• Reading & Leeds Festivals 2009
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[QUOTE=James*;14418383]Who goes to Reading for metal[/QUOTE] Look at the lineup for almost every single reading festival before this one. One day always set aside for metal. Oh and the festival was original exclusively metal/hard rock.
I'm glad there's no metal bands.
FFFUUU- I'd love to go there, but too bad I don't live in the UK. When I have filled 18 years, that's next year I will hopefully go on a roadtrip with my friends. We thought it would be awesome to first go with the ferry to Sweden, and from there continue to southern Sweden, then cross over to Germany, and from there drive to France, and then at last cross to UK, and there we'll go to Reading and Leeds. Sounds great, doesn't it? And of course there's booze involved, and maybe as a sidetrip we'll go to Amsterdam.
So who here is actually going then? I've got 1 weekend camping ticket with the early bird pass to get in on Wednesday.
I lol'd at this years line up. A mate at college is going and is gutted he already bought his ticket.
Updated the OP with the new lineup of bands.
Bouncing Souls? I want to see them live too! :(
Not long till the festivals!
this thread just frustrates me.
Sold my tickets, going to Creamfields instead, much better lineup. One more ticket for sale, weekend ticket WITH EARLY ENTRY. PM me if interested.
Good line-up, but for a line-up as good this one and 140£ you'd better go to Rock Werchter
Shit lineup, only going because a mate wants to go and cant pull out. Still i get to see deadmau5, chase and status, Mstrkft, crystal castles little boots, chase and status, vitalic and faith no more. etc. so shouldn't be too bad way too much indie on this year though.
I'd go to Leeds but the bands I'd enjoy seeing are spread across several days, IE Arctics, Prodigy, Radiohead, Bloc Party and Kings of Leon
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