• Best T-Shirt Printer?
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Hey guys, I'm looking to create a small t-shirt company, and would like to know if any of you have experience doing this. I was wondering what the best t-shirt printing company is out there, with the lowest prices and best customer support etc. I also would like to know what store service you guys like best. I was trying to take a cue from Dusty Lumber by using bigcartel, but is there anything else that can compare or beat it? Thanks guys, I am new to this and would just like an idea as to how to get started selling tees.
I don't have a t-shirt printer. Or is it a lot easier than I thought to print it myself? I just want to make sure I end up with a quality print.
Ok, cool. I'll look into those.
to expand on ctlilc since i did a lot of tshirt designing and printing as an internship screenprinting works by taking a mesh screen that's stretched over a wooden or metal frame and coating it with light sensitive emulsion. preferably you would coat the screen with the liquid emulsion in a fairly dim room, put it into a light tight box (ones with ovens are great if you work fast) to let the emulsion dry. once it's dry you want to tape your printout or stencil onto the emulsion and place it into a light box. this hardens everything but your design to the point that it will not wash out. then after hardening you remove your taped design and use a pressurized hose to wash out the soft emulsion left over where your design should be. if you did it right it will come out really neat and clean. for the best quality you should have a nice rig that will hold the frame in place while you print. sometimes you might need to go over with more ink depending on ink thickness and the mesh size. you use a squeegee to press the ink through the mesh onto the shirt. the shirt has to be dried in an oven to cure the ink. oh and the ink is more like plastic than anything else so it's hard to get off clothing and skin.
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