• Pronunciationbook is trying to tell us something
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[B]ARG has ended (the beginning of it, anyways) , will keep original OP up for archive purposes. Was fun, friends! [/B] [video=youtube;7DnPRjbY_oc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DnPRjbY_oc[/video] He also has uploaded 77 (which was before this), 75, and 74. What is he trying to tell us? So, a few hours after this was originally posted, we've got some extra info: [QUOTE=/x/]/x/, There's a youtube channel called Pronunciation Book (youtube.com/pronunciationbook) that, since like 2010, has been uploading simple videos that are just 1) black text on white screen and 2) a voice pronouncing the text. It has dozens of millions of total views, and is pretty well-known (I first saw it back in 2011, and there's a parody of it that intentionally mispronouncs words). A few days ago it started posting numbers, starting with 77, and counting down each day. But instead of pronouncing the numbers, it is saying sentences like "I have been trying to tell you something for a thousand days". I am very rarely creeped out any more, and I guess this isn't really "creepy" but it certainly is unexpected. I refuse to believe that this is marketing, because no one would make a fake business literally for years just to market something. I also refuse to believe that this is a troll, because if so, I tip my hat, he's been doing it so long. TLDR PronunciationBook, a channel on youtube, has apparently been trying to communicate through single words/phrases since 2010.[/QUOTE] /x/ has organized a Google Doc for this, which should help out if you've just now wondered what the fuck is going on. View it at [URL]https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UamrCTSCj7IleTVnxNn2mCGX7AsLC-AlOGAYghsKZA0/preview?sle=true[/URL]. They've also put together an IRC which you can find over at [URL]http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%2376Days[/URL] Here's a log of most of the videos for those who don't feel like watching them all [URL]http://pastebin.com/xwjjZMur[/URL] Derp Y. Mail took the liberty of constructing a video which will hopefully give you most of the backstory of this ARG. [video=youtube;W8yxDctT--8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8yxDctT--8&feature=player_embedded[/video]
This is actually kind of creepy.
Well thats kind of eerie haha, I wonder what will happen [editline]13th July 2013[/editline] I think 75 is the creepiest though [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g-d-8qpH9w[/media]
Half-Life 3 confirmed.
He's been trying to tell us something for 3 years, his first video was 3 years ago. SOMEONE FUCKING WRITE DOWN EVERY SINGLE WORD HES PRONOUNCED IN HIS VIDEOS. We're about to solve the greatest jumbled paragraph of our time.
Genuinely interested in such a turn from comedic channel to... a countdown?
Im freaked out
Sounds like the guy from Bro Team reviews, just less yelly and more serious.
September 25, 2013. [url]http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/September+25,+2013[/url] nothing special
I am ready for another ARG!
[QUOTE=Alec W;41437727]September 25, 2013.[/QUOTE] 6th Anniversary of the release of Halo 3???
Will Smith's birthday?
[QUOTE=Alec W;41437708]Genuinely interested in such a turn from comedic channel to... a countdown?[/QUOTE] I thought pronunciationbook was the serious channel and pronunciationmanual was the parody... or do I have that backwards
wait this is the serious channel what is happening
PM is the parody.
That's my birthday
his first video was 1183 days ago. We need someone to transcribe all the things he's pronounced.
Maybe its like, the first letter of each word. Oh man oh man this is creepy. Or the word's biggest anagram.
It's time's end all over again
74 days from now is September 24/25th. [editline]13th July 2013[/editline] shit im late
wait wtf this isn't the parody one this is the real one
People in the comments are flipping their shit. This is kinda creepy.
The funny thing is he's said so many words he could easily go "Heh some of them formed a sentence look it's creepy" just for shits n giggles, but I feel like it's slightly bigger than that.
4chan threads, if anything 4chan will figure it out. /x/ [url]https://boards.4chan.org/x/res/12989953[/url] /b/ [url]https://boards.4chan.org/b/res/492876502[/url]
There's still the theory that this guy is just trolling us.
