• a conceptual screen play
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This may be a little too "avant-garde" for people here, but i'm sure some of you will understand the artistic merit: [quote] [B]Setting - a steamy bath house in eastern Europe. Perhaps prague, or belgrade. [/B] Enter a middle aged man. He is short and stocky with a thick black mustache, balding on top with several hairs spread across in an attempted comb over. His grizzly chest hair is dark and thick, covering his entire body including his palms. A large amount of steam rises ominously as he makes his way past the camera and over to a similar looking individual. The second man is taller and slimmer but only slightly. His hair, too, is thick and black and covers most of his body. Both men are toweled at the waist but otherwise nude. A small exchange in an undistinguishable language occurs, mostly pleasantries about the weather and other such novel things. Suddenly the door at the enterance of the room is slammed shut and locked from the outside by an unseen force. The stocky man grins menacingly as the slimmer one realises what is about to happen. He lets out a long sigh and mutters something under his breath. The stocky man sweeps his hand through his mustache and down towards his towel, gently carressing his body (particularly his nipples) as he draws ever closer to the shame covering garment. The towel is whipped away from the hairy body and thrown across the steam filled room, out of site. A revealing shot pans down to a well endowed, erect penis. The crotch is thick with black hair and the mans stomach hangs delicately above the head of the throbbing cock. The slimmer man gasps at the sight before his eyes. He locks eyes with his would-be lover and smirks slightly as he, too, reveals his throbbing member from behind the towel wrapped around his waist. The slimmer man steps forward slowly, never breaking eye contact with his soon-to-be partner. A look of mesmerizment on the stocky mans face is suddenly broken with a wince and grin of pleasure as the camera pans down to see the slim mans penis shoved against the black-haired crotch, a hand gently wrapped around both shafts and pumping away. Both laugh slightly as they move together to kiss. Their tongues lock far outside of their respective mouths and they kiss passionately as small moans of pleasure escape from their smacking lips. The stock man twists the slim mans body and shoves him against the wall behind and briskly moves forward with a look of madness in his eyes. Before the slim man can turn to face his master he feels the hairy shaft penetrate his sphincter and plunge deeply towards his colon. The stocky mans butt cheeks slap together and mimic the sound being made by his stomach smacking into the slimmer mans lower back The slim man moans with indistingushing sounds of pleasure and pain as steam continues to rise around them. The camera slowly backs away as the stocky man begins to laugh manaically and the thick air obscures the audiences view. [B]End scene.[/B][/quote] I'll leave you with that and a preview of what's to come "scene 2 - a barber shop on a small village high street. a man enters and looks towards the 2 barbers that are eagerly awaiting customers, 'lets bang' says the customer. the barbers eagerly agree." .
I came for the content, and I stayed for your avatar... didn't even read the content, that was more than enough amusement.
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