• A website I frequently use for AC/DC concert info is being sued. Over a.... news article!
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Right. Site [url]http://acdc-bootlegs.com/[/url] So for the first time in 3 months I check me Email. I see the usual spam, the shit I've signed up for. I see the july newsletter for this site. I am just reading it like I usually do and the owner, who is just an average joe just trying to have fun with his own website, is saying how he is going to lay low and stuff. And that's normal, bandwidth is expensive for the normal person. But now I get to the area where he says he is being sued. You know why? A news article was posted on the site without permission, violating copyright laws. Rather than asking the owner to delete the article, they fucking sue him for a shitload of money. Here is a news article which references other people who have been sued. [url]http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/may/30/former-news-anchor-among-targets-new-r-j-copyright/[/url] I hope I don't get sued for posting this!!! Also, quoted from ACDCbootlegs [quote]July 5, 2010 - Still waiting. Read today that Righthaven has now filed about 54 lawsuits against small websites for copyright violation. [/quote] The company this is doing all this shit is Righthaven LLC. And apparently, [quote=news article posted above]Righthaven has partnered with the Review-Journal to sue and seek damages from parties allegedly infringing on copyrights. Righthaven acquires copyrights for specific R-J stories and sues websites that have posted those stories.[/quote] If you have a few extra bucks donote to his fund for the lawsuit here on this page [url]http://acdc-bootlegs.com/lawsuit/[/url] The reason I'm posting this is because it pisses me off, and I'm sure it pisses a bit of FP off, that corporations are shitting on the little guys still. I'll keep you guys updated on whether they actually win any lawsuits against the small time websites if anyone actually cares.
AC/DC sucks anyway since half the band died. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Rusty100))[/highlight]
WHAT WHAT corporations shitting on the little guys?!?
[QUOTE=Septimas;23267318]AC/DC sucks anyway since half the band died.[/QUOTE] Great job trolling son. You didn't even get the actual point of this thread.
I would have sued for the site name alone. They were asking for it.
[QUOTE=lemon_lover;23267338]I would have sued for the site name alone. They were asking for it.[/QUOTE] No one understands. There are two types of bootlegging. One is illegal, one is not. The one this site does is not. Bootlegging, in this sense, is when you go to a concert with an audio recorder and record it. It is not illegal unless you.. 1. sell the recording 2. A record company releases a live DVD\Album of that concert, at which point the bootleg is banned from circulation on that site.
so which one happened
[QUOTE=lemon_lover;23267378]so which one happened[/QUOTE] They have a news section where people post article pertaining or AC/DC or general rock or classic rock, and an article was posted and the website is being sued for copyright violation. [QUOTE=Sgt. Khorn;23267496]So they being sued for posting an article about AC/DC?[/QUOTE] yes
So they being sued for posting an article about AC/DC?
so who's suing them?
[QUOTE=TamTamJam;23268089]so who's suing them?[/QUOTE] Righthaven LLC
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