[QUOTE=TerrorShield;41438151]4chan threads, if anything 4chan will figure it out. /x/ [url]https://boards.4chan.org/x/res/12989953[/url] /b/ [url]https://boards.4chan.org/b/res/492876502[/url][/QUOTE] ">How to Apologize to gf Sorry We tried to be young Heros >How to ask for help Please help me escape from this place. >How to make a Suggestion I think we should learn the local customs. What if we destroyed the documents instead? >How to apologize I'm very sorry that you had to see that chief. This tragedy is no ones fault but our own." what
[img]http://puu.sh/3BLLV.jpg[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/3BLMx.png[/img] [img]http://forums.jetcareers.com/images/smiley/tinfoil.gif[/img]
also [quote=/b/]Starting at oldest on top to newest towards bottom. ( ) mean first letter of next word. AaaabBbbbBbaAcCCcbCCCCcdddDDddddeAE(W)eEEEEEeFFfffggGGgGH(L)HHhh(c)HhIiI(H)IIIJJJJJJJKKKKKK(C)KKKAcEhJ(B)lm(n)NostuVwY(T)zaAaBBCCDdDFFGGGgHHhIiIIK(P)LLmMmnNttlmM(T)noPSppSwWwLLLLL(P)(Q)LmMMmmMmMNNNnopqRt(w)WsnNOOoooOoooPpp(f)P(S)Pppp(f)pRrttUUUuuvV(GvYyZZ(AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz)aE(S)EEEf(t)FghI(l)(y)jAl(y)nOppsuzqtvJ(G)qf(j)NzQfeW(K)y(s)PRVRrm(a)T(H)Z(G)QYW(J)Ut(r)uUa(l)Yja(l)y(C)(a)(L)sS(S)sahMTWTFSSAMKCSaaepgSTS(A)msGmCSbvtspt(w)NtmHMajffcc(d)tahMrcGpspOcRlnsPeCGNcMhNpOta(n)spNpSSIAcsmcgTWbETdTacGseEsATBSbMCLtjlea_1999_iAaAoBiBabaBscwcfCwcbdaD(G)eFGIiiIkK(W)LmMNOOqrsSSSstTttUvVwW(c)(n)XxYZZZZZZJbAtapmsKus(b)cufFn(t)KHD(B)KD(W)SMeKcf(p)jicvttg(j)gobfcbMh(m)QmsnPPR(D)d(l)NeOn(b)pQMqQqg(j)R(a)OqogbuJ(K)HRSrp(m)SuvW(G)wwYWZ(M)XZZwabflmhfSpuVo(f)P(h)(m)(e)(f)(t)(p)I(t)(w)(s)(l)(t)(l)(c)I(l)(a)(W)(o)(w)(s)(f)T(t)(o)(t)(s)(c)(b)(i)R(o)(y)(g)(b)(i)(v)W(i)(t)(o)(o)(y)(w)(m)(i)(t)(w)D(k)(m)(i)(t)I(s)(I)(t)(y)(b)(m)(t)(w)(o)I(h)(n)(c)(b)(t)(c)(t)(m)H(c)(y)(p)(w)(u)(e)(a)(i)A(W)(a)(y)(d)(h)W(n)(k)(t)(l)(c)(e)(a)(a)I(t)(t)(t)(y)(s)(b)(y)(j)(n)(l)W(j)(a)(a)(h)(a)(b)(w)(j)(y)(f)(a)(d)Y(c)(u)(w)(i)(l)(t)(b)(s)(h)S(t)(h)(o)(M)-10-I(d)(c)(w)(C)(s)(Y)(a)(g)(t)(c)(t)(a)T(t)(l)(t)(d)(I)(t)(s)(h)(o)(t)(m)(d) The next one is How to backpedal in english Im done. Migraine[/quote] [editline]13th July 2013[/editline] All of his videos link to "How to ask for Help in English" now.
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