• Man spends 6 years injecting silicone into his penis
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This man deserves a medal, he is a true man. :patriot:
Oh cool it's this thread again. Ah, the memories.
[QUOTE=Roll_Program;19853935] [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Keep it in your dumb subforum" - Dragon))[/highlight][/QUOTE] Sorry I'm a week late, but :cawg: God I laughed so hard at this!
You can hump his urethra. :haw:
Oh my god that man is a freak.
[QUOTE=Roll_Program;19854881]I'm not a stereotypical furry, it's just an interest in my life. [/QUOTE] Let's see... Gay: [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/rating/tick.png[/IMG] Attention seeking: [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/rating/tick.png[/IMG] Annoying: [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/rating/tick.png[/IMG] Seems pretty stereotypical to me.
:byodood: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tPs1Fn8xeY&feature=related[/media]
Oh my god! The very thought of someone doing that is disemboweling.
I want to see it erect. [editline]12:49AM[/editline] [QUOTE=The Riddler;20024455]Oh my god! The very thought of someone doing that is disemboweling.[/QUOTE] do you even know what that word means? [editline]12:50AM[/editline] goddamnit I missed the date on this thread [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Bumping old thread" - verynicelady))[/highlight]
I'll tell you what a penis should look like... and it definitely does not look like yours.
What the fucking fuckshit [editline]9:01[/editline] Gah this is 7 months old
[IMG]http://southparkstudios-intl.mtvnimages.com/shared/sps/images/shows/southpark/vertical_video/season_14/sp_1403_clip04.jpg?width=480[/IMG] Looks like he was just trying to catch a little cancer, thats all.
Ehhhh, I'd take it in my arse.
I saw this thread when it was posted but passed on the video i was feeling a little more adventurous today, wow holy fucking shit
[QUOTE=ButtsexV2;24478041]I want to see it erect.[/QUOTE] It probably would look the same
OH! I can see it now. "Wanna see my penis?" "I call it the blob" :smug: *Loud thump on the table*
[QUOTE=Crimson_Bomb;24478641]OH! I can see it now. "Wanna see my penis?" "I call it the blob" :smug: *Loud thump on the table*[/QUOTE] *Thump* And THIS... Is my penis. It cost several thousand dollars to inject it with sillicone... for six years. Why was that the first thing that came into my head.
"I call it the octagon. I also have a nick-name for my testies I call the left one Chad Merrywheather, and the right one Dr. Kenneth Noiswater."
[QUOTE=pie_is_good;19852071]This one seems to sum up my reaction. [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/110ha1t.gif[/IMG][/QUOTE] This was mine [img]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/5025/35471051.png[/img]
I just fapped, because I can. (and he can't)
29 Seconds, that smile with those words. Fucking disturbing.
I would like to see it erect
[QUOTE=UserDerth;19858101]Ummm yes i did. BUT HOW COULD THOSE PANTS FIT A BIG PENIS IN IT? Does he just i dunno put it into his body? Or what.[/QUOTE] At places where there is no light source, it looks normal BUT THEN WHEN YOU [U]TURN [I]ON [B]THE LIGHT.[/B][/I][/U]
my eyes hurt!
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