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what is a reasonable routine to improve core fitness, shouldnt be over 30 minutes per day or require any equipment, the aim is to improve area's that cycling neglects
Doesn't cycling pretty much neglect everything?
[QUOTE=Arcana;34330978]Doesn't cycling pretty much neglect everything?[/QUOTE] Nope pretty big thigh muscles: [url]http://davidgodden.com/wp-content/step4_inline.jpg[/url]
[QUOTE=Kamern;34331345]Nope pretty big thigh muscles: [url]http://davidgodden.com/wp-content/step4_inline.jpg[/url][/QUOTE] Okay. But, cycling does neglect more than the core.
He might already know what he's going to do for the other areas that it neglects.
[QUOTE=Goberfish;34337939]He might already know what he's going to do for the other areas that it neglects.[/QUOTE] Fair enough. As for the OPs question, I'm not too sure. If you aren't using any equipment, you can only go so far.
If you aren't using any equipment, go do yourself a favour and do the convict conditioning progressions (which do go really darn far) Although you'd need to find a place to hang for the harder exercises
lol thinking you cna cycle and gain any good muscle at a normal rate
When you say cycling you talking about the tech or actual bicycle riding?
actual riding with a club, usually 40-60 miles twice a week (depends on the destination how far we go). not sure how to put this but i wasnt looking to build a lot of muscle, simply improve my fitness so im not cycling on leg strength alone and get to a point where by summer i am fit enough to enter 200km events
maybe you should focus on being better at cycling instead of getting abs
[QUOTE=Kamern;34331345]Nope pretty big thigh muscles: [url]http://davidgodden.com/wp-content/step4_inline.jpg[/url][/QUOTE] Those look like regular sized thigh muscles.... [editline]27th January 2012[/editline] and he's flexing lmao
If you have snow available, and a trail, I suggest cross country skiing. Just double-pole for a while, and back. It will strengthen arms and abs (if you're doing it right).
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