• How to have a hand free orgasm.
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[QUOTE=newbs;24343128]Wound it help if I was completely blazed? I have a pretty strong mind when I'm sober. It's not easily confused.[/QUOTE] This can work on me sober, like maybe 3/4 of the times. But the one time I tried it faded, I fucking came buckets.
Should I even try this?
[QUOTE=robmaister12;24331647]5... 4... 3... 2... 1... LLEEEEEEEEERRRROOOOYYYYYY JEEEEEEENNNKINNNS! [sp]Before you ban me, there's a fake version of the jackpot audio clip that's been circulating for a while now, it replaces "jackpot" with "leroy jenkins" after a half hour of hypnotism, right at the end of the countdown when you're supposed to cum[/sp][/QUOTE] I got this file the first time I listened. I tried a second time with the legitimate file but it just didnt work because I knew what she was going to do and say. :smith:
[QUOTE=Aperture fan;24342702]What the fuck? Jizzed on your shoes? Did you run out of clean socks to jizz into, were you wearing your shoes while masturbating? Did you masturbate in public while standing up and it all flew on your shoes? How the hell do you get jizz on your shoes?[/QUOTE] 1. [IMG]http://a.imageshack.us/img196/9136/toiletroll.jpg[/IMG] 2. I leave my shoes under my desk, and that one time I think I nodded off a bit, but I was still wanking, and it landed on my shoes. I discovered the mishap whilst on the bus, and one of my friends who was with me at the time said "Why's that part of your shoe shiny?" So I looked and it was semen. We all giggled and then the old man on the other side of the bus smiled a bit and then we talked about women or video games like we always do.
[QUOTE=BlueFlash;24351423]35 minutes? Way to long for me :flashfap:[/QUOTE] I know, some people don't have that kind of time on there hands
[QUOTE=MRTW113;24356180]I know, some people don't have that kind of time on there hands[/QUOTE] They do on their watches though.
tried it... it's crazy. didn't achieve the full effect but shit that felt weird.
Tried it, nearly worked the second time. 3rd time lucky?
I've seen this on facepunch once or twice before I think. Lolguy.mp3? Yep, I remember it.
Watching hot babes with big tits goin at it vs. listening to some lady on tape telling you to do crap 99.99% of men will go with the first option.
I skipped around 25:00 to 30:00 letting it go until about near the end and rewinding it. I was fucking suprised when i felt a little bit of jizz come out. It was funny :3 It worked for me.
Holy fuck that was weird, it only semi worked for me thoug maybe ill try again.
I remember a thread about this once. I think a few goldies tried one to make themselves women.
It didn't work at all. I guess I'm a close minded fucker and not open to this kind of shit.
Reminds me of that "get high of sound" thing from awhile back. I really doubt it will work.
Forgot to report back, I fell asleep in my chair and woke up with my dick flopping out of the front of my Pyjama bottoms. Didn't work.
im listening now
[QUOTE=heavy artillery;24363086]im listening now[/QUOTE] and if you're posting on FP, you're probably not going to get anything
[QUOTE=markg06;24318589]This hypnotism shit is bollocks.[/QUOTE] Well yeah if you're skeptical it won't work since you won't follow instructions. If you're compliant however, there's a much higher chance of it working. Hypnotism has proven to be effective before.
Aegh, I came over my chest. My heart was pounding like crazy too. Gonna listen to this for 1 week, then I'll go to las Vegas and have a cumfest
I turned it on before I went to bed, but I fell asleep, so it didn't work....I don't think.
All she was doing was telling me how to breathe.
I remember streaming this in facevent while waiting for the hawaiian tsunami later when we got bored, shit was cash.
Wow, not really sure to make of what just happened. All I know is I feel like this now. :smug:
I feel incredibly relaxed now, but I only got so close. I'll have to try it again some other time.
It semi worked for me. I kept slipping in and out of trance due to living next to an airport and train-yard. Going to give it another go with some better headphones.
[QUOTE=PX1K;24318003]This doesn't involve a dildo up your anus. This involves a slightly state of hypnosis to work but I can tell you it does work and it caught me off guard. I recently come across a forum with an audio file of a women talking who is apparently popular for her sessions like this one and the thread was full of good feed back pretty much saying "Yes it works" so I decided to give it a go. I downloaded the audio file, scanned for viruses (as you do) and it came through clean, so I synced it onto my iPad then when I went to bed I put my ear phones in and let it do its thing. I followed everything she said and relaxed myself properly and when it got properly started I can deffinetly say I felt things down below that I've never felt before with just my hand and a few images on a screen. The whole time my hands where by my side and it got to the point where I was physically shaking. It was amazing even though I didn't manage to climax it only took me a few manual hand movements afterwards to get there and she clearly says at the end that if you didn't then try again the next night and next night after that until you do because it will happen. I tried the next morning and I got closer so tonight I'll be trying it again until I get this to work. The session will last 35 minutes and you'll need either stereo headphones or very decent speakers since there is alot of effects to enhance the experience. You'll also feel it best if you lay down on your bed like I did. I'd also note that this isn't SFW because of alot of mature words used about half way through. So why not give this a go? Here is the download, ignore the stupid name (lolguy... what?) put it on something then sit back and just relax. [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?qkedxr0fxvf[/url] DNR: Listen to this audio file every night until you hands-free orgasm. Involves hypnosis. Yes I don't know why its called lolguy.mp3 but it is safe, I didn't make it.[/QUOTE] So I see this was a bit ago, but the file happens to be gone from Medifire...well we're can I download it now? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Thanks for the bump" - Craptasket))[/highlight]
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