing out my garden with the help of my mother. Someone scared the rats and now everyone near the rats is clearing the graden up because they might try to run into the houses and try and nest. Thankyou very much. Yours Ahmad Brooke
Your parents took you to the poleece station? thats horrible parenting
Don't want to sound a dick but you're both lucky in a way that you get to live your lives, finish being kids and mature fully into adulthood without being rushed into being parents. Your parents seened quite cuntish but I suppose considering the severity of it all and shock most people's would. One of my ex girls friends got pregnant at 15 to a 20 something university student she ended up having an abortion, that's not that same though because he was obviously being a total idiot as he was engaged to another women at the time
[QUOTE=TheForeigner;29930125]Your parents took you to the poleece station? thats horrible parenting[/QUOTE] read the thread they reported him missing they found him and were required to show him so police can stop looking
[img]http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/1883/2227293388a9208900832o.jpg[/img] Here's a pic of me at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth Form (after finishing High School), aged 16. I needed the grades to get in, and I got them. I'm not a failure, I still persevered with my studying despite events.
Well, that's pretty horrible for you. I'm glad that you got over all that pretty well man!
Holy shit man I mean damn that sounds really bad, I'm glad things are a little better for you now
nobody said you were a failure you don't have to prove anything
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