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We run a slightly edited DarkRP Gamemode, one of the edits involves using MySQL instead of SQLite to save RPName/Wallets only. Problem is, during out teething phase we had a few duplicated entries, and I didn't set the table to unique. To set unique every field must be unique. Issue: I need a query to remove every duplicate value. (There is a 3rd column for steamid. Just I copied this from out Top100 rank page. 73 ByB@ | OMG It's Karma Charger 46426$ 74 ByB@ | OMG It's Karma Charger 46426$ 75 ByB@ | OMG It's Karma Charger 46426$ 76 ByB | Deon 41311$ 77 [CA] Transparent 39702$ 78 panda_dan 36843$ 79 panda_dan 36843$ 80 panda_dan 36843$ Any help would be loved :)
Delete the system32 file.
Thanks Kade, love an original reply ;) At least try something partially amusing.
..like going over to the hardware and software part of the forums? oh ho hooo
that was pretty funny, got a good laugh from that hahh ahh
Wrong board, try one of the tech ones or fast threads.
Arg! I did look for a different board to post it in, I must have been blind. Feel free to lock/rape/devour/troll this thread :)
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