• Create a planet and invade others V7: Shenanigans...IN SPACE!
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Pictureless: The Doctor keys his microphone, speaking with a twinge of excitement in his voice. [quote]Yes, we are humans, as for the United States, we did not figure it would have lasted long. But it is quite exciting news to meet fellow humans![/quote]
Floodyxneiroi? There must be something like that. Also, the Aerthians are also humans, but they're free from the "sinful" toughts of humans. They work as a perfect society... With the exception of their corrupted leaders that only seeks power.
[QUOTE][B]Well, at least you have some remembrance of your past. Would you like to take a tour of my vessel? I'm sure you'll find the technologies quite fascinating. I can see your people are just starting to get accustomed to Spaceflight.[/B][/QUOTE]
Declare. [IMG]http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/598/planets100.png[/IMG] The Tau fleet re-enters the system via Warp Gate. However the return to find a strange mass forming in the distance. The Tau attempt to make contact with all forces in the system. [QUOTE]This is the Tau Empire. We are currently observing something that can only be described as a mass of biological compounds. Whatever it is that we are observing, it appears to be organic. We might be observing the creation of new life, however if it is sentient, it may have hostile intentions. Currently, it has reached planetary mass and seems to be expanding indefinitely. We are sending this message to serve as an alert to all inhabitants of this system. We fear it might be dangerous.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]That would be a most enlightening experience to see a vessel of your type. I would love to come aboard.[/b][/QUOTE]
The Frigate comes toward the Exploration vessel, and picks up the doctor. The captain greets him with a smile. They then fly to the cargo bay of the ship, where The doctor steps out, and sees the high ceiling of the cargo bay. The captain takes him immediately to the door of the firing range on the floor above the cargo bay. just this whole room is probably the size of his ship. [B]"Tell me, doctor. I'm curious. What do your men use for defense aboard your ship, if any?"[/B]
The doctor constantly has his eyes in motion at the ship, staring at various bits of technology that would be mundane to the Imperial Terrans, looking back to the Captain. [b]"Well, we use ballistic based personal defense weapons..but that was only in the case we were met with something hostile. Our ship itself is entirely unarmed.[/b]
Pictureless Declare [I]Upon receiving the message from The Tau, The IMA enters In a deep war between leaders arguments...[/I] [I]The mass could be the Oneiroi or worst, If so, the Interplanetary Cruiser Missiles prooved extreme effect on the creature...[/I] [I]... However, the scientific branch votes that Cykretha halves all of It's military production and aid at the research ocurring at the ARS.[/I] A message Is sent to their once a lifetime saviors, The TPN... [QUOTE=IMA Communication Central] Greetings, dear allies! The message sent by this civilization that didn't contacted us before Is rather worrying... It seems that The Demon, Oneiroi, Is back. We cannot let this abomination struck damage like It has did before![/QUOTE]
The captain raises an eyebrow at the Doctor. [B]"Really, now? That's quite an ancient technology, doctor."[/B] He types a button on a panel next to the door, and it opens to the firing range. Several uniformed men can be seen shooting at holographic targets with guns firing purple beams. [B]"My Crew uses Gamma Ray weaponry. Probably the most effective method of killing something we've found so far. It goes right through energy shields and pierces steel like butter from fifteen kilometers.. And of course.. We do have the more obsolete Plasma type weaponry. Although considered obsolete by us, Nowadays Plasma weaponry is typically in the mainstream civilian market, as well as in mainstream use by other Nations' militaries of Earth. Gamma weapons are classified Terran military technology. If you'd like, we could spare you a Pulse Mark 5 Plasma Repeater for research.. It's not anything very special. The main component on the gun you would want to study is the pulse projector, which allows the plasma to stay stable at long distances, therefore making an effective weapon. Did I mention Plasma weaponry never jams?"[/B]
The doctor turns to the captain with a smile. [quote]Captain, I appreciate your offer, and humbly accept. Although, how long has hand-held plasma weaponry been a civilian commodity? As our experimental plasma weaponry are still the size of a small warehouse and yet we can only keep the plasma stable at close ranges. [/quote]
[B]"In all honesty, doctor, It's been in the mainstream market for 3000 years. Nobody has found a more effective and ammunition-compact form of weaponry, except for us of course. But Weaponizing gamma rays to make them the way they are right now took 80 years of research, and hundreds of years of preliminary conception. In the early Great war, War ships were the only things with plasma weaponry, and those modules were still quite cumbersome. However, after contact was lost, new micro-stabilizers were invented in 2832. They remained pretty expensive to field massively for much of history up to now.. However Harold Jambrus figured out a new, cheaper way to create the stabilizers about 3000 years ago. Anyways, I'll have my assistant pack a Plasma rifle on our way back to your vessel. Would you like to see the thruster engine room next? I'm sure you'll be amazed." [/B] The captain chuckles.
