• What 10 artists would be on the Main Stage at your dream music festival?
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For Me 1.Ozzy Osbourne 2.Alter Bridge 3.Fair to Midland 4.Tool 5.Dead Letter Circus 6.System of a Down 7.Megadeth 8.Firewind 9.Van Halen 10. Slash's Snakepit
1. Stereolab 2. Bjork 3. Radiohead 4. Autechre 5. Joanna Newsom 6. Aphex Twin 7. The Smiths 8. Miles Davis 9. At The Drive-In 10. Madvillian Hipster-fest circa 1997
-Main Stage- 1. Dream Theater 2. In Flames 3. Mastodon 4. Nokturnal Mortum 5. Andrew WK 6. Anthrax 7. Steel Panther 8. Ozzy And Friends 9. Opeth 10. Dragonforce -Second Stage- 1. Alestorm 2. Turisas 3. Orange Goblin 4. Kyuss 5. Dreamshade -Third Stage- 1. Darkest Era 2. Falkenbach 3. Powerwolf Seems somewhat realistic in my head
In no particular order 1) Metallica 2) Slayer 3) Megadeth 4) Lamb of God 5) Slipknot 6) Dream Theater 7) Kalmah 8) Dead Kennedys 9) Pink Floyd 10) Jonathan Coulton
1.Deftones 2.Mastodon 3.Cohen 4.Interpol 5.Sinatra 6.Porcupine Tree 7.City and Colour 8.ACDC 9.Elvis 10. Burial to walk home/tent to cause ill be a shaking mess.
1. Steven Wilson's magic solo band 2. Radiohead 3. King Crimson 4. Genesis 5. Massive Attack 6. Talking Heads 7. Arcade Fire 8. LCD Soundsystem 9. Porcupine Tree 10. New Order
1. Radiohead 2. Kanye West 3. Arcade Fire 4. LCD Soundsystem 5. Death From Above 1979 6. Girl Talk 7. Battles 8. Fucked Up 9. Karnivool 10. Tame Impala [editline]3rd April 2012[/editline] (descending from headlining)
1.) Floyd of the Pink variety 2.) King Crimson 3.) Yes 4.) Jethro Tull 5.) The Beatles 6.) John Coltrane 7.) Phish 9.) Thelonius Monk 10.) Foxy Shazam And many, many others.
1.Nero 2.dethclock 3.Motley crue 4.Otep 5.Falling In Reverse 6.A Day To Remember 7.Mindless Self Indulgence 8.Nevershoutnever 9.Lamb Of God 10.AwolNation
In no real order. 1. Fauna 2. Circle of Ouroborus 3. Alda 4. Wulkanaz 5. Skagos 6. Wolves In the Throne Room 7. Dolorvotre 8. Arizmenda 9. El-Ahrairah 10. Ash Borer
1. noisia 2. megadeth 3. daft punk 4. t.e.e.d 5. iron maiden 6. justice 7. phace 8. feed me 9. boy 8 bit 10. bop
Hard to say, since I love finding new artists at shows too. Here's my top 10 artists anyway (In no particular order): M83 Dance Gavin Dance Memphis May Fire Nosaj Thing Mux Mool (though I was disappointed with the show I went to, I've heard his others are great...) Boards of Canada Animal Collective Unkle The Glitch Mob God Is An Astronaut Eclectic, yes. Significant? I don't think so. I bet I'd get along with the crowd really well.
I'm only going to give my current dream festival because it changes weekly depending on what I'm listening to also ordering them is stupid rage against the machine karnivool sleepmakeswaves death from above 1979 suffocate for fucks sake my bloody valentine neutral milk hotel whirl andy mckee and an orchestra that could play me the Evangelion soundtrack
no order Clapton Allman Bro's Keb' Mo' Gov't Mule The Black Crowes Paul McCartney The Rolling Stones Johnny Winter and for shits and giggles for rap: Odd Future Eminem
The Rush Jethro Tull Hans Zimmer orchestra pls Daft Punk The Eagles Queen Kansas Rammstein Oingo Boingo No order, that's 9.
Trying to keep it to be a ~somewhat~ coherent festival genre-wise: Twelve Foot Ninja Nine Inch Nails Radiohead Oceansize Sleepmakeswaves Karnivool Tool Opeth Storm Corrosion Porcupine Tree If it was just my favourite bands it would be the most fucked up diverse festival ever
Skinny Puppy Swans Atari Teenage Riot Depeche Mode Nine Inch Nails Otto Von Schirach Björk KMFDM Butthole Surfers Rammstein
I wanted to add Deftones to my list but I hate Chino's vocals and I only like Diamond Eyes from Deftones Still, sextape what a fucking song
Justice Daft Punk Siriusmo Mr. Oizo DANGER Breakbot Feed Me Kavinsky Zombie Nation Aphex Twin That'd be awesome
Main Stage: Tom Waits Mastodon Iron Maiden Pocupine Tree Second Stage: Arcade Fire Neurosis Opeth Kyuss The Devin Townsend Project Justice Third Stage: Maybeshewill Have a Nice Life Gojira Agalloch Swans Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Going to be serious now, a post-rock/metal show Isis Rosetta sleepmakeswaves red sparowes a storm of light if these trees could talk The ocean neurosis Explosions in the sky do make say think chronos
The Bea- Oh :(
No order Daft Punk Chemical Brothers Muse Deadmau5 Kraftwerk Chic & Nile Rodgers Caribou Delphic OFWGKTA Death From Above 1979
Actually there is festival in July and it pretty much has my dream line-up for trance genre. Some artists there: Armin Van Buuren Tiesto ATB Dash Berlin Markus Schulz W&W Andy Moor Josh Gallahan K-system Dallas Superstars Now only if I had money to buy tickets..
[QUOTE=Zenpod;35403603]-Main Stage- 1. Dream Theater 2. In Flames ... -Second Stage- 1. Alestorm 2. Turisas ... -Third Stage- 1. Darkest Era 2. Falkenbach 3. Powerwolf [/QUOTE] I'd go.
main stage - animals as leaders second stage - t.r.a.m. at the same time
[QUOTE=absinthe;35422299]main stage - animals as leaders second stage - t.r.a.m. at the same time[/QUOTE] Poor Tosin.
Assuming they don't still need to be alive: 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Boredoms 4. Andrew W.K. 5. Mono 6. Miles Davis 7. Godspeed You! Black Emperor 8. Battles 9. Can 10. Ruins
For money I would do this. 1. Nickelback 2. Green Day (only American Idiot and later albums) 3. Sum 41 4. Justin Bieber 5. Owl City 6. Taylor Swift 7. Coldplay 8. Adele 9. Lady Gaga 10. Snow Patrol For fun I would want this. 1. Periphery 2. Meshuggah 3. Mastodon 4. Scale the Summit 5. Polkadot Cadaver 6. City Lights 7. A Day To Remember 8. Joshua Radin 9. The Tallest Man On Earth 10. Protest The Hero
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