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[QUOTE=kevlar jens;37194818][b]The FP (2011)[/b] A film about underground gangs fighting each other off in Dance Dance Revolution (or Beat Beat Revelations, as they call it). It was hilarious. It looked good, was well-written, and sported some fancy tunes. It did try a bit too hard at times, but apart from that ye, a really great cinematic comedy. 8/10[/QUOTE] Everyone I've talked to says that movie is atrocious, maybe I will watch it one day, but it looks dumb.
[B]Pusher (1996)[/B] The reason this is interesting is because its Nicolas Winding Refn's first feature. The film follows a peice of shit called Frank who is a Yugoslav drug pusher in Denmark. The thing that makes him interesting is he doesn't give a fuck about anyone other than himself, even though there seems to be people around him who cut him slack. Things for him go from bad to worse and theres not much more that should be said if you've not seen it. The film has that gritty feel of Gaspar Noes Irreversible but didn't have quite the same punch. The actor who plays Frank does a great job. Sometimes you feel like you're on the side of the main character but theres a part towards the film that totally switched that off for me to the point I wanted to see him get killed. I recommend this film. Looking forwards to part 2
[B]Ted (2012)[/B] 6/10 The entire thing was literally just one big, mediocre episode of Family Guy, talking animal shit and all, but you need to switch Peter's personality with Brian's. It got redundant and the ending felt needlessly tacked on [sp] It felt like they forgot they had a villain and were like "Oh shit we need to incorporate him somehow" just like Family Guy[/sp] and although it had decent jokes you can pretty much see everything coming. It wasn't helped by the annoying man children we had to sit in the theater with either. One guy in his 40 something was watching one of the previews and at the end he just blurts out "cool" for no reason. Thanks guy, glad to hear your opinion. Plus the people behind me started crying when [sp] Ted "died" Honestly, I was happy at that point. Most of the movie is spent watching him be an annoying shit who has no self control, you know, just like Peter.[/sp] even though I knew that was bullshit anyways because [sp] He comes back too life. Woop-de-fuckin' doo, didn't see that coming AT ALL[/sp].
The Warrior's Way 6/10 Enjoyable. Story felt kinda flimsy but it had some damn nice visuals.
101 Reykjavik (2000) 79/100 [editline]13th August 2012[/editline] Oh my, [url=http://www.criticker.com]Criticker[/url] guessed my rating correct. 79 out of 100, awesome.
[QUOTE=AK'z;37195156]will watch The Stoning of Soraya M. in a state of mind to see it now.[/QUOTE] painful movie but also painfully good.
Black Dynamite - 9/10 That was spectacular.
[QUOTE=AK'z;37211882]painful movie but also painfully good.[/QUOTE] I saw that a couple of years back and that last scene stuck in my head for days. Great film that seemed to disappear without trace as soon as it was released. Not a good advert for Sharia law.
Womb: 7/10 I liked it. It was the first "serious" role I've seen for Matt Smith, and I was fairly impressed.
[B]Pusher pt 2 (2004)[/B] Well the first one was quite good but this bored the tits off me. A story of a character who is the product of a disfunctional criminal family. This film didn't speak to me at all which is a shame because it could have been good if there was more to it. Watching this was like a long episode of Shameless without the laughs. I [I]don't [/I]recommend this film.
[b]Confessions (2010) - 8/10[/b] It's a revenge film, but handled unlike anything I've seen before. Instead of being about the pursuit of vengeance, the vengeance occurs at the start of the film: [sp]Yuko states to her entire classroom who the two students who killed her daughter are, and that she has infected them with HIV. [/sp] (well, in the introductory scene which actually goes on for the first half hour of the movie. It's very slowly paced but is nowhere near as bad as it sounds). The film then rotates between the perspectives of various characters involved, building up our understanding of the events leading up to and following the revenge from each character's view in a non-linear fashion. The style may be offputting to some; the whole film is basically one big exposition dump with various monologues over artsy camerawork, but I think the style was pulled off really well. The only thing that bugs me is that this is one of those films where one little bit of nonsense in the plot brings the whole thing down if you focus on it: [sp]at any point in the film any one of the students could have told their parents or anyone else what Yuko had done. None of them ever do for no clear reason, and only because of this fantastic bit of luck on her part does the film not end halfway through with her in a jail cell[/sp]. Ignoring that though, I really like this film. The story is original, the characters are well developed, the camerawork is great, and so is the soundtrack, with lots of material by Boris. If you can stomach the slow pacing and complete disregard for the idea of 'show don't tell,' I highly recommend this film.
