• The Nipple Piercing
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Nipple piercing only look good on chicks.
It's going to suck if you get into a fight with someone you know. They'll know where to grab.
I haven't got mine pierced because I'm a little too scared/nervous but my sister and my friend got theirs done and said it does hurt and it takes ages to heal too as in like months up to a year. All in all it's your decision to get it done and do what you want not what these facepunchers are telling you to do.
[QUOTE=Xenetic;18849113]XD,.[/QUOTE] please don't
I've thought about getting a nipple piercing, but unlike earrings, this is going through a NIPPLE. It's not just skin and cartilage, there's other crap in there. Can you imagine the PAIN, let alone the pus and horrible things that could happen if it gets INFECTED? No thankyou! My gay uncle has his done, and I have seen ratty girls with them done, but it looks to painful to be 'cool' or whatever.
I'm going to have one done, I have to. My friend and I made a promise to each other late one evening after having too much to drink. As soon as I turn eighteen we're going to have them done.
Coincidentally enough, the moment I opened this thread, "Relax, Don't Do It" start playing.
My old classmate got his piercing stuck in a volleyball net once. Resulted in a split nipple. [editline]01:09PM[/editline] All guys witnessing this immediately fell to the ground grasping their chest in sympathetic pain.
Don't do it.
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