• My bands first home recording. Not too bad? I hope.
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Me and my band (A Dying Breed) decided to go ahead and try to do track by track recordings in my room with a 4 track mixer. Here is one of the 9 songs we recorded. [media]http://soundcloud.com/a_dying_breed/the-light[/media] I've done very simple mastering and would like some feedback/advice on how I could make it sound better. Maybe some ideas for effects? More reverb or less? Thanks
I think to make it sound better, I would get a better microphone. I don't know what you are using, or if the sound is intentional, but it all sounds distorted to me. I can't tell if there is a guitar and a rhythm guitar part but to make your guitar sound wider, record the rhythm part twice, and pan the two recordings to the right and the left, and keep the lead in middle. just something I would try out. if not, then besides getting a better mic, I don't know. I like it a lot though. if you we're to spend some money on studio time, I think this would sound pretty damn good. I would buy it.
damn this reminds me of some old school shit. do you play guitar? good shit bruhh
I will suggest doing the rhythm pan to the other guys. I play bass guitar. We have pretty decent mics.. our drummer just insists on turning amps up way too loud for recording and then it becomes distorted and blown out. I'm glad you guys like it though :D
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