• Firearms VI - Mosin McNuggets and Tokarev Tartare
    10,000 replies, posted
[QUOTE=Trunk Monkay;37749808]"Obrez's at dawn" would be better[/QUOTE] Retracting my entry in favor of this
Obrez Onslaught
[img]http://mail.threeimaginarygirls.com/files/uploaded-images/wolverines.jpg[/img] cya next thread
obrez buttfucking [editline]21st September 2012[/editline] ???
So wait, threads close at 10,000 posts then?
I think so. [editline]21st September 2012[/editline] then we create new thread.
[QUOTE=DaCommie1;37749964]So wait, threads close at 10,000 posts then?[/QUOTE] it stops at 9,999 now I think.
Obrez Oppression Operation: Obrez
Trying to roll for last and first in this thread...
dumb discussion
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