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(World wide car enthusiast banner belongs here :v:) So I thought about one thing, a very simple thing. You know? Like the basic need of car enthusiasts : Driving and bragging about their car, real life edition. In short, it would be easier for people to meet up with fellas from the Anonymous Alcoho-... Automotive Addicts subforum if they knew their locations. I don't know if you guys are of my idea, but at least fuck it, I'm posting this anyway. I've also noticed people seeming to state their location in other threads and some people seemed to be in the same area, so why the hell not? Easier that way. [B]The point of this thread is to post your location, the place you live at, be precise! [/B] (No I don't mean giving out your address, but saying you live in the USA or Canada or Aussie is pretty pointless, state your city/state or province/country.) [B]Let me begin : [/B] I am from Canada, Québec, and from the Saguenay city. Now, where are you guys from? [B]And tell me, would you want me to make a list of everyone and their location on the OP?[/B]
fargo north dakota heehaw heehaw
Murrieta, California. 951 Reppin.
Absecon, New Jersey Atlantic county 609 reppin dat
Somewhere surrounded by farms, that's all you really need to know. That feel when there are no roads with turns.
Currently in Eustis, Florida. Raised in Cookeville, Tennesee.
[QUOTE=Super_Noodle;34352467]Somewhere surrounded by farms, that's all you really need to know. That feel when there are no roads with turns.[/QUOTE] Noodle lives in lancaster PA So yeah basically farms farms and farms
[QUOTE=Concur;34352977]Noodle lives in lancaster PA So yeah basically farms farms and farms[/QUOTE] Pretty much. [img]http://gyazo.breakpointservers.com/b347c287f6ee1b59b452175b46e6b06a.png[/img]
Little Mecca, Michigan... (Dearborn, MI) Home of FoMoCo <3
Askim, Østfold and you can't even pronounce it :'D
Sapulpa, Ok..... MIDWEST BITCHES!!!
Germany, NRW
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Home of the worst roads (and Highways) In Canada.
Bavaria, Germany.
[QUOTE=Super_Noodle;34353411]Pretty much. [img]http://gyazo.breakpointservers.com/b347c287f6ee1b59b452175b46e6b06a.png[/img][/QUOTE] I was there last summer! Love that place. Also, East Midlands, UK.
Frederiksværk, Denmark. infact not too far from Ferosso, maybe an hours of driving or something like that.
Monroe township NJ middleSEX county REPRESENT
[QUOTE=ThePfeiffenator;34353799]Sapulpa, Ok..... MIDWEST BITCHES!!![/QUOTE] I used to live with this motherfucker :v Now I live in Kellyville, Oklahoma. I'm actually willing to bet I live in the smallest town out of all AA users. In July 2009 we had a total of 1,002 people here. When I tell people online that I come from a small town they really don't understand how small. The entire town isn't a full square mile. :/
Suffolk UK
Dumfries, VA, US. Nothing to do here.
[QUOTE=Soldier32;34355774]Monroe township NJ middleSEX county REPRESENT[/QUOTE] I remember when i was in 3rd grade my parents would be watching the weather and i would be giggling like a little cunt when it said sussex or middlesex
Northampton, UK.
Sunderland, England.
Eagan, Minnesota.
Kanata (Ottawa), Ontario. For whatever reason people here can't drive unless tonnes of salt is dumped everywhere. Its like they enjoy watching their cars get ruined.
Quebec, canada. part of supraquebec
Tyler, Texas.
Lawrenceville, Georgia and Statesboro, Georgia depending on time of the year.
Jupiter, Florida. 561 niggas [img]http://www.3rdscreen.org/Portals/3rdscreen/images/Jupiter%20Florida.jpg[/img] Nice little beach town with loads of pot and it's way too fucking hot
MIDDLETOWN DELAWARE we have a bowling alley nbd back off
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