saw "A Page of Madness" a 1920s rare Japanese avant-garde film based in a mental hospital. You can see where this is going, but it isn't a whole lot screwed up. To be honest I'm stunned by how good a watch this is, even with no intertitles I was able to roughly follow what was going on. Thereafter reading about it, the plot pieces made sense and it now makes me want to see it again. I thought it was great, but this will only appeal to a few. "The Raid Redemption" mindless but truly amazing choreographed action. Brutal beyond belief and ridiculously euphoric. Each fight scene is filled with energy and skill that goes off the scale. The plot is really bad. But that doesn't matter at all when you're given amazing action on a plate.
Reservoir Dogs 8.5/10 It's one of those films that I pretended I'd seen so much that I ended up thinking that I had. Today I realised I hadn't and watched it on dvd. It was really good, the soundtrack is probably my favourite part, like with most tarantino movies but the story was good too. Tim Roth's voice was a bit gollumy which was sort of distracting but the rest of it was fine.
American Psycho - 8/10. I quite enjoyed it, I thought Bale's character was excellent, but I was admittedly a tad confused towards the end. :v:
It's Kind of a Funny Story - 8/10 Enjoyed it a lot and a nice change in tone for Zack Galifiniakis, not as wild as usual.
Is Get Him to the Greek worth watching?
[B]Ordinary people (1980)[/B] This film is perfect. Winner of 4 Oscars (not that it means much these days) and Robert Redford's directorial debut is a drama about a high society family with some problems. I'm not going to tell anything about the story as it will spoil the way the film develops the characters. What I will say is non of the main characters or supporting roles are filler, all present offer something to the mix which is quite rare in film making. The delivery begins quite subtle and makes you care as you feel the frustration and dispair of Conrad, who is the main focus for the film. Donald Sutherland takes on a role completely out of habit for him and pulls it off perfectly as does Mary Tyler Moore who plays his wife. The 80's for me were a cultural desert of mediocraty with all its fake plastic and change for the sake of change rather than a real cultural revolution to usher in a new era but this was something different. This film was wonderful and I balled my eyes out like a fucking cunt towards the end. I recommend this awesome film and heil Redford and cast for entertaining me.
I've seen a few of those dramas that get buried away and forgotten about that are actually very worthwhile.
[QUOTE=AK'z;37237745]I've seen a few of those dramas that get buried away and forgotten about that are actually very worthwhile.[/QUOTE] I almost name dropped you in that post but I'm not totally sure if you will like this one. Blew me away.
[QUOTE=KlaseR;37236278]Is Get Him to the Greek worth watching?[/QUOTE] I remember thinking it was hilarious when I watched it. Then again, I was also drunk.
Don't worry about me not liking it, I rarely hate movies. :-)
[QUOTE=TheFilmSlacker;37237798]Then again, I was also drunk.[/QUOTE] Everythings hilarious when youre drunk
[QUOTE=KlaseR;37239385]Everythings hilarious when youre drunk[/QUOTE] Even Dane Cook?
[QUOTE=KlaseR;37239385]Everythings hilarious when youre drunk[/QUOTE] Not true. I didn't laugh once during "Madea Goes To Jail" when a friend of mine rented it when I was drunk. Neither did he.
i watched "idiocracy" last night, was on the television, has luke wilson, so i was like sure, i'll watch that. SO stupid, but funny as hell. 3/10 as a movie but struck a 7/10 on my laughter scale. go ahead and watch it if your bored.
Just finished watching Gangs of New York, 9.5/10, only thing that got me was some of the Irish accents sounded silly, and being Irish myself it was easy to notice, other than that it was incredible in my opinion.
Knocked Up 7/10 The first half is good and quite funny, but the rest is an annoying parent drama.
Brazil 9/10 Some of the best British sci-fi I've ever seen. Weird but brilliant. Sort of like if Monty Python wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four.
SLC Punk 8.5/10
The Cabin in the Woods - 9/10 Holy shit.
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