The doctor widens his eyes, nodding rather excitedly. [quote]Captain I would be delighted to see the engine room. Please, lead the way.[/quote]
The two take a rather long trip, taking several elevators and walking long hallways. As they walk, they see the normal flow of uniformed people walking by and doing their business. Finally, they arrive at the engine room at the back of the ship, where there are about 50 engineers hard at work to maintain the engines and make sure they're properly working. [B]"Well then, doctor. This would be the engine room. Our ships use state of the art Quantum Thrusters. They use absolutely no power from the ship. They draw in matter and anti-matter from the space around them outside the ship, and then use it to create propulsive energy. believe it or not, these engines can propel our largest ships at up to 650 meters per second, And that's without the assistance of our intergalactic warp engines."[/B] The captain seems to speak of the warp engines sharply, to incite the Doctor's attention.
The doctor listens closely, mostly making mental notes [QUOTE]This is...quite amazing Captain. I know I'm stating the obvious here..but this technology, makes ours look like a child's science project.. [/QUOTE]
[B]The captain nods, and smiles at the Doctor. "All in good time, doctor. Your own people were a late colony, and the great war had likely taken a toll on you, as the Great war ended the year Karanthe was created, but that year was also the greatest time of violence."[/B] The captain takes the doctor to the mess hall, where there is a wide array of food choices on display. [B]"one thing the Terran Navy could never avoid is shitting where it eats. We use particle re-organizers often utilized in concept teleporters to create food out of... Well, almost thin air. The tangible parts of human waste is extracted and made into food by extracting all toxin particles. The rest is scrambled into energy particles and used to power our capacitors. After all, we're not just going to dump a bunch of poop into deep space. It also ensures we are very trash efficient, not dirtying up the universe. Our Colonies in the Milky Way, as well as Earth have adopted the latter system, so we can abolish landfills and keep the planets clean. If you're hungry, go ahead and take anything. It tastes fine and is perfectly healthy. Now then..." [/B]The Captain thinks of of other places to go on the ship, and gets a good idea. [B] "Shall I show you our armory?"[/B]
The doctor looks to the Captain, taking what to him looks like a small beef sandwich, looking at it and tasting it, taking a napkin and following the Captain. [QUOTE]True.. due to the violence we set our own colony back into the iron ages.. as for the armory, that seems it would be an interesting experience..[/QUOTE]
The two arrive at the armory, And the Captain opens the door. A few specialty-type weapons showcased, but mostly one or two different types of weapons is on display. [B]"Here we are."[/B] He walks the doctor over to a table, where there are two Rifles and some type of handguns. They have labels below them, denoting their names. [IMG]http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/305/terranempireweapons.png[/IMG]
Again, you can't even [i]make[/i] anti-rift shielding, your forces don't even know of it, let alone know how it works or how to build a shield against it.
It's an experimental teleportation prevention system based on THEIR theory on how rift technology works. The Terrans definitely grasp the concept of Rifts in their own ways, they just can't bring themselves to engineer anything that works. -EDIT- Actually nevermind. They know what rifts are but it's not really in their attention so scratch that thing about making the shielding
God, if I'd have known the Doctor was on that planet, I would have sent ships to destroy it immediately. Godammit, Now he's going to fuck our shit up with his TARDIS.
declare [editline]21st June 2012[/editline] [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/lFeSrL.png[/img] A second orbital bombardment begins on [REDACTED] and a broadcast is sent across the planet, adressing the rebels. [i]"You can either lay down your arms peacefully or die, we will not hesitate to wipe this planet off of the map if you do not cooperate."[/i] The ships move into a tighter formation by Cartesia as the large scale battle wages to the west in a defensive fashion. Research into spontaneous interdimensional travel is being researched but is going relatively slow due to all of the conflict.
Erm, spontanious interdimensional travel? That sounds almost like rift-tech. If you want, you could just message the TPN and request the tech.
You skipped my worm hole. :c Was this intentional?
A dirty Shisno did, probably not on purpose. You can just add it again.
[QUOTE=gregmasterx;36427848]Erm, spontanious interdimensional travel? That sounds almost like rift-tech. If you want, you could just message the TPN and request the tech.[/QUOTE] I'm not quite sure what rift-tech is, it was supposed to be something like skipping in and out of the dimension in a defensive or offensive fashion. Like skipping above a ship, launching missiles and then skipping out again - hit and run tactics.
Basically. It's been the TPN's most prized tech since the beginning, and it has multiple functions. It can be used for quick transportation, via opening a rift to specific "gateway" dimensions, but it can also open rifts to other dimensions, where, per example, weapons fire can be redirected into (Well, only the GCS-Crusader can do that, since it requires massive amounts of energy to keep a rift open long enough for that.). And yeah, it can be used in hit and run tactics.
One of my ships will soon be able to use Temporal Shielding, which works slightly differently.
Btw, I think every faction should have their own specific technology. Mine being rift tech, milk's being shielding against everything (seriously), and the other half of the TPN's being █████████.
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